Parasyte The Grey Review: Netflix presents “Parasyte: The Grey” a six-episode Korean science fiction thriller series. Many parasites come to earth and start entering into humans’ brains. As these parasites enter the brain they take over control of it. These hosts started to gather other hosts which they call as their kin to form a big group against the human race.

As the parasite hosts started chaos and killing people please the government officials started a special task force to kill these parasites. A normal supermarket clerk girl also got a parasite in her but that parasite couldn’t take over her brain which made their plans shattered.

This series is directed by Yeon Sang-Ho and is based on the manga series “Kiseiju” by Hitoshi Iwaaki. Yeon Sang Ho is a popular director with his films especially he got great appreciation for his film “Train to Busan” which was a global blockbuster movie. When he came with his other film that also deals with a similar plot but related to parasites people were excited. Now he has teamed up with Netflix after the “Jung_E” film we expected something big. This series had huge hype around the world after the announcement.

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As the series is a different type, it needed a lot of visual effects to show the parasite creature. The whole series had 60% of the visual effects shots. The creature shots were mostly used in night scenes. The whole series had a dark filter to portray the depth of the parasite invasion and the human resistance. In six episodes each episode had about an average one-hour runtime.

The creator tried his best to pull out his maximum potential to show the villains creature using visual effects shots. Some scenes looked gore. The series’ story telling was at a good pace. A bike chasing scene in episode 2 is very well shot. The drone camera was used and the chasing shot might be a single long shot too. It was really amazing and they put a good teamwork pulling that kind of perfect shot.

Most of the scenes were in dark and night shots as the series demand a lot of visual effects they can’t do that many visual effects shots in daylight scenes as it will be easy to pick the flaws from the scenes. The main positive about this series is the cast’s excellent performance. Especially Koo Kyo Hwan who acted as Seol Kang Woo, Jeon So Nee who acted as Jeong Su and Jung Hyun Lee who acted as Choi Jun Kyung.

They did their best acting to portray the daring characters. They lived as the characters in this series. Koo Kyo Hwan did his best in the action scene, especially the bike chasing was really good in episode 2.

This series is just another of Netflix’s usual supernatural zombie-type science fiction thrillers. Even Netflix released more than thirty films or series with this kind of plot. There is nothing new in this series. Even though they made it good, the plot was just too repetitive. Whenever Netflix produce a Korean drama it’s gonna either a love drama or it becomes this kind of supernatural type series.

We have seen series like Stranger Things, Sweet Home and many other series that have similar plots of this. If they tried something new it would have been more interesting to watch. There are good moments, the making was good, and the cast was good but the story was the main down of this series. They could have given more importance to the plot or script.

Overall for me, it was an average watch as I have seen some series like this story before. So it doesn’t make me that much interesting to watch it. If you like this kind of series and you are not bored of the repeated plot, you can watch this. You won’t be disappointed in that sense. But if you expect something new you will be disappointed for sure.



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