‘Halo’ Season 2 Episode 3 Recap: Paramount+ Presents an eight-episodic sci-fi American series ” Halo” which is streaming now with Three episodes only, the rest will come weekly. “Halo” is based on a popular FPS game of exactly the same name. After getting a huge viewership from Season 1, the makers are back with the Season.

In this article, we are gonna discuss the recap of Episode 3, before it let’s have a quick knowledge about the story. The story is about A man named John-117 who became a Spartan & now he is fighting with the alien covenant to save humanity.

Previously we have seen that the alien covenant has already reached Planet Reach. On the other hand Chief is on the way to looking at the Cobalt teams, but what surprise is waiting for him? Let’s know in this episode.

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Starting from where the previous episode ended. Master Chief & his Silver team are now in Visegrad Relay. They are now outside of the Comms station. They are trying to connect the Cobalt team but it’s never gonna be happen because Master Cheaf landed this zone because he doubt alien activity here. So, it’s a search & Rescue mission. But there must be a probability that the Cobalt ran into something Covenant. Kai & Vannak think this isn’t right whatever going on.

While they went forward they reached in a top point where their communication system started cracking. They found a relay & went into it. The whole place is in complete darkness. They found none,not even covenant. Just then, they found a door opening noise. Before they went & open the Door the UNSC team captured them behind their back.

The UNSC team comes with orders from FLEETCOM to capture the master chief. In spite of their order, the Master team asked them about the Cobalt team or otherwise, he will gonna open the door. In this adrenaline rush situation, Master Chief opened the door & found nothing out there. Chief’s plan has failed? Or it’s someone’s plan to capture him? But we know that aliens are already here in the covenant. Let’s see what will gonna happen.

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Corporal Perez is gonna be the important character of this season. She was trying to decode a recording which she had done from the Sanctuary. But she fell asleep & woke up to a distorted voice. Ackerson taking care of Cutting. They are in a care home. Cutting is Ackerson’s father & he is trying to make his son happy by telling jokes. He said to his father that he didn’t stop & not want to take his father with him.

His father has a memory of a building which can be shown from the window of the care home. The old man thinking about his past while he was walking with his wife & daughter near the bridge down to the building. Yes, Ackerson has a sister named Julia. When Cutting about his wife & daughter; Ackerson said she is gone & his mom too. Things are really hard to accept for Cutting. Lastly, he seeks a promise from his son that he won’t let the Alien take him alive.

Silver Team is brought back into the FLEETCOM. Admiral Keyes wants to know this sudden action of Master Chief. Master Chief went to talk about his assumptions but Keyes didn’t wanna listen to his voice saying it was his delusion. He suspended the Silver Team from all types of combat operations. Chief knows that the Cobalt team was at Visegrad & he demanded to know what exactly happened with them?

Admiral Keyes shoes a mission of the COBALT team which was conducted four days ago to Aktis IV. Master Chief might be framed by someone & now his team also doubting him. Admiral Keyes allowed him to stop any operation until he cleared a psychiatrist evaluation. Things are really going hard for Master Chief, after the meeting with Keyes Chief realizes his team is Losing faith in him.

Back into the Rubble, we see Laera who is suffering to losing her husband. She meets with Kwan, who tells her that she is in danger. Kwan also said she must stay safe from her crew as Ruby Ann bought them off to get rid of Soren. More she asks her to leave this Planet with Kessler because both are now dangerous. The crew already reached Laera’s home to inform them that her ship is successfully repaired. The crew wants her to join but Laera denies as she also starts doubting them.

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Later, Laera, Kwan & Kessler sneak into Soren’s ship because they are planning to escape from Rubble. They are trying to get into the ship. But, they are unable to complete their plan as the door of the bay shuttered.Later wee see a twist in Laera’s sacrifices herself & asks Kwan to protect Kessler forever. But, we know Kwan is become different from what she used to be. let’s wait for the surprise.

Two guys from ONI are coming to take Chief to start the bus mental evaluation test. But you know master chief right? He knows he is correct so knock those guys in the elevator & escape. Later he met with Margaret Parangosky & informed her that Aliens were already in Reach. He also said FLEETCOM is trying to pretend that they aren’t aware that this could happen so they must try to cover it.

But, Margaret needs some proof. John also added that ONI knows about this whole incident but covering it like nothing happened. But, Margaret isn’t actually listening to him & asks him ” Why he fighting”?. John replied that he wanted to win & defend their home to preserve the hum. But, Margaret said he fights because he got orders because he is a soldier. Chief realized that something must be wrong so he asked her when she left ONI. John understood that she never left ONI.

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Riz met her instructor & joined in a dinner party with Louis. Riz spending a good time with them . Her instructor loves Louis as they are a couple.

Kai went to meet with Ackerson again. She always thinks about her so she wants to be working again. In spite of asking to deploy the Whole Silver team, she is asking only about herself till John’s check-up is done. Ackerson said he was not gonna take such a decision as twenty minutes ago John incapacitated two soldiers who are assigned to monitor him & escaped from the facility. Ackerson asks her about John’s mental stability which is unknown to her.

Ackerson thinks that there must to a possibility of this mental stabilization of chief, firstly, because of cortana removed & second, John interacted with the Covenant agent. Kai is unable to understand what Ackerson wants to say. She said that John needed some time to recover.

We saw the dead bodies of the Cobalt team & Keyes looking on those bodies. The plasma power burnt the necks of all of them. An ONI member informed us that these bodies were found over the trees and they are still unable to understand what hit them. Ackerson said these are not dead bodies & asked her to enlist them into the missing list . Ackerson assumes that Alien Covenant must attack Reach’ but he isn’t aware that they are already there .

Keyes asks Ackerson that he must take some action before this attack. All they had to do was activate the Winter Contingency so the citizens could evacuate. Ackerson met with Halsey & informed her that her “SPARTAN-II” is a proper faulty. He thinks that he can do something better & gonna make some really powerful SPARTAN. Halsey asked him about the Death of his sister. Ackerson has no answers about it. Halsey said Julia died during the augmentation. Maybe that’s why Ackerson pages Halsey. Ackerson left the simulation & brings Soren in her prison.

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After Laera got arrested she went for the conversation with the Soren’s crew. They want to ask her what she & her husband did with all the treasures of Madrigal. The crew leader said Soren in on a prison ship headed for Reach. The leader again ask her about the treasury but right then Kwan reaches there and kills all the crew present there. Kwan successfully saved Laera but she left Kessler. Kwan said for the sake of young Kessler she chose to save his mother. So that’s how he left the young boy.

Ackerson went to met with his dad again. He said that he didn’t want to live anymore. He gives a pill to his father means he gives his father the permission to die. He also calls the clone of his dead sister Julia. ( Julia is the same girl we saw at the start of episode 2). Later His father &Clone of Julia died there.

Chief trying to find Corporal Perez. Perez was in the church because she feared something. She said that the audio tap has a massage which is a prayer of of Covenants. She handed the recording to the chief. Later we got the translation of the speed. Which is “I bring you blessings, people of Reach. Know that I’ve come without mercy. without pity. Know that I’m the instrument of your extinction. I bring this planet forth as a burnt offering. Upon this altar, I place the Head of the Demon.

May his blood Mark the way to the Sacred Ring & consecrate the great journey of my people. Know that I’m Var’Gatanai. Know that I’m …. Death”. This means they are already in the Reach. Then we see a sudden blast in the Reach planet.

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The episode ended on a high note. The covenant is already here only UNI knows about it. When John successfully got to know about it they terminated John from his work & claimed that he was mentally unstable. But, who is gonna save them with John? Let’s wait for more surprises in the next episode.

Three episodes of ” HALO” is currently streaming now in Paramount+ with English audio & subtitles.



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