Pyramid Game Episode 4: Viu presents a Korean drama called ‘Pyramid Game’. This teenage dark thriller drama deals with the relevant topic of the school system and the sufferings of students. The story is about a class of girls students bullying low-tier students by evaluating the number of votes gathered on an online gaming app.

The game they are playing is voted on every month and one group will always bullied and tortured by the upper groups. The drama is packed with ten episodes in total.

The fourth episode opens with a conversation between Sung Soo Ji, Myung Ja Eun and Baek Ha Rin. Myung Ja Eun has been following the hacker student for some time, Sung Soo Ji kept calling her on the phone multiple times. At some point in a secret place, Myung Ja Eun and Sung Soo Ji stopped walking, they unexpectedly met Baek Ha Rin at the place instead of the other girl.

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Baek Ha Rin and Sung Soo Ji had arguments about the hacker girl. Later, Sung Soo Ji, Myung Ja Eun and Pyo Ji Ae went to the school rooftop and started talking about the next steps. They seem worried and shocked to see Baek Ha Rin a step ahead of them. They planned to select other C-group students to vote. Sung Soo Ji was sitting on the convenience store, there she met a staff who was doing computer programming.

Baek Ha Rin kept torturing the B group girls, they were very worried of her because she’s from the richest family and their parents wanted to have a permanent connection with her family. Whatever Baek Ha Rin tells them, they all accept it and move on. One of the classroom teachers got suspicious about the activities of Baek Ha Rin’s class.

She tried to find out the truth about bullying inside the school compound. She witnessed Pyo Ji Ae crying inside the washroom, and when she asked about it, Pyo Ji Ae ran away. Later, she asked Sung Soo Ji about bullying, but Sung Soo Ji didn’t say anything about the truth of what happening inside her class.

The convenience store guy researched the pyramid game. He went to his home and looked at a room, where his sister is staying. She is not getting out of the room because of some past events. The school management sends letters to all the parents to gather for a parent meeting. B group girls parents were unsatisfied with their kids for not getting close to Baek Ha Rin.

Sung Soo Ji’s father who’s in the military, also got an invitation letter and a call from the principal of Baekyeon Girls’ High School. The higher-level students kept bullying Pyo Ji Ae, she got traumatized after back-to-back torture from them. Later, she went up to the rooftop and had an argument with Sung Soo Ji. Pyo Ji Ae thought Sung Soo Ji was her friend, but she talked about her past events of during group f. Pyo Ji Ae insulted and cussed Sung Soo Ji when she was in the group.

Sung Soo Ji and Myung Ja Eun were standing near the school at night, the convenience store went inside the school, and they caught him on the process of hacking. Later, they found out that he is the brother of a student from the same class who was the victim of a pyramid game. They all teamed up to destroy the app completely. They gathered the secrets of a few students to negotiate votes with them.

On the 15th pyramid game day, the parent’s meeting happened, and each parent joined the meeting. Later, Sung Soo Ji also came to the class and joined the meeting. The classroom teacher talked with Sung Soo Ji, she told him that Sung Soo Ji’s classmates doing secret bullying inside the class. Parents and principal looked at the teacher in a shocking way.

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Overall the fourth episode was thrilling and engaging. Sung Soo Ji’s character has a screen presence in this episode. The ending of this episode made me more curious to find out what happens next.



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