“Badland Hunters” Ending Explained: “Badland Hunters” is a recently streamed Netflix Original Korean Crime Action thriller drama film that is currently available on Netflix and has already made it into the global top charts in just 2 days. Here we’re giving you a detailed recap of this thrilling Korean film.

The film starts with a doctor getting scared and doing something weird in his laboratory. He calls So Yeon, telling him they will leave soon. The doctor says to him that they will bring So Yeon back, and he already tested an injection on him. The name of the doctor was “Yang Gi Su.” But suddenly, officials fired a gun at the doctor. Officials said that they will take So Yeon with them. Suddenly, an earthquake occurred, and everyone was screaming.

Everything got shattered; we can see shattered windows and buildings in the next scene. One guy was having a bow and arrow in his hands. He used the bow and arrow on a crocodile, but that didn’t work out. The crocodile was still running behind that guy. The guy tried to get help from others. Suddenly, one man came from behind and stopped that crocodile by cutting its head.

They packed that crocodile, and they said they will eat it. After that, we can see a girl living with her grandmother, Su-Na. Her grandma walked out on a walk. They were living in a very bad condition; they didn’t even have fresh water to drink.

The name of the girl was Su-Na; she was happy with her grandmother. After that, we can see the people of the town assembling for food. The guys who caught the crocodile were distributing that among the people of the village in a barter system.

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They were taking something in return from village people and giving them a piece of crocodile to eat. Su-Na also came to get some food; Nam San was happy to see Su-Na at his stall. Su-Na got a painting for them. Suddenly, sirens started ringing, and some goons came. Goons said they are from Jamsil police station. They said they wanted someone and showed a sketch of a guy for whom they were searching.

Suddenly, those goons cut a hand of one man from town people. One of the goons was trying to flirt with Su-Na. Nam-San’s son came to help Su-Na out; suddenly, Nam San came to save his nephew from goons, and he started fighting with those goons alone.

When goons came to know about the name of Nam San, they got scared, and they said sorry to Nam San. Nam San and his nephew were discussing clean water; Nam San’s son said they should go there. They met some people on their way. They met a teacher who was from Seoul; they wanted to take Su-Na and her grandmother to a camp. Their security was guarded by ex-military officers, but the teacher rejected Nam San and his nephew to go with them.

At night, Nam San’s nephew was looking at the drawing which was given by Su-Na. Nam San said they he wasn’t able to save his own daughter; how will he be able to save others? Nam San was drunk, and after that, he goes out. On the other side, Su-Na was going with her grandmother, and they got scared on the way.

They met other people on their way; the teacher said they will help senior citizens first, and they will help them to reach the medical camp. Su-Na was tensed, Nam San and his nephew were searching for something. Su-Na and other people with her reached the checkpoint where a vehicle was present. Everyone was feeling thirsty; they wanted water. After that, the people who were taking senior citizens to the camp cheated, and they killed them by fooling them.

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Nam San’s nephew saw that; the people in the camp ran, but Nam San had a fight with them. Nam San’s nephew got furious, and he was also fighting with those people. He asked why he killed grandma. Suddenly, one girl came and saved Ji-Wan, nephew of Nam San. They were about to leave; the condition of grandma was critical. Ji Wan started crying, and they took the body to the grave.

On the other side, Su-Na reached another place. The girl who came to save Ji-Wan started telling them about those people who killed grandma and took Su-Na. The girl started telling them about Yang Gi Su, the doctor which we saw at the start of the film.

The name of that girl was “Eun Ho”; she was a sergeant in the army. Dr. Yang made an injection from that no one will be dead; he created that strong solution. Eun Ho got angry, and she started beating her teammates. Eun Ho came to know that Dr. Yang is doing weird experiments on normal humans. Su-Na reached at the destination; she sees Dr. Yang; Yang started giving a speech to all of the new members.

Everyone was shocked to see clean water after a long time. After that, we can see those goons who were claiming that they are police officers; they were involved in a fight. It was basically a fight club.

Two groups were sitting together, and they had a fight amongst them. On the other side, Nam San, Ji-Wan, and Eun Ho were on the way. They reached that fight club. Nam San had a fight with them. He started beating all the people, and they got scared.

Su-Na was asking about her grandma to everyone in the camp, but she didn’t know that her grandma is no more. Dr. Yang started giving scores to everyone. Every child was getting admission to school, and if they get rank, they will get rewards at that place. After that, we can see how they purify the black water into pure. Nam San tied everyone’s hands at that fight club; he wanted answers from them. The people at the camp started cleaning the water.

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Dr. Yang was trying his experiments on mice; all the youngsters got inside their class. Su-Na was feeling weird at that place; Ju Ye and Su-Na were new students in the classroom. The teachers were explaining students about a new metabolic system. The teacher was saying that Dr. Yang is researching something big. The teacher was appreciating Yang Su so much; Su-Na raised his question at first.

Everyone got water bottles; the teacher said Dr. Yang Gi Su had specially purified this water for students. Suddenly, Dr. Yang arrives in the classroom, and he said kids are our only hope. He was motivating students.

Dr. Yang took Ju Ye with him for research. After that, Su-Na asked about grandma, and they were still hiding it. They said her grandma is shifted for treatment. Su-Na wasn’t drinking that water. After that, we can see one army officer injected an injection on his neck, and suddenly something strange happened on his neck.

Su-Na was leaving her cottage, and she was in search of something. Suddenly, one student’s parents asked about their daughter; they wanted to meet her daughter, but that army officer wasn’t agreeing. Yang was busy in something; he reached at the point where those parents wanted to meet Ju Ye, and that couple goes with Yang to meet Ju Ye. Su-Na was still researching on something.

Suddenly, she sees that pages of experiments; those images and visuals were really horrible. Su-Na closed the book quickly, and after that, she sees Ju Ye was lying on bed as Yang wanted to some experience. Dr. Yang said her daughter is dead, but they show Ju Ye’s parents that his daughter is still alive with just an upper body which was kept in the window with heart.

Ju Ye’s parents immediately rushed to save her daughter; Yang tried to control it, but by that time, Ju Ye was dead. Dr. Yang got so angry, and he killed Ju Ye’s father, and one officer killed her mother with a gun. Su-Na was listening to everything, but suddenly Dr. Yang finds her and gave her an evil smile. Nam San was thinking how to save Su-Na, Yang started that experiment on Su-Na.

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Nam San with his group reached that destination, but army officers came to know that there is something weird going on in the vehicle so they started checking it and started firing guns on Nam San’s vehicle.

Firing was going on inside the camp; Yang was about to start his experiment on Su-Na, but the teacher told Yang that Su-Na’s friends came. Nam San and Ji Wan were searching for Su-Na inside the camp. They were knocking down the enemies. Yang made an announcement regarding Nam San, Ji Wan, and Eun Ho that all officers have to kill them. Nam San replied that he won’t go without Su-Na. Nam San, Ji Wan, and Eun Ho got involved in a fight again. They were killing them.

Nam San meets hostages and asks them about Su-Na, and Nam San said to them you should also find your kids. Eun Ho was fighting with an officer who was injected by Dr. Yang’s solution so he won’t be getting any damages in his body. It was getting difficult for Eun Ho to survive in front of him, and that officer threw Eun Ho from the window.

The teacher meets Ji-Wan, and teacher goes with Ji Wan inside the doctor’s lab. Dr. Yang injects something on his hand, and Yang said he finally did it. Su-Na was saying to Yang that he’s a monster.

Yang was losing his senses, and he sees something strange going on, on his neck. Ji Wan came to save Su-Na; suddenly one army officer kicked out Ji Wan from behind. Nam San was involved in a deadly fight with that deadly soldier who won’t get any damages on his body. Nam San chopped off his head.

Suddenly one blast happened inside, Eun Ho was still alive, Yang was taking his daughter with him, Ji Wan and Su-Na were in critical conditions, Yang was trying to get away from that place. The people in the camp found Yang, and they started beating him.

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Yang took a gun and started firing. After that, Yang sees that body of his daughter; it started bleeding. Yang started firing on Nam San; due to one formula, the face of Yang was damaged. Nam San fires gun on head of Yang. And everyone was successfully rescued by Nam San and team, suddenly raining starts, and everyone was happy to see the rain. Nam San and Ji Wan took Su Na to show the grave of her grandma.

Su-Na, Nam San, and Ji Wan started working together; they were giving food to villagers, and the movie ends happily.



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