Expats Ending Explained: Prime Video presents a six-episodic American Drama series ” Expats” is currently streaming now in Platform with multiple languages along with subtitles. All six episodes of this series are currently streaming now in Amazon Prime Video.

In this article, we are going to discuss the recap of Episode 6. Before starting the Discussion let’s have a quick overview of the story of this series. This is a story about a Mother who lost her own child. After that, the life of a few people became changed because of this incident.

Previously we had the Hong Kong life in running time. Some people find happiness & some are still in the same grief. Margaret is thinking of leaving for her own country so that her other children can be happy. Meanwhile, we see Hilary’s relationship is totally broken. but, we have no clue about Gus, he is alive or not. Let’s see the last episode. “Home” this is what is the name of the final episode.

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Hilary left to her Mother’s house. Returned to old house she is feeling much good. later her mother Brinder takes her to meet with her father. He is in the ICU & not in the condition to talk. Brinder asked her daughter to not to tell her father about her divorce because he couldn’t afford more pressure this time. Through Hilary we saw Traditional Indian culture .

Later Hilary met with Sukhi & Fauja they are the children of Hilary’s father’s second wife. They are talking about their Father & mentioned that he loves Hilary too much. Daleep, the father of Hilary is in good condition now & met with his daughter after a lot time. He is happy to see her daughter & Hilary informed her daughter that she is pregnant & giving to birth a baby boy.

It looks like, Daleep always prefer boys to girls. Hilary fakes about her pregnancy as she is upset because she knows how ruthless her father used to be in front of her mom. Daleep used to torture her mother badly, fracture her jaw once a time & also throw her from the stairs. She also hates how her father used to live with a different family. Her anger is real against her father. Later he died because of too much stress.

Later she back into the City & met with David. It looks like things are good between them. Hilary said to David that she killed her Father. Whatever she said to her father,he can’t able to afford it & just died. Later she asks about Mercy. David said his relationship of mercy isn’t correct right now. Also, she allowed He to give her number to Mercy.

Charly & Mercy spend time in a tent. They are enjoying a good life. It looks like Mercy after informing her past Charly feeling much relief. She is improving to much. Later she went to meet her boss & in the office she found a cat doll. Looking at the doll she remembered about Gus but moved on quickly from the thought.
The boss told her that they found some complaints against her from the guests. It looks like they fired her because of stealing money from a customer.

Meanwhile, David is staying in Mercy’s apartment. As he comes to meet her. But, She is busy with Charly. Later finally she met with him. He takes care of her & also gives her the number of the best gynaecologists of the City. He claims that he is the father of the son. but, Mercy doesn’t want to take her help.

She spoke to Charly about how she met with him & also said that he is a narrad guy. But most importantly she said that she is pregnant & going to be the mother of her child. After listening to this Charly became upset. She left the house immediately. Mercy tried to convince her & saying that it’s a curse that shei is getting every time she wants to do something but messes up. But, Charly said it’s nothing about the curse as she is lucky because she has an American degree & passport & also a would-be mother of an American guy. Charly is too much upset & leaves from there.

We see Margeret leaving her secret apartment. She takes a final look of the room. It looks like she still can’t forget her son. Later She went to meet with Mercy & told her that she is returning in the USA with her husband. She also requested her to live a normal life. Mercy tells her how her life became so unstable after that incident. Their conversation went weird. Margeret also knows that she is pregnant. Mercy asked about Daisy & Philips too. We also see Mercy talk with Hilary too. We understood that Hilary fired Mercy from her job.

The interrogation scene between the three characters is a montage. It looks like Three characters are talking with each other. Mercy has a baby and it’s 23 weeks years old. She is happy to know that the baby is in good condition. Mercy has a big heart from the inside. She knows that destroyed a family’s life. So, after meeting with Margaret she asks her to take her son. Mercy has a baby girl inside her womb & she wants to give her to Margaret. But, Margaret denied it. Later we see that her mother reached in Hongkong to meet with her. Mercy was informed about her pregnancy.

Later we saw Margaret & her family left the apartment. the apartment filled with emptiness. They are moving to America & left all the grief in this city. Margeret said after losing Gus she was broken but she live her life. She wants to stay happy & move on. On the other side, Hilary said Mercy to for moving on.

Essie is coming with Margaret’s family. Margeret moved on but from inside she still feels empty. In the airport after a long drama, she thinks that she can’t go to America without Gus. She requested her two child to go alone & she remained alone there. She requested Essie to take care of her child. Margeret can’t imagine a home without Gus so she left everyone to stay in the Hongkong. That’s her fate & that’s how the Story of the character is ended. We didn’t see Gus but realised that he just vanished into the crowd of Hong Kong.

Mercy understood her mistakes. She feels emptiness from inside because in this huge city, she got nothing just pain. As she became a mother she understood the feeling of a Mother. So, she held tightly to her mother & began to cry. Now she is feeling good.

In the end, we also see Hilary is happy in her life too. She is also moved on. The series ended with nothing. For Margaret, her home is incomplete without Gus so she left her whole family. Mercy wants to take care her daughter with her mom. Hilary is also back to the city she is happy to follow her passion and dream.

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That’s all. That’s how the episode ended. We didn’t find Gus instead we saw the dynamics of life. All six episodes of ” Expats” are currently streaming now in Prime Video with Hindi and English language along with subtitles.



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