“Heeramandi” Episode 2 Recap: From the creator Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Netflix released their eight episodic Indian drama “Heeramandi”. Heeramandi is a place where courtesans were treated as queens. Mallikajaan is the controlls the courtesans in Heeramandi. The story revolves in Lahore at the time before independence were people started revolting against British invasions.

Mallikajaan and courtesans lure the Noblemen and Nawabs with their dance, songs and seductions. Nawabs who were close with the British. As Mallikajaan’s daughter Alamzeb meets a nobleman Tajdar who came after studying in Oxford, love between them starts to develop.

Episode 2 begins with young Mallikajaan from the past. Her sister Rehaana is having a serious conversation with her. Mallikajaan was angry at Rehaana for selling off her baby. Rehaana explains that she knows about the relationship between Nawab Zulfikaar and Mallikajaan, that is also one of the reasons for selling off their child.

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Nawab Zulfikaar is supposed to be Rehaana’s man, but Mallikajaan seduced him to her side for a long time. Mallikajaan starts showing her anger towards Rehaana, she takes the blanket and covers Rehaana untill she dies. Nawab Zulfikaar suddenly enters the room and witnesses the murder, he is shocked initially but later he joins Mallikajaan to dumb the body of Rehaana.

Nawab Zulfikar and Mallikajaan carry the dead body through the hallways and place it near the centre of the hall. Mallikajaan introduces an idea to solve the situation, Nawab Zulfikaar hangs Rehaana’s body into the ceiling.

They made it look like a suicide, Mallikajaan tells Nawab Zulfikar to go away before someone arrives. When he left, she started crying in front of the dead boy to convince everyone that, she was completely innocent. Later, the British police capture Mallikajaan for the murder of Rehaana. Nawab Zulfikar arrives at the police station with a bunch of money, initially, the police don’t accept his request but he removes Mallikajaan from the murder case.

In the present day, the British police announced a lockdown due to the protest happened earlier day. They warn everyone if there’s four people hanging out together, they will arrest them without any hesitation. That night, Mallikajaan and her courtesans gets ready to pay their respects on Rehaana’s death anniversary. At the same time, Waheeda asks Mallikajaan to hand over the keys to Rehaan’s secondary court named ‘Khwabgah’. Meanwhile, Mallikajaan already had the main court keys in her possession.

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Waheeda raised her voice against Mallikajaan several times, but Mallikajaan didn’t give her the keys. Mallikajaan conveys that Rehaana’s daughter is the only rightful heir to Khwabgah.

Later that night, Mallikajaan’s courtesans discuss what happened to Khwabgah. Earlier it belonged to Rehaana, but later transferred to her daughter named Fareedan. Mallikajaan sold off Rehaana’s daughter and currently no one knows where’s Fareedan. The courtesans believe that Fareedan will come back one day and take back her rightful place. The next day, Bibbojaan tries her best to bring back Lajjo to a normal state after her breakup with Zorawar.

It’s confirmed that he going to marry a princess sooner and Lajjo is still in depressed state because of him. On the other hand, Tajdar takes Alamzeb’s kerchief to a perfumer and asks the whereabouts of the scent. Alamzeb’s close friend Saima listens to everything while standing in front of the perfume shop. The perfumer tells Tajdar that he doesn’t know who’s the owner of the kerchief, but he clearly mentions that the scent is purchased from his shop.

Later that day, Alamzeb was writing a poem while thinking about Tajdar. Saima interferes with the moment and informs her about the arrival of Tajdar at the perfume shop. Alamzeb gets excited to meet Tajdar once again. Meanwhile, Lajjo shows up at a club to meet Zorawar and orders him to marry her along with the other girl. But, Zorawar didn’t like her presence and ordered her to get out.

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That night, a jeweller comes with jewellery for Alamzeb’s debut performance, he mentions to Mallikajaan that Zorawar is going to get married and Lajjo has been invited to perform at the event. Meanwhile, Bibbojaan interferes with the conversation and tells Lajjo that, she will perform at the wedding instead of her. But, Lajjo denies her offer and she explains that she needs to perform it for her own satisfaction.

At the wedding event, Lajjo makes an emotional performance in front of everyone and eventually falls apart. Zorawar starts abusing Mallikajaan and Lajjo as whores. At the extreme point, Mallikajaan reveals the shocking truth that Zorawar is her own son who was sold off to his current parents twenty-six years ago without her permission.

On an emotional note, Mallikajaan leaves the palace along with Lajjo. On the way home, Lajjo spits blood and dies. At the end of the episode, at a grand funeral ceremony happening at the palace for Lajjo, Mallikajaan notices a woman with a resemblance of her late sister. It’s been confirmed that Fareedan has returned to avenge the death of her mother, she even shares a few words with Mallikajaan, when she arrived.

Overall the second episode was pretty much engaging. The episode ending part was too good and conveyed a shocking twist. The emotional part of the episode was very convincing. The return of Fareedan made the episode more interesting. Let’s wait for the next episode to see the clash between Fareedan and Mallikajaan.



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