"Halo" Season 2 Review | Paramount+

“Halo” Season 2 Review | Paramount+

“Halo” Season 2 Review: HALO” is an eight-episodic American Sci-fi military series based on a best-selling game of the same Name. The show returned to its second season. Two episodes of this series is currently streaming now in Paramount+ in English language along with subtitles. Others will come weekly.

” HALO” is not a game its an emotion for all PC gamers. It was a best-selling game after the release of its first episode. In 2022, the first live-action adaptation of this game is released. After releasing of the first season it got huge criticism but later the viewers accepted it because it was just an introductory series. Now, the second season is streaming now with two episodes.

In this article we are gonna review two episodes of ” Halo” but before beginning let’s know the story of this series. This is the story of a Spartan who tried to save humanity from an alien attack.

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In the First episode, we see Cortana become disconnected from John. So, he is getting major questions about his mental health. His whole team went to Sanctuary Planet for a mission where we got attacked by a group of Sangheili. The action scene is upgraded from the previous season. The visuals, CGI, graphics everything improved a lot . The foggy ambiance that the makers created in the start of the first episode is visually stunning.

Makee who died in the last episode of Season 1 , she back again. We know that John has a physical bond with her. After watching her alive John is stuck and thinking about her. Maybe because of love or he is afraid for her intentions.

One thing we understand that this alien covenant is planning to do something Big. We also saw Kwan is stuck in Soren’s planet. Soren’s got betrayed by his own man. Two episodes were handed in this cliffhanger. But it is interesting with one more interesting point. We have seen Makee touch a big forerunner Artifact & it glows up. It must be generated or activated something that we gonna see in the next episode.

For now, I can say starting of the Episode 1 was good. It’s visually stunning with some well-choreographed action scenes but Episode 2 is a little bit dragged with some unusual scenes. If you are a hard-core gamer & “HALO” game is your emotion you can watch it because things are getting darker with the iconic title music from The game.

The acting of Pablo Schrieber is quite good but Joseph Morgan as Colonel James Ackerson shines in this episode. Other cast are good too.

So, it’s a good but not the best. Let’s look forward to the next new surprise. Two episodes of ” HALO: Season 2″ is streaming now in Paramount+ in English language along with subtitles.

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