A Gentleman in Moscow Episode 5 Recap and Explained: Paramount Plus presents ‘A Gentleman in Moscow’, a historical drama series. This limited series is based on Amor Towles’s acclaimed novel of the same name. The plot revolves around a royal family member named Alexander Rostov who was arrested by the ruling party and banned from living freely around Moscow for the rest of lives.

The Bolshevik party orders him to stay in a hotel for his entire life without causing any problems for the party. They appoint a special officer to restrict Alexander Rostov from getting out of the hotel, if ever gets out, he will be shot to death by the soldiers. The rest of the story tells about how Alexander Rostov survives his entire life inside the Metropol hotel.

Episode 5 begins from where it ended in the last episode. The serious conversation between Nina and Alexander Rostov is happening. Nina seeks help from Alexander Rostov to take care of her child Sofia. Her husband got arrested during the protest and sentenced to lifetime labour somewhere.

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Nina wants to find him and rescue him, but because of her child’s presence, she can’t initiate anything to rescue her husband. Alexander Rostov somehow accepted Nina’s request, she added that she would come back sooner to take Sofia home. Nina suddenly hugs Alexander Rostov and tells him that she shouldn’t have left the hotel that day. After she left the hotel, Alexander Rostov took Sofia to his tiny room.

Sofia silently follows Alexander Rostov to his room, she doesn’t utter any words with him. When he drops her things in the room, he sees Sofia sleeping on his bed. He felt uncomfortable at first his private space got mixed up.

Later he starts sleeping on his chair and Sofia continues to sleep on the bed. The next day morning, Alexander Rostov arranges breakfast for Sofia, but she doesn’t eat anything. Alexander Rostov suddenly asks her about the doll she has, and slowly he starts mingling with her. Later he asks help from his subordinate to look after Sofia during his work shift.

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Later Bishop asks Alexander to meet the hotel manager to keep Sofia inside the hotel. Bishop wants to hand over the child to the orphanage but Alexander Rostov denies his orders.

Alexander Rostov asks permission from the manager of the Metropol Hotel, somehow he gets permission to keep Sofia for a month at the hotel. Later, Anna Urbanova comes to the hotel and meets Alexander Rostov, she tells him to come to her room at a particular time. After some time, he suddenly rushes to Anna Urbanova’s room, removes his dress and enters the bathroom.

Suddenly he is shocked to see her maid in the bathtub with another man. Later, Anna Urbanova arrives and sees Alexander Rostov lying on the floor in a bath towel. Anna Urbanova questions Alexander Rostov about the child, he explains everything that happened on that day. After some days, Sofia slowly starts showing interest in Alexander Rostov’s company.

Alexander Rostov teaches Sofia to play hide and seek games, instead of playing, Alexander Rostov spends on reading books but Sofia insists him on playing his part in the game. One day, the minister of culture comes to the hotel with a newly emerging actress. She stole Anna Urbanova’s role from the movie because of her new connections with Stalin.

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Anna Urbanova comes back to the hotel and finds out that her room was allotted to the new actress. She seems exhausted and goes for a chit-chat with the actress. The new actress offers an old character role for Anna Urbanova, it made Anna depressed. Alexander Rostov goes into the escalator along with Sofia, he meets Anna Urbanova’s maid. Later, She tells him to leave Sofia with her to wash her hair. The maid cleans up Sofia into a brand new look, Alexander Rostov geta impressed with her gesture.

Within a month, Alexander Rostov got heavily attached to Sofia. She wakes up every day and follows everything Alexander Rostov has been doing. Even though he treats her very happily, still she misses her mother, Nina, and she thinks that her mother will come back sooner. One month passed and Bishop once again raised the problem against Alexander Rostov.

Anna Urbanova explains the new actress about issues that happened during her professional period. The hotel manager tells Alexander Rostov to leave Sofia to the authorities unless if there is someone from the family to take care of her, she can stay at the hotel.

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At the end of the episode, Alexander Rostov requests the hotel manager for permission of Sofia’s stay at the hotel. He convinces them that he is an uncle to the child. Eventually, the hotel manager accepts his request for her stay.

Overall the fifth episode was very pleasant to watch. The chemistry between Alexander Rostov and Sofia reminds us of the days of him with Nina, such beautiful moments. The ending went emotional but it completely flipped into a happy ending. This episode is the most heart-touching episode from the show.

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