“Halo” Season 2 Episode 5: Paramount+ Presents an eight-episodic sci-fi American series ” Halo”, five episodes are currently streaming now, and the rest will come weekly. “Halo” is based on a popular FPS game of exactly the same name. After getting a huge viewership from Season 1, the makers are back with the Season. In this article, we are gonna discuss the recap of Episode 5, before it let’s have a quick knowledge about the story.

The story is about A man named John-117 who became a Spartan & now he is fighting with the alien covenant to save humanity.

The previous episode is a treat for the die-hard gaming fans. We finally get the atmosphere that we are waiting for. The real journey has started now because the Alien Covenant already attacked Reach. John finally realised that Makee was still alive & he also met with Halsey & Soren. We saw a heroic sacrifice of Vannak & Colonel Keyes. Let’s say what’s cooking next.

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Started where it ended. A massive destruction is going on. Chief after coming out from trauma realise that Vannak is died. On the other Soren & Riz fought with Sangheili warriors. The situation is out of control. So, they decided to move from there. John noticed Halsey who was staring at the sky & saying ” It’s not over”. We see that more ships are reaching on the Reach. After some minutes of action suddenly the attacks from the aliens got stopped. Then they heard a blast sound & a Jiralhanae (Brute) appeared with a hammer. That’s a hard challenge for everyone. Riz, Soren tried a lot to kill that brute.

Hard time ended soon because Laera the wife of Soren reached there to rescue them. Before More Jackals comes. Halsey, John, & Soren leave that place. Riz after watching the dead body of Vannak also went to give her everything into this. So, she went & picked up the dead body of Vannak. But couldn’t make it & got killed by the aliens. John saw in front of his eyes the aliens were glassing his planet. After this scene, we saw John’s eyes faint & then darkness.

Then, We back to the exact scenes that we saw in the first episode. Doctors are taking care of John & Cortana saying “We’re losing him”. We also see Margaret Parangosky talking with Halsey. Cortana asks her ” Will you help him”? & Margaret replied, ” That depends, what are you prepared to do for me?”

Now, again jump back into the present sequence. We see Makee crying after watching the destruction of Reach. After that she talked with the Sangheili boss about this great victory. The boss said it’s not a victory because they secured only of the Stolen Keystones & The Blessed One had denied him. He is also not happy because Makee saves John every time. Later She handed over the Cortana vessel to the Boss & mentioned that it contains ” Human Knowledge”. The boss asks Makee that is that vessel knows about the location of other Keystones. Makee said she would try to look into it. Makee tried to contact Cortana.

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She is happy after reaching in the ship. Makee said this is the command vessel of the esteemed Zealot Var’Gatanai. Makee asked what are you & Cortana said that she is a most advanced Artificial Intelligence but for Master Chief, she was just a companion. CORTANA said how he remembers her . John wakes up into a chamber & found that Riz also there. He went to watch Riz’s current situation & found that Halsey is there too. Riz needs surgery but the tools are not present into this ship. John thinks that Riz wants to prove herself in front of him that’s why she went to take Vannak. But, Halsey thinks it’s a SPARTAN’s duty to save other one. Chief denied this as Vannak already died at that moment. He started to argue with Halsey about how she made Spartans.

They haven’t any information about Kai right now as the city is scattered. John asks her that they need to go back to the Reach again. But his condition is too bad. He just always admiring that he told Ackerson about it but he didn’t cared at all. He thinks that if he had that armour he could probably save everyone. Lastly, Halsey mentioned Reach is just a plan & they must be careful next time.

Next time John woke up & found Kwan & Soren next to him. He also met with Laera too. They are now heading towards to Aleria & they will be reached in Orbital in just a few hours. John also saw the dead body of Vannak & afraid to watch his body again. They reached into Aleria & tried to do a checkup of Riz as soon as possible. On the other side, Soren & Laera went to find out Kessler & John stayed there near Riz.

Soren gives bribe to a local man & orders him to find out their son Kessler who is ten years old & wears a helmet, he was on a transport ship that landed here a couple of days ago at the name of Bodegraven. They finally find him & think that he is a Kessler. Soren & Laera travel to the place to find their son. Laera told him about the situation of Rubel after he left.

Kwan brings a jacket for John & a shovel to bury Vannak. John replied they don’t do this to the SPARTANs they just give Farewell. Kwan understood that it’s important to burry a dead body otherwise it will hunt done. After John denied Kwan left alone to burry him. We saw John sitting there & watching a pigeon on the sky .

Finally, we see Riz open her eyes she is now out of danger. She met with Halsey and said when she was 14 she woke up after the augmentation & looked at Halsey exactly the same way just like now. Halsey said to Riz that she did everything to save them but the damage is significant & they are not the exact soilder how they used to be as she already diminished. Now, Riz must do hard work to become more powerful. Later at night Halsey talked John about Riz’s condition that damages are accumulated she won’t be the same fighter she needs to work Hard. Halsey said whatever happened in the Reach it was political & John replied that Margaret was behind of this.

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Remember we talked about a scene? What we saw in this episode & also at the first scene in episode 1. John realised that it was Margaret who is behind of taking out of Cortana. He said to Halsey about the dreams he saw sometimes about Cortana. He also mentioned the words of Cortana and Margaret Parangosky ” How did you choose me”. Halsey is unable to understand but John thinks that only she knows everything of this & suddenly Halsey’d face turns pale. Before she spoke more Chief heard some voices.

On the other side, Kwan tried to bury Vannak in the ground. She talked alone with the dead body & tried to dig the ground. She remembered the last of her & how she lost them. Suddenly, we saw some unknown man reach there towards her. Chief reached there & found the people are chanting after watching Vannak’s dead body. John replied, ” Put him in the sky”. But later we see that, Riz & Halsey also joined in this program, while John also standing.

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Halsey said this SPARTAN known as ” Vannak Amadi” was born on Tribute & she met with him at his age of six. John joined there and said his family buried him when he was six , he said his was name was ” Vannak -134, and he is a Spartan & their brother”. With some emotional speeches, they said goodbye to Vannak. An emotional breakthrough & they buried him under the open sky.

After that we see John is walking towards to find out Margaret & Ackerson. Halsey stopped her and said that she didn’t choose him. She said that she just found him. She also said whatever built the HALO, whatever left those Artifacts behind also left something in him too. John wants to find Margaret but Halsey ask him to take them to the Halo. She also said that if he went after ONI he could increase the risk. But, John said he is already dead & can’t fear to take any risk .

Kwan in the other side, found the same lady whom we saw in the first episode. The lady asks her to “Join them”. The lady knows everything about her because she talks about the planet. The lady asks her to ” find her , help her ” lastly mentions ” protector” & then just vanishes. The lady said that she Kwan have some bigger purposes which she might complete.

Soren & Laera reached in a factory place. There they found some cottages & ask them about they looking there missing sons. The girls came out & said he is now their son. As they don’t wanna give Kessler to them Soren want to do more negotiation but Laera doesn’t join them. He started to talking about his past & his situation of growing up in the violence.

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His negotiation failed as the girls didn’t allow him to meet with the boy. Laera in the other side trying to finding some way to taken out Kessler with her. She found a boy with the same Helmet & ask him to come near her. But, after removing the helmet they found a different boy who said that a boy give this to him on the transport ship. She asked him where he is now,? The boy replied,” They took them away”. Later she met with Soren & left from there.

We saw Makee watching a planet asking the boss what he have done. The Sangheili boss replied that ” Out Fleet has been Recalled”. The boss said the Hierarchs ordered it because they failed in their previous mission. Makes is afraid of something about this so she asks him why he have done this. Makee also said the prophets are wrong so there are no intention of beginning the great journey. She also said to the Sangheili that he would be the one to lead them to the Sacred Ring. When she is speaking the wrong prophecy we see that the Sangheili boss has tried to kill her & suddenly the lights start on.

We see a glimpse of the planet Halo, the sacred ring which is beautiful. Makee said to him that this is his destiny. The boss asked what will he do & Makee replied him to follow her orders only as she is the blessed one. The boss said they would send the entire fleet & hunt down them but Makee replied they will failed to do this. Makee makes him to agree on her plan. After that she looks into Cortana & greets her. The boss soon left the place.

Laera met with the same shopkeeper after reaching where Everyone is. She punished that man very hard & asked for information about Kessler. The man said ” The UNSC” captured Kessler. The objective is same now because John also wants to hunt down them.

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On the other side, Riz into this planet feeling peace. She says that her fight is over & she needs some rest by living her life. John tries to convince her because she is the only Spartan left to him. He hugged her & said goodbye. Riz loves the people of this planet & the weather too. So she thinks of staying here with them. Hold on, we think about Kai died. But she isn’t. She is alive & walking with her armour suit. She is in ” ONYX: Camp Currahee”.& Met with Ackerson. So, she betrayed her team & now she is the captain of all SPARTANs.

That’s how this episode ended. All five episodes of ” Halo ” is currently streaming now in Paramount+ in English language along with subtitles.



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