Iron Reign (Mano De Hierro) Ending Explained: Netflix presents an eight-episodic thriller show. This Spanish thriller story focused on the Barcelona port. Tons of cocaine shipments pass through the port every year, under the eyes of government authorities and port employees.

A man named Joaquin Manchado controls the drug shipments by bribing every authority. After a sudden attack on him, the family business turns to chaos and crime syndicates go against each other for money and drugs.

Episode 8 starts with Port Officer Miki going looking for the undercover agent. He saw his men have been murdered brutally by unknown people. When he looked inside the building, he saw the girl covered in blood with a bullet on her body. She already died when he reached there. He calls for assistance from his team to cover the bodies of his associates and the girl.

Meanwhile, on the other side, Victor somehow reached his superior’s house. She was suddenly shocked to see him at her house. Victor was mad at her for hiding the secrets of the undercover agent. She wants Victor to find out who stole the drugs, her plan is to capture the whole organisation at the crime spot.

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Nestor and family members went to the church cemetery to do final commitments for Ricardo and his uncle. Everyone starts praying for the deceased people. Victor left the Superior’s home and reached the cemetery in his bike. Victor expressed his condolences to Nestor and his wife.

Meanwhile, Ariel and his sister also joined the ceremony and expressed their condolences. Suddenly, Nestor gets a call from Miki, he explains that someone from the port is a mole and that person came to his place to rescue the undercooked agent. He also explains that someone killed his associates during the rescue mission. The Frenchman also came in to express his condolences to Rocio. Suddenly, she notices that her daughter is missing and she asks her husband Nestor, who’s in a call with Miki.

Victor quickly turns his head back and sees Ariel kidnapping Nestor’s daughter in a car. Victor rushed into the car and grabbed the door, but he got lost in the middle and fell into the road. Nestor and Rocio took their car, and Victor took his bike and started chasing behind the car. Ariel sedated the kid while travelling, and he then he split from his car. Victor and Nestor kept chasing him through a hectic traffic block. At some point, the Kidnappers went through a different path, Victor reached there before Nestor.

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During the case, they almost met some accidents, but with their driving skills, they escaped it somehow. The kidnappers took the kid into a speed boat and escaped into the sea, at the same time Victor chased them, but he didn’t get a speed boat to go behind them. The three of them looked at the sea for some time, suddenly Ariel called them and ordered them to find the Drugs or else he would kill the child.

Nestor met with the Frenchman and warned about the incident. Nestor assures that he will bring the consignment with in twenty-four hours, also he warns them not to touch his daughter. The Frenchman calls Ariel and orders him not to do anything with the child and he also tells him that Nestor will bring the drugs the next day. Victor and Rocio went searching for the drugs on their way, while talking on the streets, Rocio noticed the child who stole her bag. Rocio rushes towards the child to get her bag, Victor starts his bike and follows her.

Victor overtook the child, he already has a relationship with the child, he is Coco who lives near Victor’s house. Victor told him to get back the bag of Rocio. The kid had already given the bag to other people for money, Rocio insisted on getting back the bag, because the bag contained a memory card that stored the last messages of Joaquin Manchado untill his death.

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The kid searched for the memory card under the waste disposal, and finally, he found it. Victor and Rocio looked at the contents of the memory card. Joaquin Manchado received an unknown message before his death, it shows a man opening the package. They found a clue of the logo from the video and went to search the sector.

Miki is seen transferring the drug consignment into a van, and suddenly two masked men come in and kill him. They took away the van with drugs, and Victor followed them to their garage. It seems Nestor and Miki jointly stole the drugs from Joaquin Manchado. Nestor’s kids’ caretaker girl and her sibling jointly took away all the drugs after killing Miki.

At the end of the final episode, at the ICU ward, Joaquin Manchado starts showing improvement in his health by slowly raising his fingers.



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