Flex X Cop Episode 14 Recap and Explained: Disney presents a murder mystery investigation thriller series called Flex x Cop. The South Korean drama plot revolves around a crime investigation unit of a bunch of detectives. A rich young son of the wealthiest country in Korea was unexpectedly appointed as a debutant detective at the crime unit.

The story later deals with the detective life of the rich young man and how he becomes an intelligent cop is the rest of the story. Episode 14 begins with Lee Kang Hyun catching the suspect. She transferred the suspect to the police van, meanwhile, they also caught Isoo’s brother from the same location. They found out that the suspect already kidnapped a woman in his car. Lee Kang Hyun calls for an ambulance to give medical treatment to the woman.

At the same time, Isoo was shocked to see his brother at the mysterious location along with the suspect. They took them into custody, Lee Kang Hyun started questioning the suspect. On the other side, Isoo starts interrogating Jin Seung Ju. Isoo was shown the surveillance video of his brother beating the deceased person during an event at their company.

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Lee Kang Hyun asked Isoo to be loyal to his job, no matter what truth he finds later. Isoo confirmed that he won’t take his brother’s side unless he is innocent. Jin Seung Ju felt disappointed when Isoo took him in custody as a murder suspect. He explained that he met the victim during an event, and his mother was involved in the event.

The victim tried to harass his mother, Jin Seung Ju got mad and opposed his actions. Jin Seung Ju confirms that he didn’t meet the victim after that. He added that the victim blackmailed his mother several times after announcing the mayoral election campaign, she gave so much money in return, even after that he kept blackmailing her with old proof of her affairs.

The chief of police came back to the station that night and enquired about the vice chairman. Lee Kang Hyun and Isoo explained to him that Jin Seung Ju was seen with the murder suspect, and that’s why they captured him too. In the meantime, his lawyers came in and took him out of police custody.

Later, the suspect confessed to the cops. He and his brother were ordered to give money to the victim, and a lady friend of Hansu group took the money from the Chairman’s wife. She gave the money to the culprit, the brothers asked for more money when they found out that Hansu’s group was also involved in this. They both went to the hill, to meet with the victim, and he asked for the money from them. But, they took the blackmail content paper from the victim and brutally stabbed him.

Later the victim ran away from them and stopped his car in front of Hansu group house. He jumped above the gate, dialled Jin Seung Ju’s number and died. Later, they came back and questioned the culprit for killing the man. The culprit got angry, then he took a golf bat and hit the head of the lady. He called Jin Seung Ju for more money, he also burned the only proof he had and got trapped by the cops.

Meanwhile, the cops gave all the collected evidence to Isoo, he looked at the photos of the victim. He saw childhood photos of Jin Seung Ju and confirmed that he is the biological son of the victim. Jin Seung Ju also found out that the victim is his real father and his mother had an affair with him.

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The chairman looked at the victim’s profile and he also remembers the deceased man. He asks his secretary if Isoo or Jin Seung Ju knows about the victim’s relationship with his wife. Isoo went to see Jin Seung Ju’s mother, he made his mindset that he would investigate everything related to the case even if his family was involved in that. Jin Seung Ju begged in front of Isoo to close the investigation, but he denied it.

At the end of the episode, the chairman resigned from the mayor candidate position and apologized to the public. Isoo on the other side, gave his resignation letter to Lee Kang Hyun. Isoo suddenly remembers that his mother’s sleeping pills were hidden by him before his death. Isoo went to ask his father about it and he also felt shocked to hear it. After Isoo left the house, His father died on his chair after drinking alcohol. In an epilogue, Isoo seeks help from Dr.Seo to retrieve his removed memories.

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Overall the episode was brilliant. Back-to-back twists and turns are revealed in the whole episode. Some parts were totally unexpected and few were predictable. The show is almost going to end and the final episodes are very much thrilling and engaging.



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