The Bequeathed Ending Explained: The Bequeathed is a Suspense thriller drama series that is created by Yeon Sang-ho and this show is based on the Webtoon which is created by Kang Tae-kyung and written by Hwang Eun-young and Min Hong-Nam and the story of this show follows a woman named Yoon Seo-ha where she finds the truth her husband who is having affair with another woman and more we see in this show.

In this article, I am going to talk about season 2 updates where I will cover all details about cast details, plot, and more in this article.

In the finale episode, we see Park Sang and Choi Sung-Jun when they visit the chief of the village and ask about the old lady who comes to the funeral of Yoon seo uncle and chief tells them about the house where the old lady lives and the police go for search where they finds some objects and scary things.

After that, we see that the old lady somehow kidnapped Yoon Seo-Ha and is about to kill her but she wakes and saves her and she finds that she is her aunt and Kim Young-ho is her son where her father and his sister and having an affair and from that she gives birth to Kim Young-Ho and that is the reason she want her scarified.

The Scene Shifts to the past, where we find that his father wants to get his married but can’t able to do that and brother refuses which leads to Myung Hee killing herself then, the scene shifts to the present where we see that Choi is kidnapped Young-Hi and try to burn him alive but she tells her that her son life is in danger and makes him stop that ritual.

Later, we see the old man who buried the bodies and tell him that he burned both together and they also wait for the arrival of Seo Ha and both women arrive at the location where she brings and buries them and the ritual begins but police surrounds the plot and Choi is with a rifle but can’t able to do anything where he tries and saves a lady.

At the last of the finale, we see that Seo Ha has now begun her new journey where Choi Sung brings and shows her a burned photo in which we see the blurry images of her father, aunt, and their son where he asks her about the plot where the body buried and she refuses to sell it and says it will go with generation and the doesn’t want any connected with half brother.

Where the police officer named Choi Sung-Jun goes to visit his son in prison where he tells him about quoting whereas Sei Ha goes to visit the burial land where her father and aunt built and one is burying another body and he asks about the relationship and she says they are family and episode ends.

This is all the details about the ending along with the plot of the show whereas let me know in the comment box how much you like this show.



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