The Impossible Heir Episode 7: Disney Plus presents just another South Korean drama series called ‘The Impossible heir’. The plot revolves around three young friends who joined to establish greater goals in their lives. One man became the chief secretary in the wealthiest company, and also tried his best to make his close friend the next chairman of the company.

The illegitimate son and his friend construct a plan to take revenge against his wealthy family is the rest of the story. Episode 7 begins from the last episode’s ending scene. Kang Inju invited Na Hye Won to his car. He shows the hidden camera photos of Na Hye Won kissing Han Taeo. On her wedding day, Kang Inju blackmails Na Hye Won in his car.

Na Hye Won felt depressed and called Han Taeo. Meanwhile, Han Taeo gathered the dirty secrets of Kang Inju on his board, he is connecting the dots of the drug distribution mafia created by Kang Inju. After receiving the call, Han Taeo rushed towards Kang Inju’s club.

When Han Taeo reached the spot, Na Hye had already left the place with Kang Inha. Han Taeo had a small clash with Kang Inju’s personal secretary outside the club. Later, Kang Inju invited Han Taeo to his pub and showed the photos taken by his secretary. Han Taeo got worried after the photos of him kissing Na Hye won.

Han Taeo requested Kang Inju to stop blackmailing her with those photos. But he didn’t stop his arrogant smile. Han Taeo slowly starts laughing and replies to Kang Inju about the secrets he gathered. Kang Inju started a fake media company and a distribution company without exposure to the public. Kang Inju has been dealing with the cocaine business anonymously for the past few years.

Han Taeo explained everything he gathered about Kang Inju and told him to stop blackmailing him again. Kang Inju was initially shocked but later blackmailed him again in the name of Na Hye won. Han Taeo has no choice but to accept whatever he says.

Han Taeo accepted Kang Inju’s orders and kneels in front of him. Later they had drinks at a party, and Kang Inju added some drugs into Han Taeo’s glass. The next day morning, Han Taeo woke up at the royal suit room, covered up in blood with a murder weapon. He saw Kang Inju and a young woman dead in front of him at the same room. The news starts spreading like fire, Kang Seongju, Chairman to Kang Inha, everyone hears about the death of the Kangoh family.

The cops arrested Han Taeo from the crime spot and remanded in jail. The court orders to put in jail because of the solid evidence. Na Hye won and couldn’t accept that Han Taeo killed Kang Inju. At the same time, Chairman Kang Joong Mo orders his attorney to find out the truth about his son’s death and why Han Taeo killed him. He also ordered Kang Inha to stop the news articles from spreading, but someone from the company already leaked the news to the public.

Kang Inha went to meet Han Taeo at the prison, he was so much angry on Han Taeo. He thinks that his future goals will disappear because of this incident. Kang Inha wishes Han Taeo to rot in jail for a lifetime for spoiling his ambition. Na Hye Won is the only person who trusts Han Taeo at this time. During the prison days, Han Taeo felt sick and was admitted to the prison hospital.

The doctor helps him by using the telephone, he quickly calls Na Hye Won and seeks help from her. The next day she met the North Korean hacker and requested him to meet Han Taeo at prison. Initially, he was hesitant to accept the request, but later he went to meet Han Taeo at the prison. Han Taeo ordered him to gather information from the night Kang Inju died.

At the end of the episode, Chairman Kang Joong Mo calls Kang Inha and orders him to sort out the issue of the news leak. He seems disappointed with the talents of Kang Inha. The hacker looked into the surveillance footage from the day of the crime. He couldn’t find any clues from the visuals. Meanwhile, Han Taeo was again taken to the court for the hearing, Kang Inju’s personal secretary came in as the witness to confirm the involvement of Han Taeo in the murder of Kang Inju. He took his hate towards Han Taeo in such a situation.

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The Judge announced Han Taeo as guilty of the crimes. Han Taeo suddenly gets an glimpse of the incident, he felt the presence of a fourth person during the death of Kang Inju. At the same time, Kang Inha is seen walking towards an escalator, which depicts that he has something to do with Kang Inju’s murder.

Overall the seventh episode is the darkest episode they ever released. Kang Inha’s negative shades are portrayed very intensely in this episode. Han Taeo’s innocence yet to be proven officially but the interesting elements will be revealed sooner. The real culprit behind Kang Inju will be one of the surprise elements for the next episode.



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