Flex X Cop Review: Disney Plus presents a highly engaging investigation show called ‘Flex x Cop’. The plot revolves around a group of young detectives, who are working at a violent crime investigation unit. They solve many impossible crime cases with the help of a newly appointed detective, who comes from a rich family but is assigned to become a cop due to an unexpected interference at a crime scene. The story later travels through the personal and professional life of the rich young man.

‘Flex X Cop’ is a fun, entertaining and thrilling South Korean drama. The Disney Plus show is written by Kim Ba-Da who’s known for the popular Netflix action series, My Name (2021). The show was created by Kim Jae-hong who directed Disney’s horror thriller Revenant (2023). The drama premiered its first episode on January 26, 2024, through Disney all over the world and got amazing reports from Korean drama fans.

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The show attained the highest ratings through its weekly airing in South Korea. The show has an excellent cast and crew who made everything perfect in every department. The show contains sixteen episodes in total with an average duration of one hour. The show is made with a high-quality production value, especially since they showcased the rich makeover of the main character in an extreme level of quality.

Flex X Cop drama’s plot is revolving a third-generation heir of the wealthiest family in Korea. He is immature, funny and arrogant sometimes. Jin Yi Soo is a Playboy and never listens to the words of his father and also has no intention to take over the family business. Popular South Korean actor Ahn Bo Hyun played the role of Jin Yi Soo in this drama, he is known for his performance in dramas like My Name and Yumi’s Cells.

During a mission by the detectives around the street, Isoo gets caught harassing a civilian later known as the suspect, this interference will cause his major candidate father a big headache. They appointed Isoo as the new detective of the Violent Crime Investigation Unit for the sake of publicity. How he mingles with normal people and solves hard-to-crack cases is the core plot of the show.

Flex X Cop has a solid cast with a highly notable performance. The leading female detective character, Lee Kang Hyun has an equal importance in the show just like the male lead character. Lee Kang Hyun’s character is portrayed by Park Ji-Hyun, She is known for her performance in television shows like Reborn Rich, and Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung, loves all Plays and movies like The Divine Fury and Anchor. She did an exceptional performance as Lee Kang Hyun.

This is her first appearance as a crime investigation detective in a television show. There are many subcasts in this show that also has a significant amount of screen space and importance in the plot. Each character has its own importance, and they all did an amazing performance in their roles. One of the highlights of this show is indeed the cast, the chemistry between the four detectives is delightful to watch.

Flex X Cop is indeed a procedure investigation series but it’s far more entertaining than usual cop dramas. The main credit goes to the writer for the engaging screenplay and narration. Although we think there will be dragging when some new murder case pops up, the writer boosts such situations with an entertaining way of approaching through Isoo’s character. His sudden skills in solving murder cases were delightful to watch.

The title track also has significant importance which gives a commercial vibe to show. Other than the typical Korean dramas, the writer didn’t inject any typical romance between lead characters, it’s one of the pluses in this show. The drama started with typical murder cases and the final few episodes concentrated on a single case related to the main lead. The action sequences by the main leads were also perfectly executed by the team.

Overall, Flex X Cop is a stress buster and thrilling experience for me. Started as a fun, entertainer and later ended up as an intriguing detective thriller show. This show didn’t give much dragging experience, all i witnessed was totally engaging and interesting. Flex X Cop drama will be a good time-pass action thriller for Korean drama fans for sure.

I would rate 3 out of 5 for this action entertainer.



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