“Halo” Season 2 Episode 6 Recap: Paramount+ Presents an eight-episodic sci-fi American series ” Halo”.Six episodes are currently streaming now, the rest will come weekly. “Halo” is based on a popular FPS game of exactly the same name. After getting a huge viewership from Season 1, the makers are back with the Season. In this article, we are gonna discuss the recap of Episode 6, before it let’s have a quick knowledge about the story.

The story is about A man named John-117 who became a Spartan & now he is fighting with the alien covenant to save humanity. Previously we have seen Reach destroyed completely. After that, they are heading towards the Aleria. Soren & his wife Laera went to find their son. On the other side, the master chief is ready to fight alone in this journey. Let’s see next.

This episode starred Officer Perez going on a mission under Mullins guidance. It shows beautifully how they went off from the ship. The camera focused on Parez’s eye which shows tension in her. The action sequences us designed exactly like an FPS game.

The sound design is good along with the POV sequence. Mullins got hurt & Perez is only left & went successful in this mission. Later we see they are actually in a simulator where this is their realistic tranning mission. The team is led by no one Kai herself. Kai said to her new team about Covenants advance shielding which is very hard to tackle.

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She also mentioned the weakness of covenant ships as they are less effective attacks against smaller targets. She is briefing the simulation mission all that has been done. Moreover, she ordered everyone to work like a bee. ” infiltrate the ship & deliver the spike”. Their spike has a virus that can shutdown the whole ship. Officer Perez met with Kai, as she was her instructor.

Perez asked if Kai had any problem with her & Kai replied she had a problem with failure & the soldiers who continuously made the same mistake. Parez said she saw her comrades die in her bare eyes & that time Kai was not present in Reach. Kai didn’t reply of this question. later she watched closely a banner of Master Chief.

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We see Parangosky drinking tea with Ackerson. She said these tea leaves grow in Sri Lanka on earth. She asked how it was harvested. Ackerson asked why would ONI concern itself with making tea. Parangosky said, “You drink the tea but what you taste is the story”. Ackerson understood that She is concerned about Reach. Parangosky said a ship penetrated their airspace less than an hour ago. She also added that that ship Landed 15 kilometres away from where they are exactly now. Ackerson ordered to send a team for a detailed inspection.

Parangosky also said one of her agents saw Cathrine in Algeria nineteen hours ago. Ackerson is unable to accept this. Parangosky also said the people of Aleria also saw a man who was the largest they had ever seen. Now, Ackerson felt tensed as we all understood they were thinking that Master Chief might land in their planet ONYX.

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After the title sequence. We saw another action simulation but this time Kai is here. Ackerson met with her & informed them that she should stop & take rest. Kai shows concern about the people she lost & also her silver team. Ackerson said nobody escaped from the tragedy all died. Kai is afraid that the new team is unable to survive in the simulation so sending them on any mission could be a suicidal mission. Ackerson said Mater chief is gone & now she is the image of this next generation. That’s why he ordered Kai to train the young team more. Ackerson informed her to make them Spartan too.

On the other side, we see Halsey, Soren & Laera on the ship. She said that she knows where their son is now.
Soren speaks about this place from where Halsey started everything. This is ONI situated in ONYX it has no maps or any records, just rumours & whispers. He informed John that they have their son Kessler. John is afraid that they are still making more Spartans. Right then, Laera informed them that Halsey was gone. John said they don’t need her anymore as they know the place.

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Kwan walked into the place she saw the mysterious lady who showed her that armies were coming. John reached there and killed some of them but later got caught. Meanwhile, Kwan walked from there running inside the forest & again she saw that Old lady spirit whom we saw in Sanctuary. She was standing near a well. She walks there & understands that it’s the same place that she saw in season 1. It’s like a forerunner structure portal. She jumps inside it & down there she meets with Halsey.

She started to question about this place. Halsey took out a lamp & said that she used to live in this place. She mentioned that it’s the place from where everything began. She also mentioned before Kwan’s arrival John was consistent & a dependable Spartan. So, after meeting with Kwan he changed. It’s just all about the past. She also hints about this place where she found Halo’s keystone.

Soren & Laera are slowly approaching near the main building. As master chief distracting everyone they are now getting into the office secretly.

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Var’Gatanai ( Shanghai leader)complete the ritual of becoming ” The Arbiter” by putting a stone in the chest. Uto’Mdama questioned Makee because he is unable to contact the high charity or the Fleet. Arbiter said it was his command. The priest later started to question Arbiter that he should consult Makee. Var’Gatanai said his direction comes from the Hierarchs.

He also said Humans js nothing to him. Later the priest tries to kill Makee but Arbiter stops him & says she belongs to the Hierarchs. Makee said to him that she is trying to communicate with the keystones as she is the blessed one. Cortana arrives there after Arbiter left asks Makee if he knows about her lying. Makee remained silent.

Kai watching the new team this week & they are losing one by one. She is excepting if they do better this time. In the simulation, Perez saw some suspicious & then they came out from this. Everyone enjoyed as they passed this mission. Parez informed Kai that after they spiked the system they had no more enemy in contact. Kai said this is how it works.

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John is taken inside the base. There the guards capture him by silver ropes. He stopped talking with the commander & demanded to meet with Parangosky. After the commander left he badly thrashed all the soldiers present there inside the prison.

Ackerson & Kai watching these with a CCTV camera. Kai is speechless after watching him alive. Kai wants to know how he is alive & Ackerson replies this is what he wants to know. Kai finally said in Sanctuary that Master Chief saw Makee alive in the fog. Ackerson said that Chief might work with the Covenant agent Makee. As they are working together he also survived from reach too.

He just putting the wrong information inside Kai’s head. He also said the Covenant attacked the Visegrad Relay to cover their assault on the sword base & to capture one keystone. He also said another Artifact is here in ONYX & that’s why Master Chief is here to steal it.

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On the other side, we saw that Makee is unable to communicate with Keystone. She tried to go there in her mind & touched the Artifacts too but nothing happened. She thinks that she just slowly losing her ability. Cortana said that she have a record of HALO that she saw before. Makee becomes emotionally weak & says she can’t go there without Master Chief. Cortana wants to help her but before it she needs access to Covenant ship’s transmission array. Makee is unable to trust her but Cortana said that’s the only way she has.

Master Chief went into the ONI base. He went into the Intel room & discovered by Kai. He informed her that he lost Vannak & Riz is not working in their team anymore. John said Ackerson & Parangosky are responsible for what happened in Reach but Kai thinks it’s Alien Covenant behind it. But John defended himself by saying that Covenant are not taking their armours so it’s must probably they are. Kai asked him if he was working under Makee or not but John said it’s ONI responsible for everything.

They hard believe each other & Kai is trying to follow her orders. Kai started to beat him & Master Chief remained silent. She beats her badly but still Master Chief stops the attack. He said Vannak died at the moment Halsey took him & everything was decided as his life ended when he was 6. This is exactly his & Kai’s life also ended. Kai beat him very badly but John still remained silent. Later she beat him until he became unconscious.

The whole thing was watched by Ackerson & Parangosky on CCTV. Parangosky said Master Chief’s memory is so valuable for them as his memory can make millions more Spartans in his place. Ackerson doesn’t want to change his mind. later she went to see an encrypted transmission from an unknown. Later she asks everyone to leave & on the other master chief faints memory hearing the words of Cortana calling him ” Master chief”.

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Parangosky also connected with Cortana. Cortana comes in front of him & asks him to get up but we see Master Chief slowly losing hope by saying that his whole team is gone now. CORTANA said she is now with him as something terrible is about to happen as the Covenant’s going to find out The Halo. She also said ” It’s imperative that you get there first”.

She also said she is now with Makee & The Arbiter & they have almost reached into the Halo. After hearing the name of ” The Arbiter” master chief wakes up with anger as he understands that he killed Vannak. Chief with a very bloody situation asks her how to find them. CORTANA addressed him to touch the Artifact & communicate with it. She also told John that she would show him the path & then vanished. After that, she developed her connection with John’s mind. She is able to gain access to the covenant system.

On the other side, Cortana also gives her the location of the covenant ship. As she believes that it will fulfil all of her mission parameters. She informed me that the UNSC is able to attack the Covenant fleet now. She also said she simulated UNsC’s attack but the chances of success are very low. Parangosky stopped her to say more & said she had done well. She also asks what’s her role now. Parangosky said,” as agreed, you’ll remain where you are with the Covenant & provide information to them”. She also asks if her contribution will be remembered or not & Parangosky said she will never be forgotten. After this Cortana returns to Arbiter’s ship & informs Makee that ” Nothing can be Undone, Have no regret”.

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We see Halsey & Kwan inside the cave. Halsey found things have changed too much as she is unable to understand this known cave system. But Kwan saw that spirit inside the cave who led her into a new path. Guess whom they saw there? It’s Miranda Keyes who is a daughter of Halsey. She is doing a new evacuation of the cave. Miranda said she was finishing what she was unable to do it. She also said her mother’s work is valuable for them.

Soren & Laera reached in Thermopylae. It’s the place where the battle between Spartan & Xerxes was seen in 300. Later Soren spotted blood on the floor & after watching this he told Laera that they had to go as ” They are coming”.

Kai after that met with Ackerson. He shows his sympathy for what happened with John. He is also feeling good as Kai’s javelin team doing well. Kai said after they planted the Spike they got the evacuation ship without a hitch which is not gonna happen in real life. Kai said it’s harder to get on a covenant ship & also get off the ship. Kai understood that Ackerson manipulated it to let them win.

Kai asked what he gave pt the people of Reach and also added what John said as Ackerson let them die there without armour. Kai said she trusts John & also Ackerson knows that the covenant is coming. Ackerson became silent & then said whatever happened there is a tragic can’t be controlled. He also said that he saved her. Kai runs away from there.

John went to the base & worked with Cortana. CORTANA opening doors it’s like John gets his superpower. Chief is also enjoying her power as nobody is unable to do anything. He went to Sublevel 4 as CORTANA showed her ways. Finally he find the Artifact there.

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The covenant priest exposed Makee. He told The Arbiter that Cortana leaked their information to UNSC. He ordered The Arbiter to kill her. The Arbiter said a transmission went out from the ship not long ago. The priest also device of Cortana what device & said the transmission was coming from this human device. Makee said as she would never betray him. Later, The Arbiter said, “Those of you who are true believers you will stand with me. The rest of you will die”. Then he killed the Priest and all of his companions.

As chief coming towards the Artifact another one which makes have it glows up. She crawled towards it & touched it also John too at the same time. Bang! This probably connects them or affects them both. But before it shows more this episode ended in a tragic way. All episode six of Halo are currently streaming now in Paramount+ in English language along with subtitles.



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