“Shogun” Episode 5 Recap and Explained: FX originally presented a ten-episodic American historical action war drama series ” Shogun” is currently streaming now in Hulu & Disney+ Hotstar. In this article, we are going to discuss about the recap of the fifth episode. But before we start began let’s know about the story of this series. The series is an adaptation of a best-selling novel ” Shogun” written by James Clavell in 1975. The series shows Japan in the era of 1600 when the Civil War emerged. Lord Toranaga trying to fight against the Council of Regents who want to defeat him.

Previously we have seen Blackthorne help Yabushige’s army to learn usage of Cannon. On the other side, Nagakodo started the war by killing Jozels army. Let’s see what will happen next. People are killing the dead bodies of Jozels armies. At that exact moment, huge armies are approached. It’s no one but Toranaga himself. Nagakodo is happy to see that his Father returned.

But he is with one more surprise as we see Buntaro doesn’t die yet & he came along with Toranaga. Mariko became speechless after watching his husband alive, it’s suspicious that she isn’t happy and rather tensed after watching her husband alive.

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Anyway, Kiyama said that Lady Ochiba will return very soon from Edo. He wants to make sure that the mother of the Heir comes home safely. Everyone is discussing about Toranaga’s impeachment near Ishido. But Ishido remains silent as Toranaga’s resignation makes his impeachment impossible. Other councillors want to vote on Torangaga’s replacement one suggested That Ishido’s Friend, Ikeda would be an excellent Regent. But others are thinking that man is an idiot. Ishido thinks Maeda will be a good choice. Maeda is actually Ohno’s cousin.

Toranaga takes twenty days to save Mariko’s husband Buntaro. Mariko felt awe that he survived. Toranaga said a contingent of Ronin helped Buntaro in his fight. Mariko informed me that she transcribed the diary of Blackthorne. Toranaga asked her to stay with Blackthorne for more time so that she could collect more information about him meanwhile he instructed Buntaro to move into Blackthorne’s house to stay.

Toranaga is extremely upset after hearing that his son killed Jozens army. This makes Ishido to pretext for war. Later Mariko left from there. So, Toranga started to talk with his son. Nagakodo knows that he makes his father upset. He understood that his son was so naive that became fell into the trap of someone’s word. He thinks that his son needs more understanding before it’s he stripped the cannon regiment from his command.

Blackthorne got the gift from Toranaga which is a buck. Buntaro returned to the house and found Mariko who was now in Toranaga’s camp. Buntaro asked Fuji & about her experience of consorting Blackthorne. Fuji said her order was to consort a Hatamoto, not a barbarian. He isn’t impressed with Blackthorne & tells Fuji that he gonna return at dinner again. Later Lady Mariko & Fuji are having dinner & Blackthorne asks them if Mariko’s husband is gonna stay with them.

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Later he greeted Lord Buntaro but Buntaro informed him to say ” Toda-sama” as Buntaro is reserved for his close persons. Buntaro is really offended by the behaviour of Blackthorne. Blackthorne said from his country bigger cups are used for drinking. Then he showed them the way the English people drink. Buntaro tried to copy him & enjoyed drinking by his way.

Later they did a competition on drinking while Balckthrone asks his escaping story from Osaka. In reply, Buntaro asks about Blackthorne’s heroic tales of war. Buntaro is reckless he shows his power by targeting Mariko, meanwhile, Blackthorne tries to stop him. Buntaro asks Mariko to tell them about her family.

So, Mariko said she is the daughter of The Late Lord Akechi Jinsai. Buntaro said she was the daughter of the treacherous assassin. Blackthorne tried to stop her but she just following the orders of Buntaro. She added her father’s lord was Kuroda-sama, ruler of Japan before the Taiko. Kuroda was a corrupted ruler so Mariko’s father killed him down. For this, he was hunted along with her family. All brothers, sisters & her mother also knelt before her father who was forced to execute them, one by one before committing seppuku himself.

She was married’ that & not ordered to fight. Each year on the anniversary of her family’s murder she asks her husband to allow him to take action against this injustice. Later Buntaro badly beat her. In the middle of the chaotic knight, Blackthorne is unable to see pain in Mariko’s eyes. He stopped Buntaro & asked why he did this. Remembered he was competing with Blackthorne by drinking of sake that’s how he lost control.

Yabushige informed Toranaga that the training of his Armies was going well. The Barbarian Cannon tactics are going well for them. Toranaga wants to see its work. Also, he doubts Toranaga that he must be the one who manipulated his son to kill Jozens army. Yabushige said he didn’t say to him infact it’s Nagakodo himself who makes the decision. Toranaga said Nagakodo wasn’t wise enough to make this type of decision alone, so Yabushige replied that it must be Omi who manipulated him.

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As Omi was drinking Saké with Nagakodo he might pass the idea of killing Jozen to Nagakodo. Later he ordered to give Omi’ command of the cannon regiment. Yabushige became very angry after hearing this but did not say a word. Later he along with Omi started to find the man who informed the news of Barbarian to Toranaga. Later he informed one of his men to go to Osaka & fix everything with Ishido.

Meanwhile, on the other side, Ishido received the message of Jozems death. He is falling into anger.Toranaga & Nagakodo met with Muraji. Toranaga informed him that Yabushige was hunting for a spy in his village. Muraji wants to surrender himself but the lord orders him that his real name is Tonomoto Akinao, a long-prized samurai. He ordered him to remain as a spy & found another spy.

The next day, Blackthorne saw Mariko isn’t present in the house. Later he went to near the river bank and found her. He started to give her comfort. Mariko said the sword that Blackthorne is carrying was given to Fuji’s dad as a battle honour. Mariko felt repentance for not giving anything to her husband.

Later Blackthorne sees the people of the village crying. He wanted to know what was going on. Then He said the bird that he hung up was Rotten & producing a stinky smell wasn’t there any more. Fuji said it was taken by Uejirou. As he said whoever gonna touch that rotten bird would die, the old man touched it & accepted the dead because it was stinking. Blackthorne really got annoyed by seeing the stupidity of the people of this nation.

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Mariko asks for forgiveness from Toranaga. While Toranaga said he is her husband so he can do whatever he wishes. But he doesn’t want to do any harm to his translator. Right then, he has a visitor which is Blackthorne himself.

Blackthorne said that he fulfilled the duties to train the armies of Toranaga in European combat. Now he wants to return his ship & armies so that he can return. Toranaga wants to know what’s his problem. Blackthorne replied that he has a problem with the whole country as they never give importance to anybody’s life all they want to fulfil their ritual. The village’s headman Muraji called a meeting & he determined that it was a house problem. That’s why Uejirou stole it & buried it. Mariko thinks that he died for a great purpose but Blackthorne thinks that it was his fault.

At that exact moment while they are talking about life & death horrible earthquakes come up & Lord Toranaga falls in. Blackthorne jumped down to save him luckily they found him in a very bad situation. Luckily, he is alive but unable to find his sword. Blackthorne handed over Fuji’s father’s sword to Toranaga. As Blackthorne thinks he isn’t worthy at all. After talking about this Toranaga felt happy but soon they see the whole village is completely destroyed by the quake.

War is not only to destroy life Infact nature can destroy everything that comes into its way. Blackthorne saw the pathetic situation of the people of the village & felt upset. On the other side, Yabushige found the spy Is no one but Uejirou himself. Well, they used Uejirou as a scapegoat. Yabushige is happy after hearing this.

Finally, Lady Ochiba, the mother of Yaechiyo reached into Osaka. As she came here to meet with Ishido. She thanked him as he granted her release from Edo. Ishido said the Regents were pleased after she returned safely. She impatience about her son’s future and wants to establish the council fast as soon as possible. Ishido said nobody could harm Taiko’s heir, he would protect him till death. As we understand, lady Ochiba wants to control all political matters. She said the time of politics is coming to an end & everyone on the council must give answer to her only.

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That’s how this episode ended. You can watch all five episodes of ” Shogun ” currently streaming now in Hulu as the rest will come weekly.



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