Maboroshi (2024) Netflix: Maboroshi is a recently released Japanese Fantasy Anime Movie that is available to stream on Netflix in multiple languages with English subtitles. This movie has a runtime of 1 hour and 51 minutes. Now, let’s begin with the recap.

The movie starts with a group of four boys who were studying. Suddenly, the lights went off, and some kind of electricity short circuit happened in the steel factory. All of them were shocked, seeing it from the window.

After that, the scene repeats again, where one guy says, “He knew this place would be completely different.” The boys go outside, and they see the sky looking very cracked. They were also getting tense, trying to find out exactly what’s going on, and suddenly, the sky gets clear. After that, the movie title appears.

After that, we see one character, “Masamune Kikuriri.” The boys were beating him, he sees a girl on the terrace. They were practicing in the ground, and they were checking out girls on that ground. Masamune Kikuriri hates Mutsumi Sagami a lot. The boys were on their way going back home; they were discussing about girls. Masamune was thinking of something else; he reaches home, and Masamune’s mom cooked some tasty food for him.

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Masamune was writing something about himself; Masamune’s uncle gets into his room, and he was smoking. His uncle was saying kid to him, so he gets angry and says he isn’t a kid. Suddenly, the buzzer buzzes from the steel factory. His uncle also works in the steel factory.

Next day, he goes to school again, sees the same girl on the terrace; it was Mutsumi. She stole shoes of Sonobe; Masamune was going somewhere with her. After that, we can see Mr. Sagami, Mutsumi’s dad; it was past, and he was trying to spread awareness.

Mutsumi and Masamune go to the steel factory; the accident which was shown at the start of the film, in that many people got died. Both of them were exploring the factory; suddenly, one girl was spotted in the factory. She was behaving very strangely; she was just a kid, she has to live in that place; that kid isn’t allowed to leave that place.

Mutsumi ordered Masamune to be here in the factory on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Mutsumi was more of a wolf; Masamune drops his grandfather at a camp. He was waiting for his grandpa outside that place; he was waiting with one of his friends. After that, we see Masamune with his uncle. That was a past thing.

He was telling about his dad that he went for the night shift, and he never came back. Masamune goes to the factory again; he sees that girl again who was behaving very crazy. Masamune calling her “Itsumi.”

She was jumping here and there; Masamune tried to stop her; suddenly, he took out his drawing book, and he started drawing her. Mr. Sagami came at that place; Masamune was hiding behind the train. He came to know that Mr. Sagami is doing something big.

Mr. Sagami was talking about a deal; Masamune gets back home, and he was having a talk with his uncle. He asked his uncle, “Are you working on the fifth furnace?” Next day, Masamune meets Itsumi again; he leaves that place; he was going back home; suddenly, he sees Sonobe on his way. Sonobe tells him about Mutsumi, that “Mutsumi is a stepchild.” Mutsumi told that her dad doesn’t respect women.

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Mutsumi tells Sonobe to drop her home; the next day, they go to school; Sonobe said she will go to the Kazari Tunnel. They were doing something scary at that place.

Sonobe was with Masamune; she writes Yuko+Masamune in that tunnel. Masamune asks her who’s Yuko, and she replies, “She’s Yuko,” and she confesses her feelings for Masamune. She likes Masamune a lot. Sonobe was crying; again, the sky turns into crackling blue color. Something strange started happening; Sonobe was also feeling those powers. Masamune told her to get down; after that, she passed away; she was no more.

Mr. Sagami came out from the steel factory, and he told them about “The Sacred Wolf.” Mr. Sagami was giving an interview to the news. Masamune was sitting on the road; his uncle came to search for him, and Masamune knew that something strange is happening in this town. He said to his uncle, “We’re already trapped.” Mr. Sagami was planning way beyond everyone’s expectations.

Masamune said he wants to be an illustrator; Masamune also knew that his uncle knows about Itsumi. His uncle replies, “That girl shouldn’t be here.” The uncle takes him home; Masamune was writing in his book about Sonobe that for the first time someone said she likes him.

Masamune goes to Itsumi; he goes near to her and talks about love. He started crying while talking; suddenly, she started licking Masamune on his face, and then Mutsumi arrived at that place, and she was so angry with him. Masamune takes Itsumi with him; Mr. Sagami sees that and he said to stop them. Mutsumi was also with them. He was asking about the fifth furnace.

Suddenly, Masamune sees that Itsumi is very dangerous just by inhaling and exhaling in the air. She can do wonders blown in the air, and the crackling sky appeared again. She goes upstairs the train; Masamune also goes with her, and just by placing her hand in the air, she stopped all that.

Suddenly, everyone got shocked because Sacred Wolf was about to arrive. Mr. Sagami and other people thought Itsumi can do something, but Masamune’s uncle said they’re receiving God’s punishment, God will set them free. Mr. Sagami again started giving a speech on sacred machine.

All the people in town wanted an explanation from Mr. Sagami; he said God is giving them a divine punishment. Masamune’s uncle said, “We’re trying to use the powers of that girl in the factory. This world will end someday.”

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Everyone was shocked to listen to that statement that they’re going to die. Mutsumi also stopped her father by telling the truth; Itsumi was sitting with them; Masamune was telling them they all are phantoms; we can’t escape reality.

Next day in school, the teacher was distributing the forms, and Mutsumi hadn’t handed a single form. They were going back home; Mutsumi and Itsumi went to Masamune’s house; they were living with Masamune. The next day, Masamune wakes up; he can imagine his future with Mutsumi, but it was reality. Mutsumi also came with Masamune, and they both witnessed reality.

They were seeing a different reality at a separate place; Mutsumi told Masamune she’s missing her mother a lot. Next day, Nitta confessed her feelings to Hara. Masamune and Mutsumi went to a gaming arcade place, but they had an argument. Mutsumi knew that Masamune has a passion for drawing. Masamune said he always liked her, but Mutsumi said she doesn’t love him back.

Mutsumi said they’re not real; in fact, they aren’t even part of reality. While running behind Mutsumi, they both fell on the floor; Masamune was on the top of Mutsumi, and Mutsumi asked her, “What can you smell?” Masamune was blushing.

Masamune started telling Mutsumi that he loves her a lot; Masamune’s heart was beating very fast, and they started kissing each other. Suddenly, the broken world opens; Itsumi sees them kissing, and she was crying. Both of them continue kissing each other; Itsumi was crying while saying, “It hurts.”

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On the other side, the smoke was coming out from the factory; the cracks were huge this time. Mr. Sagami didn’t even have an idea what is happening; they tried to make Itsumi silent, but Itsumi was crying and she left. On the other side, the sacred machine wasn’t working, so everyone has to go to the evacuation center. Masamune finds a book which was written by his father; he left a journal behind his back.

In that book, it was written about Itsumi, that his father met a girl. She must have come from that train from the reality. Masamune solved with one clue that the train is the sacred machine.

But Mr. Sagami has other plans in his mind, so he kept that girl in the factory. His father knew about Itsumi already; Masamune said, “My heart is full” after reading that journal.

The blue cracks started appearing again in the town; Masamune said she wants to send Itsumi back to reality, back to home. Mutsumi was going somewhere; Mutsumi said to Masamune, Itsumi belongs to God; she said, “She saw us in the parking lot, that explains she’s fallen for you” to Masamune. She belongs to God; she wasn’t supposed to be falling for anyone.

Factory workers were working; Itsumi escaped; Masamune and Mutsumi were finding her in the factory; they find her; they were taking Itsumi with her, but Mr. Sagami didn’t want that Itsumi leaves this place. They took her to the train; Hara took Itsumi with them. Hara wasn’t stopping the car. They created a fake scenario of an accident because of that Hara Chan stopped.

Suddenly, a fireworks show started in the town; Itsumi is the daughter of Masamune and Mutsumi from the reality, from the other side of cracks she came, and Masamune can see that. After that, we can see Itsumi got disappeared from that festival. Her real name was “Saki.” The factory workers got tensed after seeing the sacred wolf, and it was too horrible.

The train was on the other side of the crack; Masamune over-speeded his car, and he said he wants to take Itsumi on that train; there was so darkness in that night.

Itsumi wasn’t ready to leave that place; she wanted to stay with Masamune and Mutsumi, but Mutsumi made her understand, and she boarded the train. Mutsumi was also going in that train; Masamune also wanted to go in that train, but he wasn’t able to get inside. Mutsumi was going with Itsumi.

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Mutsumi was trying to make Itusmi understand about life; Mutsumi explained her that the people on the other side are waiting for them. Mutsumi made a decision that she’s not going with her; sacred wolves were all over the place. Mutsumi gets out of that train, and she fell; her head was bleeding, but Masamune saved her. Mr. Sagami sees that the train is going to reach its destination, and sacred wolves are also going. When Itsumi left, the cracks disappeared.

Masamune was happy to see that they all are alive; everyone was enjoying that moment. Mutsumi was hearing some voices like a newborn baby is crying. On the other side, Itsumi was crying in the train by saying, “I hurt.” Itsumi has grown up, and she gets back to town; her name was “Mifuse.” She said this is the place where her heart got broken for the first time, and the movie ends.

Ending Explained

In the end, we can see the sacred machine is going back to reality, so there will be no more deaths in the town. After Itsumi’s leaving from town, they decided to live happily.

Mitsumi loved Masamune so much because of that she leaves that train and goes to Masamune; her head was bleeding all the time. Masamune saved everyone from the end.

Sacred wolves also left with Itsumi and sacred machines, so there is no danger to the town now. In the end, we see the factory is closed forever now; the factory was there for 140 years. Itsumi comes to the town as grown up; she remembered everything that happened with her; she was smiling all the time.

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