My Demon Ending Explained: “My Demon” is an ongoing Netflix Original fantasy thriller comedy-drama series that is currently streaming with all 16 episodes. The much-loved Korean drama has finally come to an end. This show was the much-anticipated show of this month. Here, we’re presenting you the recap of 16 episodes. Before this, check out the recap of episode 15 where Jeong Gu Won saves Doo Doo Hee again. Now let’s begin.

Episode 16 starts with a small recap of the previous episode where Nih Seak fires a gun at Doo Hee, and Jeong saved her by giving her his life. Jeong disappeared, leaving his ring behind. A beggar woman was standing on the clock tower and said, “This is the choice you have made.” On the other side, Doo Hee was reading the Green Book, which stated, “DEMONS CANNOT KILL THE LIVING OR BRING THE DEAD BACK TO LIFE.”

Doo Hee was depressed, and everyone was crying for Jeong. Mr. Park, his theater artist, and all his loved ones were mourning. On the other side, the police were still thinking about the case of Noh Sik, trying to find the body.

Noh Sik claimed victory, and Doo Hee was truly sad. Seak Hoon and Ms. Shin arrived at her house to take care of her. Doo Hee expressed her despair, saying, “I can’t live.” Seak Hoon tried to make her understand not to make harsh decisions. Doo Hee said Jeong died because of her, so he deserves to be punished. Ms. Shin told Seak Hoon that she had seen Doo Hee behave like this a second time; the first time was when her parents died. Seak Hoon and Ms. Shin waited for Doo Hee outside the hospital room. Doo Hee got admitted.

Downstairs, everyone was celebrating Christmas in the hospital. Doo Hee stepped outside, seeing everyone celebrating Christmas. The next day, she got ready for the office, but she went near the sea and said, “Merry Christmas Gu-won.” She missed him so much.

The beggar woman observed her from afar, water flashed in Doo Hee’s eyes, and suddenly, Jeong appeared in front of her. Doo Hee asked him if they were in hell, and Jeong nodded his head. After that, Jeong said he’s back; this is neither a dream nor death. Jeong was genuinely present at that place.

Doo Hee and Jeong returned home, and Doo Hee said she couldn’t believe that Jeong is here. Both of them hugged each other. The beggar woman met Jeong, and Jeong thanked her. The beggar woman said miracles do happen; after all, it’s Christmas. Jeong asked her how she did it, and the beggar woman said Doo Hee wanted a deal. Jeong asked about the deal, and the beggar woman said the payment for the deal has already been made. That was the bet between Jeong and the beggar woman, which Jeong won.

Mr. Park was very happy to see Jeong again. Ga Young and Mr. Park hugged Jeong. Jeong and Doo Hee started decorating the Christmas tree in the house. Doo Hee asked about her father’s deal with Jeong.

My Demon Kdrama 2
My Demon Kdrama

Jeong started telling that at that time, a vehicle collision happened in heavy rain. Mr. and Mrs. Hee were in the hospital, but they couldn’t find a bed. They were roaming on the road when Jeong came and made the deal with Mr. Hee. At that moment, he signed the contract, and Doo Hee felt emotional, saying that even at that time, he saved her. Jeong kissed Doo Hee.

Both of them celebrated Christmas, and the next day, they went to the office. Everyone was shocked to see Jeong in the office. Seak Hoon hugged Jeong tightly and said he’s glad that Jeong is back now.

The black suit gang was running their restaurant when suddenly, Jeong arrived. They were happy to see him, and Jeong ordered a rice bowl. Suddenly, Noh Su Ahn came to the office, and she started apologizing to Doo Hee. Justin and Austin also came with Noh Su. After that, she left.

Doo Hee went to meet Noh Sik in jail. They had a talk, and Noh Sik was very angry after she left because he came to know that Jeong is alive. Suddenly, Noh Sik started getting flashbacks of his mother. Noh Sik’s wife was cleaning the house, and suddenly, she saw a family photo and got emotional. She remembered her past with the family, her son, and her husband. She was missing her son so much and started crying.

Jin Young was leaving the city, saying goodbye to Mr. Park and Jeong. Jeong got a gift for her. When she sat in the car, she felt emotional, went near her old house, and the same incident happened as in her childhood. She called the police, but Young wanted to leave. Still, she didn’t go; she got shoes for that little girl, and the girl asked her if she was an angel. Young remembered her childhood when she asked Jeong the same question.

Doo Hee met Noh Sik’s wife, who was resigning from the board. Doo Hee asked her if she needed any help from her. After that, Mr. Park again came to the office to meet Ms. Shin. Ms. Shin told everyone in the office about their relationship, but the staff said they already knew.

After a gap of 4 years, a guy was running to escape Jeong, but that guy made a deal with Jeong. Jeong was at that place to take his life. He started acting innocent in front of Jeong, but after that, he received a call from Mr. Park, and he told that the guy is a scumbag.

The new chairperson of Mirae Group was Seak Hoon. He changed his look, and the meeting started. Everyone liked Seak Hoon as chairman. After that, Doo Hee met the lawyer, and she came to know that Noh Sik has to spend his entire life inside the jail only. The lawyer started telling Doo Hee that Madam Ju had pancreatic cancer, and she didn’t even know about her condition. Doo Hee went near the grave of Madam Ju and started talking with it; she was missing her.

Doo Hee was cutting a cake to celebrate, but Jeong didn’t let her eat. Both of them sat together on the balcony, happy with each other. Jeong went to his office and met Mr. Park, starting to say that he shouldn’t marry. But Doo Hee was sitting in the office and heard everything.

Both of them started behaving like typical couples; they argued, but they loved each other so much. They hugged each other. The beggar woman saw them from the clock tower and said, “Silly humans.” The next day, Doo Hee arrived at the office and told everyone to go home. On the other side, Jeong was with kids in the park, and Doo Hee also came to meet him.

They hugged and kissed each other, and they lived happily ever after. And the episode 16 ends.



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