Wedding Impossible Episode 3: Amazon Prime presents their next romantic comedy Korean drama “Wedding Impossible” in twelve episodes. Na A-Jeong is a hardworking girl who works in drama series as a junior artist. Na A-Jeong is a well-dedicated girl who has the aim of becoming a great actress in future.

Lee Ji-Han is the grandson of LJ group chairman but he doesn’t get recognised by his grandfather so he works very hard to show his efficiency to his grandfather. Na A-Jeong is the friend of Lee Ji-Han’s brother Lee Do-Han. When Lee Do-Han’s grandfather tells him to become his next successor by marrying Yoon Chae-Won. But to avoid that marriage Lee Do-Han asks Na A-Jeong to act as his wife for money, what happens next is the story of “Wedding Impossible”.

Episode 3 opened with Lee Ji-Han winning the best employee award again. There is a bandaid on his nose after Na A-Jeong’s beating. Na A-Jeong goes to an astrologer to check her future if she accepts Lee Do-Han’s offer. The astrologer says she will get crushed if she accepts the offer and lives there. Lee Ji-Han asks to choose him or Na A-Jeong to Lee Do-Han.

Lee Ji-Han asks about the real hidden reason why Lee Do-Han not accept to marry Yoon Chae-Won. Na A-Jeong reaches her home very tired, but everyone is happy there and surprises her with birthday cake and wishes as it is her birthday. Na A-Jeong sits outside her home and cries out at the situation she is in.

Na A-Jeong’s mother comes to her motivates her to act and gives her some money. Na A-Jeong calls Lee Do-Han to meet. They met and talked about getting married. Na A-Jeong says it’s a solo role so she will accept it. Cut to the LJ group, a board meeting is happening with the chairman and other members. Everyone telling the shareholders are not happy with what happened on the Birthday.

Chairman tells them he will teach Lee Do-Han about the business anyway. Lee Ji-Han is at home, he is sick after Na A-Jeong accepts the offer of marriage. Lee Ji-Han watches Na A-Jeong’s home outside from a car, later when her family member sees him he try to buy a mat from them to get into her house to see her.

Na A-Jeong tells Lee Ji-Han to come outside. They go from home far away at the land Lee Ji-Han bought in the first episode, Lee Ji-Han says sorry for what he did on his knees. But Na A-Jeong tells him there is no use doing apologising, as marrying Lee Do-Han is already decided. The land owner comes and shouts at Lee Ji-Han, suddenly he and his son see Na A-Jeong.

The son of the landowner says she was the friend of his wife who sang at his wedding which was shown in first episode. They invite them for lunch. When they tried to leave the place, other landowners came shouting at Lee Ji-Han. Na A-Jeong gathered all of them and solved the issue of the delay in the mall’s opening which was promised by Lee Ji-Han when he bought signs from everyone. Na A-Jeong helped him that day and Lee Ji-Han thanked her for helping him.

Lee Do-Han and Yoon Chae-Won meet at a restaurant for dinner. The reporters are following them everywhere. The news also came on online media later. Cut to Na A-Jeong’s home, her parents get to know she was not on the drama cast lists. They are worried about how to clear out this with Na A-Jeong. Na A-Jeong comes to them and tells them she is going to marry, which makes everyone in a shock. Na A-Jeong comes to Lee Do-Han’s house in a well-dressed and stylish look.

Na A-Jeong and Lee Do-Han discussed about the agreement rules and signed the contract papers. They go for shopping the ring for the wedding while they discuss how to plot the drama. Other grandsons in the LJ group family discuss about the current scenario of Lee Do-Han marrying another girl than Yoon Chae-Won.

Na A-Jeong purchased some dress with Lee Do-Han at the mall. While they were leaving the shop, Na A-Jeong saw Lee Ji-Han with Yoon Chae-Won at the mall. Na A-Jeong goes to Lee Do-Han’s home and has dinner with everyone including his grandfather.

Na A-Jeong’s behaviour at the dinner table didn’t make grandfather impressed. Grandfather asks Na A-Jeong to come with him for a talk. He asks last time she said she will break up with Lee Do-Han, then why a change in the decision now. She explains that it is to help him. Grandfather approves their marriage. Na A-Jeong comes out of the house and sees Lee Ji-Han. Lee Ji-Han tells her that he will steal her from Lee Do-Han no matter what, which is the only solution to this matter.

Overall the episode was really good. I enjoyed it very much. The entire episode was funny and cool. The combination scenes of Na A-Jeong and Lee Ji-Han were really enjoyable.

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