Flex x Cop Episode 9: Disney presents an investigation thriller show called Flex x cop. This crime thriller Korean drama’s plot revolves around a wealthy young man who got appointed as a detective due to an unexpected incident that happened in his life.

The rich young man kept going with his career as a cop to make his father win the mayor election is the main plot of the show. The ninth episode opens with a conversation between Isoo and Dr. Seo. She explained that his memories about his mother’s death were replaced by a new memory. She made him look into the real memories of him during the death of his mother.

Isoo got frightened to see his mother die of suicide. He lost his balance and woke up from the dream, he rushed to his dad’s office. His father is in a meeting with the board members, Isoo rushes into the hall and asks him, why he has fooled Isoo. His brother tried to calm him, but later everyone left the room. Isoo confronted his father about hiding the truth about his mother’s real death.

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Isoo’s father explained about what happened during the night of Isoo’s mother’s death. When his father entered the house, he saw Isoo’s mother die on the bathtub full of water. Suddenly his secretary came in and asked him to leave before everyone showed up.

Later, they took Isoo to the hospital and removed his memories about her death. He didn’t eat anything or talk with anyone after the traumatic experience, so his father had no other way to cure him, that’s why he removed Isoo’s memories with the help of Dr Seo. Isoo left the office and sat in front of his house. Kang Hyun saw him and took him to a faraway place. She already knows about his mother’s death and told him to take some rest. He didn’t go back to his mother’s house, instead, he went to his company apartment.

The same day, Eastern Hotel conducted a cinema shoot. The shoot was completed and everyone starts leaving the hotel. The next day morning, the crew members started appearing for the next shoot. One of the members saw lead actress Han Yu ra sitting on a chair, and when he touched her, she fell down. It appears that she is already died hours ago.

Everyone starts screaming loudly and Young Hwan comes out of his room asking what happened. The crew members were shocked to see him covered in blood over his body. Kang Hyun’s team got assigned for the case. They looked at the case and they were sure that Young Hwan killed her at the dressing room.

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Isoo took leave from everything, but Kang Hyun got worried about his condition and caller him back to back. Meanwhile, Han Yu Ra’s manager confirmed that Young hwan had several meetings with Han Yu ra before, and he was told to leave earlier yesterday because someone was going to pick up her. Young Hwan tells that he overslept yesterday because of the drugs he took.

Young Hwan’s fingerprints were also found on the weapon and Kang Hyun confirmed that he is the prime suspect. The next day, Isoo joined the work, he enquired about the new case, and there he saw his friend’s photo on the suspect list. Later he talked with Young hwan who’s in prison. Young Hwan confirmed that he didn’t kill her.

Kang Hyun interrogated every staff’s and no one said anything about the truth. Later, Isoo took Kang Hyun into Young Hwan’s office and said that Isoo is the CEO of his company. He started interrogating all the staffs, offered them money and everyone started telling Namsu’s name.

He is was in love with Han Yu ra before, and even after breaking up with him, he kept disturbing her for some time. He also met her on the day she died. Later, Kang Hyun and Isoo met him in person and interrogated him. Kang Hyun got a call from the forensic department, a hair sample had been found under the nails of Han Yu Ra.

The cops checked the shooting spot videos from the hotel, they found someone slapping Han Yu Ra. In that video, they saw actress Sang Hee slapping Han Yu Ra in front of the make-up artist. Later, Isoo talked with the makeup artist and found out that Sang Hee is a very problematic person.

She used to cause problems at every shooting location, she was jealous of Han Yu Ra, and the cops concluded that was the motive for killing Han Yu Ra. At the end of the ninth episode, Kang Hyun and Isoo went to Sang Hee’s house to interrogate her.

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Overall the episode doesn’t have much to offer. The episode was a bit dragging from the start itself. Isoo’s mother’s life and personal issues were being discussed often in this episode. Nef episode feeds us more about the real culprit of Han Yu Ra’s death.



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