Wonderful World Episode 6 Recap and Explained: Disney+ presents a fourteen-episodic Korean revenge thriller drama “Wonderful World”. Eun Soo Hyun a well-known writer and professor who lived very peacefully with her husband and son. In a car accident, her son dies which changes everything in their life. As the court suspends the killer’s sentence, Eun Soo Hyun drives the car over him and he dies.

Later she was sentenced to 7 years in jail. After her jail life, she comes back to her place and how her life goes after it is the plot of this drama. Eun Soo Hyun is at the hospital in that lady’s room. Suddenly Kwon Sun Yool comes there. As they meet the lady gets a change in pulse and Kwon Sun Yool starts to do CPR on her. Doctors come to the room and stabilize the problem.

Kwon Sun Yool shows anger on Eun Soo Hyun. Kwon Sun Yool’s friend checks on the guy who is injured. Eun Soo Hyun doubts why the guy put an address behind the photo. Kwon Sun Yool asks his friend how Eun Soo Hyun’s expression would be when she meets the dead guy’s son.

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Eun Soo Hyun goes through the accident area where to lady got hit while walking. It’s a curve road where vehicles go slow but it’s strange vehicle hit her there. Kang Soo Ho comes to Eun Soo Hyun’s mother’s house. Kang Soo Ho asks sorry many times to her mother. Kang Soo Ho says he was alone and he was depressed that’s why all these happened and apologize to her. Same time Eun Soo Hyun was near there hearing all of it. Eun Soo Hyun cried and left for her home.

The next day Kang Soo Ho wakes up and their mother says Eun Soo Hyun left to his home. Kang Soo Ho meets Eun Soo Hyun there and talks about the issues with them. Kang Soo Ho promises her this won’t happen again. Eun Soo Hyun says she will try to forget all and get back to him.

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Kwon Sun Yool went to the hospital to meet his mother. Eun Soo Hyun and Kang Soo Ho do cleaning things in their garden. Eun Soo Hyun gets a verdict report of the accident she asked before. Eun Soo Hyun calls the reporter and asks about the case.

Eun Soo Hyun went to meet the lady at the hospital again. But the gambler rowdies came there for the injured guy. Kwon Sun Yool’s friend calls him to tell him about this. Kwon Sun Yool runs to the hospital and beats the guys. Kang Soo Ho at home asks Eun Soo Hyun whether to move the house or not. Eun Soo Hyun says it’s good to have her son’s memories here, she can’t forget those even if they change. Eun Soo Hyun goes for volunteers for mother care. Eun Soo Hyun takes some food to Kwon Sun Yool’s place.

Kwon Sun Yool says apologizes for his rude behaviour yesterday at the hospital. He was very angry and rude to her yesterday. Eun Soo Hyun tells him to live a better life and she can help with those. Eun Soo Hyun tells him he tells her anything if he needs someone to lower his pain. Kwon Sun Yool says the lady’s son was there at the hospital. Kwon Sun Yool fixes the flat tyres of Eun Soo Hyun’s car.

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Kang Soo Ho and Eun Soo Hyun go to a fancy restaurant. The chef shows some performances with the fire. Eun Soo Hyun gets a thought about her son and she goes to the restroom. While going she thinks of the fire accident article. The kid who was in that accident had burning marks on his body but Kwon Sun Yool doesn’t have it. So Eun Soo Hyun gets to know that Kwon Sun Yool is that lady’s son. Cut to the hospital, Kwon Sun Yool is with a lady calling her a mother.

Overall the episode was a bit of lag. Except for the ending twist which we predicted before nothing was there in this episode.



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