“Constellation” Episode 5 Recap and Explained: Apple Original presents an eight-episodic American sci-fi series ” Constellation” is currently streaming now in the platform with only three episodes, the rest will come weekly. In this article, we are going to discuss the recap of episode 5. Before starting it let’s have a quick recap of the story of this series.

This is a story about a female astronaut Joe, after returning back from space she is facing lots of unreal things. Let’s see what is exactly happening with her.

This episode started from where the previous one ended. magnus falls down in the floor & his phone is still ringing on the call to Frederick. Later, Jo cut that call & called an ambulance for Magnus because his head was hit. After that, she took out Alice from the cupboard & took her outside. She quickly picked up all the luggage & left the house with her car.

After that, she went to the European Space Agency to collect the samples from the lab. Meantime she got flashes of her past days in the space. She mainly collects the classified Audio samples. Especially her conversation with Alice. She also took out the CAL machine along with her.

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After a long drive, Jo & Alice reach at the Nordic Lines. While waiting there for the ferry she calls one of her Astronaut Friends Ilya. She asks him about the Vitamins he got. She discussed that she got Vitamin B which is a psychiatric medicine. While talking with him she noticed the cast guards were checking the cars. Ilya is unable to understand why Star City gives her Lithium 7. Jo hides the CAL machine under the footwear of her car. She ordered Ilya to check those pills more. The recordings she is unable to respond & Alice also wakes up. Things are really strange happening right now.

We see Henry sleeping in his house & suddenly wakes up & calls his own name. He is in hi room in Cologne, Germany. Later from waking up from sleep, he went to a bath. While bathing he heard some knocks in his door. He calls to who is there but nobody replies. He started to threaten the person on the other side of the door. But after he opened the door he found no one there.

The whole house is empty even though we see complete silence inside the whole Hotel. While he went outside to see who is there we saw Bud with the Hawaiian dress standing in his back. So the multiverse really exists. Later Irene called him & asked is he taking pills or not. Later she discussed about the noble’s prize; right now the key focus is how Quantum Mechanics allows two or more particles to exist in what is called an entangled state. This is why the new Nobel Prize is selected.

Later in the morning after he went to ESA, Henry discovered that the CAL Machine is not in its place. He started to call Irena for help. Later he went to the washroom & wrote ” Leave Me alone”. On the other side, Bud in a motel tries to call his family members while drinking he went to in his bathroom & wath in the mirror writing the same thing that Henry wrote down. ” Leave me Alone”. Wow! Things are getting more interesting.

Jo & Alice arrived in a hotel for lunch. Jo asked her why she hid in the cupboard. Young Alice said she was afraid sometimes of Valya. Jo asks her about the previous night and what she saw Her mother died in a different verse but Alice changed the topic. Alice said ” The Valya” tricks are sometimes. Later Jo asked her to draw what Valya looked like. Jo later calls Laurentz , the person who sent the tapes to Jo.

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The person called His sister insane & then hung up the calls. After that Jo researched them & understood that they do send fake tapes. Jo was unable to understand what to do next so she called Magnus & told them Alice was with her. Magnus is tense about his daughter & Frederick is also there and asks Jo to return. While talking with them, Alice completed her drawing & showed it to her mother. Jo watched that it was the same dead cosmonaut whom she saw in the space. Which no one believed.

Later she asks Frederic why she was given antipsychotic medicine at Star City. But Frederic is hiding something. Later Jo said to Magnus that she would be back soon. Later Jo & Alive reach to the marine observatory known as ” Skagerrak Marine Observatory, Denmark”. The observatory runs by two siblings Laurenz and Walborg. Walborg comes out to meet with her & after she listens about the latter she gives the permission to Jo to let it. The lady is 85 years old & has osteoporosis.

They went inside the house & Laurenz after watching Jo addressing her as ” a crisis actor”. So, Laurentz has dementia. Jo tells Walborg about watching the body of a female cosmonaut & that’s the reason of the collision in ISS. She also asks about the tape of her while she was up at the space & no-one unable to hear her voice. Walborg said her brother heard about this & talked about the dead body in the ISS . The old lady says it’s possible because of their Ghost Tapes.

Their father gave them the money for a listening console, in 1949, there were lots of things left over from after the war & three secondhand recorders from a US Army surplus auction. Walborg said it was like the tracking room at Cape Kennedy.

She also shows their old pictures. They also saw Henry there who came to meet them in 1982. He also wanted the tapes of Apollo 18. That time Apollo met with an accident & Henry was the only survivor. Alice picked up a smartphone there. Later she gives her the ” Ghost Tapes”. After that, they went to take a boat to which is five miles away from the shore. It looks like in the house, someone could hear them.

The old lady said exactly what Henry told Jo about the traumas that the astronauts face like angles, dogs barking etc. Later in the boat, the old lady said that the recording they had of Apollo 18 was drenched in that noise. Laurentz thought only he could hear something. Nasa also heard the noise but was unable to decode it. Fives miles from the seashore is the ace which is situated in a nominal place just like water or up in space.

Later they heard a tape recording of a female cosmonaut on 23rd November 1967. Jo, Alice Heard nothing but some noise. She also gives a transcribe to Jo. She said on that day Irena went into space & supposedly came back again in one piece. The lady is unable to believe that Paul died because both of the siblings heard his voice. The old lady said Paul was completely fine & Jo died but now Jo is fine. It’s really confusing what the old lady trying to say but the radio must captured something wrong about the space. Later Jo stopped to listen more & then they went back.

Alice meanwhile called her dad Magnus & told her that she was safe. She also said that they are heading towards the cabin in Vindelälven which is in Sweden. Later they went out from the observatory & old lady handed the ghost tapes to Jo. Ilya doing research on the Vitamins that he got. However, the researchers found nothing suspicious. He also trying to find some records but it looks like not available. He also feels suspicious about what’s happening. Soon, Irene reached there to talk with Ilya & informed him that Jo is missing with her daughter. Ilya said he hadn’t talked with her for a while.

Henry went to invite Frederic in the search operation of Jo. Henry said it’s his experiment & he needs it . He tried to explain something but was unable to do it & then wet in his pant after that the old Man started laughing horribly and said that he is coming with him.

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While heading towards Sweden. Jo asks Alice who is the Valya & Alice replies “This woman; she’s floating around Earth; she’s dead”. Mainly she mentioned that Valya is that same dead cosmonaut whom Jo saw in the space. Things are taking some unexpected turn. Alice said Valya is dead & alive too & talks like unable to understand. Later Alice started the ghost tape again & now it works with one condition. Whenever Jo brings it near the CAL MACHINE she can hear the news clearly. She understood the clear voice of Valya.

Later. Jo hears the voice & shows a turnover near her cottage. But she was unable to understand where to go. Little Alice understood the way but Jo ignored her & went to the road near the Lake. After that, they reached in vast snowy place which was actually a lake. She somehow reached into the cottage. Henry also went to the bathroom & called Bud. Bud said he was coming to meet him in his world. Whoa, Henry can contact with his own variant. Jo in the cottage started listening to another tape. Which is her before the accident happened in ISS.

Alice also there listening to the voice on the tape & said that wasn’t her voice because she didn’t know how to speak in Swedish & in the tape what Jo was listening to was completely different from what Alice was saying in Swedish. So, things have changed too much. It’s really mysterious. Alice also said that she usually doesn’t call her ‘ Mamma”

Meanwhile, at the end of the episode, we see another mysterious ending. Where we saw Alice in a vast snowy place shouting” Mamma”. Things are getting interesting. Let’s see what is waiting for the next episode. Right now, five episodes of this series are streaming in English language along with subtitles.



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