“Wish” is a recently released Disney film specifically made for kids. It is an adventure action kids animated film available to watch on Disney+ in the English language with multiple subtitles. If you’re free this weekend and want to give some time to kids and family, do check out this film; we have posted a recap too.

The movie starts with the narrator telling about a young man seen in books who became a mighty sorcerer. He married, and with his wife, he built a perfect island. After that, we can see a girl narrating the story, living with her grandpa. His grandpa wanted to eat cake at the King’s Ceremony, but Asha neglected.

Asha ran to the king’s palace, started singing a song with her friends for the king. After that, everyone was excited for the wish ceremony of the king. Asha was so excited for the wish ceremony; she was at the bakery with her friend. After that, we can see the queen, and the queen said to Asha that the king is ready. Asha also said she’s ready. She was going inside the palace, Asha meets the king, Asha accidentally touched a book, and Asha was overreacting. Asha said to the king, “I care too much; that’s my weakness.”

Asha said she likes to draw; the king said he remembers Asha’s father; he was a philosopher. Asha was emotional; she was just 12 when her father passed away. The king started telling about his childhood. The king invited Asha to the Wishes of Roses; the view was very beautiful. The king said very few got invited here. The king started singing a song for wishes, and Asha also joined the king in singing. Asha was seeing wishes; after that, Asha was seeing Saba’s Ball. His grandpa turned 100 years old, and the king said that’s impressive.

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The king said he won’t fulfill every wish; he neglected to fulfill the wish of Asha’s grandpa. Asha said his grandpa is good; the king got angry, and Asha was shocked. The ceremony started; two people came and made a wish in front of the king. Everyone was getting excited that the king will fulfill their wishes.

Asha’s Saba thought the king will fulfill his wish, but everyone felt sad for Saba. They get back home; Asha told Saba that the wish is too dangerous to grant. Saba felt emotional; Asha and Saba had an argument at the dinner table.

Asha went outside the house, and she was singing a song in town on wishes, which was “So I Make This Wish.” In the middle of the night, something strange happened. It was a wonderful view at midnight, but the king said that he didn’t do that. The king said it was some kind of warning.

Asha saw a golden star in the middle of the night, the animal which was with Asha suddenly started talking. All the animals in the forest suddenly started talking. The squirrel started singing a song, trees were also singing, the owl joined them, and all the animals were also singing. Asha was enjoying herself with them; that was a magical golden star.

Asha said that’s extraordinary; Asha said to the star that she’s having a wish. In the castle, the king was reading some kind of books to search for what exactly happened in the middle of the night. Suddenly, the king took out a book which is very dangerous; the queen told him to don’t read that book, and the king agreed.

In the next morning, Asha was taking that star in a big, Asha hid that star with the talking goat. Asha met her friends, Asha was hiding something, and her friends came to know that she’s hiding something, and Asha showed them the magic of the star. All the chickens which were present at that place suddenly started dancing.

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The king gave an order to everyone to assemble at the castle. Asha said to everyone that Magnifico shouldn’t know about this star; the king said to everyone that the little light which appeared in the middle of the night that wasn’t his command; he didn’t do that. The king said to everyone that there is a traitor in between them. The king asked them if there is some inform; please tell me.

Asha was trying very hard to hide that star. Asha went to the place of Rosas to fulfill everyone’s wishes. The king said to everyone if they found the traitor, the king will fulfill that person’s wish. The king was very angry, and he started singing a song. On the other side, Asha was trying to fulfill Saba’s wish with the help of the star.

The king took out that dangerous book; he was continuously singing the song. The king went into the basement of the castle. Asha gave that wish back to Saba, and Saba was very happy. Suddenly, the king arrived in Asha’s house, and he asked where is the star.

The king also brought Sakina’s wish with him; all the wishes have some sort of power. The king suddenly sees that star, and he wanted that star. The star felt emotional, and Sakina said everyone from her family is at risk.

Asha said she started this; she has to finish it. The king was reading that green book; he was creating a magical spell. He took out those 3 persons’ wishes who questioned him regarding the traitor, and he destroyed the wish of those 3 persons. Queen Amaya was seeing everything, the king assembled everyone again and told them about Asha. Queen was scared, the king brought Simon at the stage, Asha sent a speaking mouse to help out.

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The king converted Simon into a soldier with his magic; Asha arrived to meet her friends with her star. Asha was singing a song to tell them the reality of the king; he’s too dangerous.

Suddenly, the queen arrived, and she also told them he’s very dangerous. The star was feeling happy after meeting the queen. The king was popping everyone’s wishes to get more power; Asha gone into the forest with the star. King gone on horse, and she made a plan that her friends will go to the room of Rosas. The king was searching for Asha in the forest; he found her.

Queen was saying no one can touch the king now; Asha’s friends released everyone wishes. They freed the wishes, but the person who was behind Asha was actually Simon in the place of king. He got that face of king with the help of magic.

Suddenly, one bear came to help out Asha from Simon; while freeing everyone’s wishes, the king caught them, and he also caught the star. Star was scared to see the king. The king took the power of the star in his wand, and the king got more dangerous. Everyone was scared to see the king now. Asha was crying, and he felt so emotional; she was singing a song to motivate everyone, but the king was about to kill her with his magic.

Everyone started singing with Asha, but the king was about to punish everyone; after that also everyone was singing the song, Asha’s song was so powerful that king’s all magic got vanished, and everyone’s wish was set free, and star was also back with Asha.

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Everyone got their wishes back; Simon was saying sorry to Asha. Asha was happy; the king got locked inside the mirror, and they defeated the king. Star helped them out. Saba was inspiring everyone. Star gave Asha a magic wand; star was happy to give that wand to her. Asha wasn’t good with magic; star was leaving everyone Valentino got emotional, and star left. And the movie ends.



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