Pyramid Game Episode 5 Release Date: Viu presents a Korean drama called ‘Pyramid Game’. The plot revolves around a class of teenage students, who cast their popularity vote on an online gaming app.

The game they are playing is conducted on the same day of every month, the top-level group students will always bully and torture low-level group students without showing any mercy.

‘Pyramid Game’ is a psychological game thriller that deals with the dark side of Korean educational institutions. The negative shades of high school students and their eagerness to bully down-level students are shown in this drama. This thriller drama consists of ten episodes with an average duration of fifty minutes.

The show already got a great response from teenagers and Korean drama lovers around the globe. The first four episodes premiered on February 29, through the streaming platform Viu.

The last episode ended up cliffhanger sequence. The fifteenth pyramid game is all set to take off. The school management sent letters to all parents and most of them gathered at the school for the meeting. Sung Soo Ji researched for a whole month to get more votes for the next game. She joined with the convenience store guy, who’s the sister of an ex-victim of a pyramid game.

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They gathered dirt and information about Sung Soo Ji’s classmates. They found out that, most of them were directly or indirectly connected with Baek Ha Rin’s family. She bribed everyone in the class to make everyone vote for her. Baek Ha Rin silently controls the whole class and tortures innocent students. Pyo Ji Ae got tortured by the upper-level group students for a month. She initially got up with a fight between Myung Ja Eun and Sung Soo Ji. Later she joined back with them back.

The upcoming episodes will showcase from the day of the fifteenth pyramid game. The parents were gathered in another classroom. One of the classroom teachers met Sung Soo Ji’s father, and expressed her view about the bullying happening inside the school compound. The principal was shocked after seeing the revealing done by the classroom teacher.

Sung Soo Ji’s father is a military man, he never appreciates such negative things happening on the school compound. The curious element for the next episode is how many votes Sung Soo Ji, Myung Ja Eun and Pyo Ji Ae will earn for the fifteenth voting of the pyramid game. At the same time, what will Sung Soo Ji do after hearing the news about school bullying inside Sung Soo Ji’s class?

The fifth episode is scheduled to be released on next week through Viu. The first episode was released on Thursday and the fifth episode will release on March 7th, Thursday. All four episodes of ‘Pyramid Game’ is now streaming through Viu with English subtitles.

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