Red Queen (Reina Roja) Review: Prime Video presents a seven-episodic crime investigation Spanish thriller series “Red Queen,” also known as “Reina Roja,” with an average of 53 minutes of runtime for each episode. Adapted from a novel series named “The Red Queen,” .

This series tells the story of Antonia Scott, an intelligent girl who has the highest IQ of 242, and a normal police officer, Jon Gutierrez, who both work on a special case as part of a government secret organization that solves cases that police couldn’t do. With Antonia Scott’s intelligence and Jon Gutierrez’s experience, they make a good team to solve the murder case.

The series is created by Amaya Muruzabal. This series reminds us of the great Sherlock Holmes characters. Analyzing the crime scene or people and telling how they did it or where they would be are usually what we saw in Sherlock series or movies. That kind of character is adapted to this series as Antonia Scott. From the first episode, we can see a unique concept about the character Antonia Scott.

After the Sherlock series, we didn’t see many characters like this. To those kinds of characters, Antonia Scott is a new addition. Not only analyzing the crime scene but also the series showed visualization of how it’s going to be when Antonia Scott decodes it. Many VFX shots were used when she analyzes the crime scenes, so that the viewers also get a visual understanding of how it was done. At some scenes, the logic was not much acceptable, maybe for another viewer it may be understandable.

The series shot in a dark tone entirely. Even the daylight shots looked a little dark. The cinematography was very good; the shots came out really well. The music also did a very good job. We can feel the tension emerging in the background scores. The VFX department also did a fine job portraying the visualization seen by Antonia Scott. The series has only seven episodes with a runtime of about 52 minutes average. There are no dull scenes in the series, except some scenes when Antonia Scott gets delusions of animals following her to kill her. Those were from her traumatic experiences that happened in the past.

Yet when it gets repeated at some scenes we get little dull feelings. From the start, the series started in a dull mood, but after Jon Gutierrez joins with Antonia Scott, the series goes on a different level thrilling mode. There are not many lag scenes in the series. Most of the times creators did a very good job maintaining that thriller vibe throughout the series. Viewers will get hooked on each episode, most of the episodes were thrilling and very engaging. Especially Antonia Scott’s character is the main positive about the series.

Casts are the main positive of this series. Each and every cast did a fine job living as the character. Very notable ones are the main leads Antonia Scott character which is acted by Victoria Luengo and Jon Gutierrez’s character which is acted by Hovik Keuchkerian.

They did excellent work in the way they portrayed the character. Their teamwork is what keeps the series very engaging and watchable. Other than them Alex Brendemuhl who acted as the mentor also did a great job. The production quality is very large for this series. This series will be a unique concept compared to the ones Amazon Prime released before.

Overall the series is very thrilling and engaging. If you like series like Sherlock, this series is an addition that can be added to your watchlist. From the start this series makes us hooked till the end. It’s been some time a good detective series with this kind of different character came.

If you like thriller detective series this series is worth watching. The series is Spanish but Prime Video did a good job dubbing to most of the languages which makes it is watchable by people from all over the world. For me this series was a nice experience, it gave me many thrilling moments.

I rate 3 out of 5 for this investigative crime thriller series.

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Red Queen (Reina Roja)

A Good Show

If you like thriller detective series this series is worth watching. The series is Spanish but Prime Video did a good job dubbing to most of the languages which makes it is watchable

The Good
  1. Performance
  2. Cinematography
  3. BGM
The Bad
  1. Dull Delusional scenes
  2. Few Illogical scenes
  • Story
  • Performances
  • Execution
  • BGM
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