“Halo” Season 2 Episode 1 Recap: Paramount+ Presents an eight-episodic sci-fi American series ” Halo” which is streaming now with Two episodes only, the rest will come weekly. ” Halo” is based on a popular FPS game on the same name. After getting a huge viewership from Season 1, the makers are back with the Season. In this article, we are gonna discuss the recap of Episode 1, before it let’s have a quick knowledge about the story.

The story is about A man named John-117 who became a Spartan & now he is fighting with the alien covenant to save humanity.

Chief aka John is in a bad condition. Lots of doctors are doing treatment _ trying to bring him back from Death. We also hear the faded voice of Cortana asking him to wake up. She also spoke to ” Sever the connection”. Then the connection between Cortana with John is cut. What happened then is not shown, let’s see next.

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A new adventure or mission started for the Master Chief in the planet Sanctuary. The silver team means John-117, Vannak-134, Kai-125 & Riz-027 are appointed to help United Nations Space Command (UNSC) Marines to evacuation operation of the villagers. This is because the Covenant or the alien group attacked on the planet.

“Halo” Season 2 Episode 1

Chief along with Riz went to help the villagers. This is their third evacuation program in between six months. Vannak also removed the controlled chief & he is living a normal life.

The villagers are deeply religious & they are members of any type of cult. Corporal Shepherd comes to talk with a Shaman lady of this village. But it doesn’t go well & turns into chaos as villagers don’t want to over his order. 42 years ago exactly the same happened with these people while they are in a warm pleasant planet but the armies scattered them into this rough planet. So, the Shaman leader doesn’t trust these soldiers after all.

Master Chief approached to talk with the leader but he remained unanswered. Meanwhile, he getting messages from Highroller FLEETCOM EWS that they tracked down a Covenant CPV-Class Destroyer approaching to Sanctuary.

While Kai was in the mountains overwatching everything & suddenly she saw some flashes from the dense fog. Chief went to help the Marines & instructed Riz to help the villagers to be evaluated. Soon, the alien army attacked into the planet. When, the master chief went into the dense fog nobody is able to see him, also his communication signal broke down too. But luckily he found them & linked with Corporal Talia Parez but unable to see anything in the fog.

Private Rand said he saw something with some noise too & a sudden attack of aliens taken two soilders. Chief is with Talia Parez being steady to find anything in between this fog. Suddenly a group of Sanheli Warriors who are also known as ” Elite” attacked them with in camouflage mode.

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With a intense fight scenes between Chief & Elite is fantastic but he stopped when saw Parez is fall down. Master chief is became more powerful but the numbers of Elite is more than he expected as a result he fall down. Lots of Elite ignited their swords to front of Chief to kill him down but they suddenly stopped by someone.

Then we saw a mysterious figure in between the shadows it was looking a like of Makee but we aren’t sure. But it must be the new boss of this season. Then the covenant team destroyed the whole planet with plasma beams. Lots of people died in this massive destruction. our chief managed to find a way of our with Perez. Looking at the destruction,we can say this season is gonna be insane.

“Find your Faith, Spartan. I’ve seen your death” the last few words that the Shaman told to Master chief.

Later, the whole team back in the planet Reach. Admiral Keyes informs his team that situation of now is getting out of control because just like in Sanctuary exactly same things is happening with other colonies too. Infact he informed The Madrigal planet also destroyed too. With this planet, Estuary is also destroyed & Fumirole is the next target. The alien covenant glassing the planets.

In the time of the briefing A new guy with joined in their conversation. Kai asked Admiral Keyes, who is this guy? He is James Ackerson part of the Office of Naval Intelligence ( ONI). He is on Dr.Halsey’s replacement as a Director of the SPARTAN program. He was talking about Dr. Halsey’s work & her importance. He also added that he belive on this SPARTAN Program. He is also big fan of Master Chief.

But same time he is cruel too because he is saying to engage this covenant attack to the outer colonies to make this ” REACH” planet save from everything. The whole Silver team is completely disagree of his proposal.

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“The Rubble” planet where people enjoy their life in their way. The local people enjoyed watching a slave auction of the people who survived from the Glassing & came into this planet.We saw ” Felix from Harvest”, who escaped from the glassing of the planet in a fuel Barge. He managed to escape with his Mother & sister but his mother got separated in Sedra planet.

Finally, we saw Soren aka ” Soren-066″ with his wife Laera , who is enjoying this program. In this auction whoever wins he will grant permission to stay in this planet & the others will sent into the space void. Felix give them information of a bounty as he acclaims that he knows the location of Doctor Halsey. He wanted to give the information in exchange for staying in this planet. Soren isn’t impressed by it & sends him away. Laera told him his founding operation of Halsey is a complete delusion by which he is misleading his team.

Soren & his team started to interrogate Felix to find Halsey. He said Halsey is in a cryochamber in a UNSC ship. They reached on the destination where they are heading towards. They arrived in a abandoned space ship to find the cryo-chamber where Halsey is. But it was a trap & Soren found nothing there but some destroyed machines. Soren found his team abandoned him & flew way also Felix arrested him too. Felix & his group arrested Soren in lots of crimes, kidnapping & extortion.

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We have seen a one-to-one conversation between Ackerson & Chief. First he praised the Chief’s team. Chief said he knows the enemy’s mind & their attack plan. First, they attacked on the planet & then glassed the planet which is a little bit different from their strategies. Chief expecting something bigger & that’s why those aliens are getting training in the planets before glassing. Ackerson moving from the topics and ask Chief about his mental condition after Removing CORTANA.

Chief is feeling devastated what happened in Sanctuary but Ackerson is heading towards to know Chief’s mental stability. As because Dr. Halsey has committed lots of crimes he can’t trust Chief’s mental health. We understand things between John & Ackerson will not going to be smooth. Later Chief started to watch the TV news where Ackerson saying their plan of finishing covenant is going very smooth. He also added some false news that Master Chief & his silver team is out of fighting.

Later we also saw a new Spartan team led by Val known as the ” COBALT TEAM”. arguing with the silver team to remove the emotion inhibitors. They just started poking the Silver Team & went for a new mission.

Chief went to meet with Ackerson & warned him to send the COBALT TEAM because of the potential danger. But Ackerson ignored him & started to dig a hole in his past. First, he asked how Chief killed 30 Elites & became alive. Chief got no answers left because Ackerson not gonna appoint them to perform any next combat operations. He thinks that Chief is facing emotional ups & downs because of the removal of CORTANA.

Chief met with Margaret Parangosky who was a former head of ONI. She became an ordinary citizen but she knows more about John & Halsey. She asked what Chief saw in the Sanctuary, but chief hid it. But she added that Ackerson isn’t interested in controversy so Chief must avoid any type of controversies. She wants the evidence of the change of Covenants activity & gives them a button to press whenever he gets any information. Margaret believes on Chief.

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Chief went to the AI prostitution service. He got an AI which is very similar to Cortana. He is expressed that something wrong his happened with him & that’s why he is missing something. Chief realise that the unknown figure that he saw in the Sanctuary Planet was no one but Makee herself. Then he got the voices of Makee flashing in his head. On the other side, the team of Soren informed his wife & son that Soren is died. An emotional breakthrough alerting about the upcoming war. On the other side, we finally saw Kwan with Soren’s son Kessler.

In the ending, we see a glimpse of a distant Planet. Where the big shops of Covenant rise from the ground and come out from the clouds & the Sangheili leaders watch the whole scene. Things are getting interesting. We finally get to see all of our old characters. let’s head towards the next episode to know what surprise is waiting for us.

This was all about the ‘“Halo” Season 2 Episode 1 Recap. Two episodes of ” Halo” are currently streaming now in Paramount+ in English language along with subtitles.


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