"Masters Of The Universe Revolution" Ending Explained

“Masters Of The Universe Revolution” Ending Explained

“Masters Of The Universe Revolution” Ending Explained: “Masters Of The Universe: Revolution” is a recently streamed animated American Adventure Fantasy Mattel Toys Inspired Series, which is streaming on Netflix in the English Language with English Subtitles. The show is doing very well on Netflix, due to great demand. We have already posted a recap of the previous 4 episodes. Now, we are going to give you a recap of episode 5.

Episode 5 starts with Adam searching for something, and he was with Teela learning. The fight suddenly begins, and Orko appears. That was the past scene. In the present, Teela was still not able to control the powers.

He-Man gets his sword back, and he enters into that powerful Rage of Teela. He-Man saves Teela. He-Man’s sword is really powerful. From very far, Skeletor was seeing everything. Teela got evolved, and she became more powerful. Adam also got evolved again as He-Man, his powers were unlocked, and Adam and Teela kiss each other.

Teela unlocked some new powers. He-Man requested more help from Gwilor. Skeletor created his new army. He created something new with magic and technology, and he was using that on people of Eternia.

But suddenly He-Man came and saved that person whom Skeletor was trying to present his new invention. He-Man saved everyone with the power of his sword. He-Man said to Skeletor, “It’s over,” but Skeletor showcased his new powers and said, “Meet Skeletor 2.0.”

Lyn and Teela were helping each other in the fight with Skeletor’s army. Skeletor was so powerful that He-Man wasn’t able to beat him soon. He-Man and Skeletor were having a sword fight.

Skeletor’s army was getting bigger and stronger because of technology. Many big creatures were developed by Skeletor. But suddenly Granamyr came and helped them. They were Granamyr the Magnificent, who saved Lyn and Orko. While fighting with that techno titan, Granamyr fell from the sky, and he died. Evil Lyn tried to save Granamyr, while dying Granamyr said, “That makes you ‘Good Lyn.’” Everyone felt emotional.

He-Man was fighting with Skeletor. Suddenly, He-Man’s father Randor came, and Skeletor said, “Impossible.” He-Man’s army crushed Skeletor’s army into pieces. All champions assembled together to help He-Man. Randor was leaving, but Skeletor caught him and said to He-Man that he’ll send Randor to Subteria. Skeletor and He-Man were having a deadly fight. In the end, He-Man killed Skeletor with his sword, and after that, we can see Keldor again. He-Man pointed the sword at him.

In front of everyone, He-Man gave a new speech that he was very wrong when he gave that crown to Keldor. On that day, He-Man decided to decree the dissolution of Eternia’s Monarchy, and He-Man gave the power to every citizen of Eternia.

Keldor was in jail in Grayskull. Everyone thanked Adam for the fight, that he saved everyone and became a man. He’s really a king. Teela and He-Man were going together, and they kissed each other, and the finale episode ends. In the post-credit scene, Lyn was on another planet with Lord Zodac. Lord Zodac appreciated Lyn for balancing magic and technology. Zodac welcomes Lyn in cosmic enforces.

After that, we can see Horde Prime planning something. They said they will destroy Skeletor and He-Man. The face wasn’t shown. Someone was wearing the mask of Hordak, and the episode ends.

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