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Love, Victor Ending Explained Hulu: Today we are going to talk about Hulu’s new show Love, Victor. The show revolves around a teenage boy Victor who has moved into a new town and is starting a new school. The show deals with Victor starting to explore his sexuality and once he learns his truth, how he struggles to tell it to the world. The show was set to stream on Disney+ but due to some complications and statements like Disney’s audience will not digest a story on homosexuality etc the show was moved to Hulu.

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Love, Victor is set in the same Universe as Love, Simon. The 2018 movie based on the same genre. Victor has moved into a new town and is about to begin his sophomore year in Creekwood High School, Atlanta. His sister Pilar joins as a freshman in the same institute. At first, Victor thinks to be bold about him being Gay but due to the pressure of coming out, he decides not to tell anyone.

He becomes friends with his neighbor Felix as they both are in the same class. He soon becomes friends with Mia, the high school queen, and the most popular girl. They start dating Mia completely ignorant about Victor’s secret and Victor thinks he should explore his sexuality and see if he likes girls.

But destiny plays it’s part and Victor meets Benji and develops a massive crush on him. He met him while looking for a job so that he can enter into school’s basketball team. He learns that Benji is already dating someone. One day Victor and Pilar find out that their family shifted to Atlanta after their mother was cheating on their father with his boss. Their father had ended up punching his boss, getting fired as a result.

The show also focuses on several storylines that lighten up the mood and it feels great to see new faces. One such is Felix and Lake’s storyline. Victor soon realizes that he is not into girls and falls into a dilemma, he visits Simon in New York and after spending time with his friends he feels confident about his true self. After returning to Atlanta, he decides to confess to people. He starts off with Felix and wants to tell Mia, but before he could do that Mia sees Victor kissing Benji. Benji had broken up with his boyfriend. This makes things complicated between Victor and Mia.

Victor is determined, to tell the truth to his parents and decides to tell them over dinner. But things don’t go as planned because his parents tell them that they have decided to separate temporarily to take time and figure out if they can save their relationship. Victor for a moment subsides his urge to tell them and he actually does, but the next moment breaks out by telling them that he is gay. The season 1 ends here without showing his family’s reaction.

Love, Victor Ending Explained

The show ended in a cliffhanger and the first question arising in everyone’s mind is that how and in what way his parents reacted about him being gay. Well, the show ending at that particular point has a deep meaning. The coming out of Victor was for himself and shouldn’t matter to anyone else that’s why they possibly didn’t show his parents’ reaction because they shouldn’t be the one to decide if this is wrong for Victor.

There are only 2 possible ways for them to react. One is that they might be a conservative family but the show itself is light-hearted and that’s why the parents reluctantly but happily could have taken this confession with love and happiness for Victor.

The other is that being a restricted and conservative family and with the ongoing situation in the family they might have reacted in a different manner and that could be a good start for season 2, where his parents try to figure out a way to “fix” it and Victor trying to convince them. Let’s see because we are going to have a lot of fun in season 2.

This was our’s Love, Victor ending and story explanation, what is Yours?, For more updates on web and digital content stay tuned with us.


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