Sixty Minutes Movie Summary and Ending Explained: The movie starts with the view of the city. One guy was heavily breathing. He was writing a birthday wish, which starts with “Dear Leone.” He was a boxer. He started his practice. He was doing warm-up. One girl was helping him.

His brother said, “They need money urgently, so he has to win the fight.” Suddenly, he called her daughter and wished her a happy birthday. His daughter wanted her father at the birthday. She thought his father won’t be coming this time too. He has only 3 days to prepare for the fight.

He was still thinking what to write for her daughter’s birthday wish. Paul, his brother, trying to make him understand about the relationship. Both of them had an argument. He wanted help from Paul regarding the birthday gift.

Octavio arrives at the destination with Paul. They click a picture. Octa meets everyone. He sees that guy who he has to fight. Octa gets ready, and he receives a call from his wife Mina. She was scolding him regarding that he has a fight on his daughter’s birthday. Octa said he will reach home by 7.

Octa was very angry. Paul comes, and he makes Octa understand that someone is trying to trick them. Octa gets ready to fight with Benko. David calls Octa from Mina’s phone. David was saying that he has to give his daughter’s custody to David. Octa got angry, and he was leaving the fight place.

Octa left the fight place. He has to reach Leonie. The fight place members were behind him. He sat in someone’s car, and he left urgently. He has 60 minutes to reach Leonie. Paul called Octa and said that Octa has to come back.

Octa leaves the car, and he started running. The fight club people were still behind him. Octa started beating them alone, but he fainted, and they put him into the car. Octa back into senses and started beating them. He gets down from the car, and he fought with all the people alone.

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Octa receives a call from his mother, and after that, he calls Paul and asks about Chino. After that, Octa comes to know that his fight with Benko was fixed. Octa tells Paul that he beat them alone. They are dangerous people, Paul said. Octa has 52 minutes to reach Leonie. Octa sent a voice message to the gym. He meets his gym buddies, and Octa with his gym buddies starts beating the members of Chino’s gang.

Octa was leaving. He said to his gym mate to bring cake for him from Max Bake Street and meet Leonie. Octa’s gym mates were handling Chino’s gang, but when Octa left, they also left from the gym, and they were behind Paul.

Suddenly, police arrived. By mistake, Octa said clowns to police, and police were taking Octa to the police station. Octa said he doesn’t have time. Octa has 45 minutes left, and Octa was asking them which police station they are taking him.

Octa’s accident happened because they were arguing with Octa, and it was Chino who made this accident happen. Chino arrived, and he said to Octa to come with him. Octa started running.

Octa was again on his way to go to Leonie. He received a call from Paul regarding the fight because there is so much money betted on Octa. After that, Octa sends a voice message to Mina that he’s taking cake for Leonie.

Octa said he’s reaching the destination soon. Octa reaches the cake shop. Octa was taking cake with him suddenly Chino’s people came to pick him up. They threw the cake of Leonie. Octa was getting angry, and he started beating them goons. He was fighting with them, and there was blood coming out from Octa’s hand. He left the cake shop. The goons were still behind him.

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Octa received a voice message from Paul that Octa is disqualified from the fight, and everyone has lost their money in fixing. Octa got saved from one of his friends Rico. Octa has 37 minutes left, but Rico cheated and brought Octa to some other place. Suddenly one lady came, and Rico asked Octa to tell them about Chino. The lady was talking in Serbian and asked him for whom he works.

They were asking Octa why didn’t he fight. They asked about his daughter’s name. Octa wasn’t telling them. The Serbian lady wanted answers. The name of the Serbian lady was Danica.

Chino had a fight with his own brother. Danica’s manager called Chino, and he said to Chino that Octa is with them. Octa was about to send a voice message to Paul, but Chino arrived at that place. Octa’s hands were tied. He started running, and he got into a metro while running.

One small child helped him by cutting his hands’ rope with scissors. He was sitting in the metro. He was all over the news channels. Leonie called Octa and asked Octa if he’s coming or not. Leonie was saying that Octa is lying. And he disconnected the calls.

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27 minutes to Octa, Octa meets Benko at the metro station. He was running behind Octa. Octa was saving himself. They get inside a dance club. Benko started beating one guy. Benko and Octa were having a fight, and they were beating each other. So much blood coming from Octa and Benko’s face. Octa knocked out Benko, and he left from the club.

Octa was injured because someone used a knife on his stomach area. He disconnected GPS from Paul’s mobile. Octa was in very bad condition, and he came to know that Paul also tracked him. Paul was trying to make Octa understand that he wanted Octa to come back to the fight place, and Paul came to know that they are going to kill him and Octa also. Paul was still trying to make Octa understand, and Paul wanted Octa to fight again.

Paul said to Octa that if they work with Chino, they will get the money back. Octa has 17 minutes left. Octa was on his way on a scooter. Octa received a message from Paul. Octa reached his mother’s home. He was healing himself with bandages.

He has 15 minutes left. Octa starts taking rest with an icepack on his face. Paul was continuously calling him, and Paul called him that he’s in big money loss. He needed money, and Paul confessed that he fixed that match. Paul said he called because he wanted to tell him the truth. But on the other side, we see in the next frame Chino pointed a gun on Paul’s head. He was doing all this at gunpoint.

On the call, Paul said his ex’s name is “Onion,” and Octa disconnected the call. Marco, Octa’s father, was trying to make him understand about relationships. Octa left, Octa on the call saying to Paul that he’s going to an animal shelter.

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Octa called Rico. Octa knew where Chino is, and he was about to tell the location of Chino to Rico. Octa reaches to a place where he wanted to pick up a cat. Octa was fighting with the owner of the animal shelter. But he agreed and opened up the door.

Octa called Berlin police that he knew about a car crash, and he was giving all the information to the police on the phone, and Octa finally gets that cat which he wanted. The name of the cat was Onion. Chino brought Paul to the animal shelter. Chino was pointing a knife at Octa. Suddenly Rico reaches, and Chino was running away. Gunshots were firing. Chino caught Paul and Octa.

Chino got scared from Danica. Octa was running out of time, and he started beating Chino. Suddenly police also arrived. Octa got saved by his friend. Everyone started beating Chino, and Chino threw Octa’s friend from height. And Octa got more furious.

Suddenly Cosima came back again and started beating Chino. Paul saved them by firing a gun. Paul and Octa were in so much pain. It was already 18:04. Paul was late for his daughter’s birthday. Suddenly Octa meets Chino. Chino fell on the floor; he was badly injured. He washed his face, took that cat with him, and he finally reaches the destination to Leonie. But due to pain, he fell on the floor outside the home. Octa fainted, but Leonie came and met Octa.

Leonie hugged Octa tightly, and Octa asked if she has eaten something or not. Leonie asked if Octa is coming in or not. Octa said he’s coming. Octa and Leonie were hugging each other on the floor. And the movie ends.

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