“Kubra” Ending Explained: Netflix presents eight episodic Turkish original drama series with a modern-era backdrop. The drama depicts the possibilities of almighty Allah’s presence and the difference it made between the faithful society of believers.

The final episode of the first season started with Semavi supporters riots got ignited by the police raid on the Semavi foundation, the protest started to spread across the country with no signs of abating. Hundreds of police officers and Protesters got severely injured due to the severe measures taken by law enforcement. Fortunately, the clashes didn’t lead to any fatalities.

The Government authority met the defense secretary of the country and said Gokhan will eventually come and kneel to the leader. The unexpected visit of a young man enquiring about Kubra made Gokhan tense. The young man started talking with Gokhan about Kubra, he told him that Semavi should know the truth at least now. The young man said, Kubra is a creation of him, it’s not a creation of almighty Allah. Gokhan felt shocked and angry hearing the truth about Kubra.

The story now go back to six months into the past, a board meeting of investors happening. A group of young developers started their presentation about an artificial intelligence of their creation, the board members couldn’t understand what’s the real purpose of an ai. The head of the company kept asking them, why should they invest on this artificial intelligence and give complete authority to an unknown thing that can even make the company go bankrupt?

The youngsters explained the relevance of artificial intelligence in this modern era, the industrial revolution period is already over and it’s time to think about new generation with artificial intelligence and it’s future prediction capabilities. The head of the company accepted their mode and asked them to change the foreign name of the AI. Knowledge Unit Based Reasoning Automaton converted into a short form, “KUBRA“. Kubra is officially their latest artificial intelligence technology used for future predictions.

"Berk" In 'Kubra' Explained - Actor Name, Who Plays?
“Berk” In ‘Kubra’

Team Kubra conducted a success party for everyone in the club, one of the co-creators of Kubra came to talk with Berk, the founder of Kubra. Co-creator discussed the possibilities of changes that will come after introducing Kubra into the world.

After the success party, Berk went to his office to talk with Kubra. He looked at the computer and asked Kubra about the profit margin of the company. Kubra stated that their company profit margins reached 7.67 times the average of previous years. Kubra told Berk that, she founded an algorithm that can go up in a large scale.

Berk was shocked by the words of Kubra and explained what will happen if Kubra get access to that algorithm. With that algorithm, Kubra will get access to people’s email passwords and their bank accounts. With the same algorithm, Kubra will get all the admin information from every internet server and any network device.

Berk initiated the process of accessing information from internet servers in the world. Kubra accepted that she can do anything Berk wanted her to do. The unlimited access to private information of people around the world made Berk crazy. He started exploring the possibilities of making everyone believe the unusual phenomenon messages through their mobile devices.

Kubra accessed a numerous number of phones and started sending messages. Kubra started exploring the possibilities of making Gokhan, a perfect person for the revolution they are making. All the events that happened during the interactions with Gokhan and Kubra were planned execution by Berk and Kubra.

Kubra eliminated all the people who were in their list and marked them as irrelevant. Kubra made Gokhan the only person relevant for the mission, he passed all the test they gave. The main reason for selecting Gokhan is his emotional vulnerability For Gokhan, it’s a combination of emotions, fear, confusion and excitement which makes his path different.

The co-creator Adem found that something off with Berk and Kubra, the unexplainable activities of kubra made him worry. Adem insisted on telling the truth to everyone but Berk warned him. Adem convinced Gokhan that, whatever he witnessed and interacted with Kubra is just a work of artificial intelligence, it had no relation with the almighty Allah or the messenger of god.

The finale of season one ended with Gokhan’s family being released from jail. Gokhan went to meet the Secretary of the nation to submit his support and assistance to the government. The secretary and government authority took into consideration of the current situation and granted bail to Gokhan’s family and started removing all the judiciary charges against Semavi.

Gokhan took the situation in his control and announced to the country that, the almighty Allah relayed him a message that indicated, Allah will return all the money which were frozen by the government. ATM outlets around the country started throwing cash out of the machines, people went crazy around the country. Berk and Adem witnessed outside the office in wonder. The show ended up with a banger climax and kept an interesting note for next season.

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