“Expats” Episode 1 : Prime Video presents a six-episodic American Drama series “Expats,” currently streaming on the platform with multiple languages along with subtitles.

In this article, we are going to discuss the recap of episode 1. Before this, let’s have a recap of the story.
The story of this series is based on “The Expatriates” by Janice Y. K. Lee. It shows the life of a Hong Kong resident & a woman whose life became after losing her little child. The story also shows a balance between blame & accountability.

It introduces a doctor known for her charitable work in the community who recently drove into a group of pedestrians at a local fruit market. Three people died & five were injured in that accident. After doing long duty, she always takes rest, but that day she didn’t take rest. She was in a hurry to attend her daughter’s birthday party but met with this accident. After that incident, she never supports her daughter’s birthday party.

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A small aircraft consisting of three pilots flew too close to a ski lift. That day was heavily foggy, affecting visibility. They didn’t see the gondolas carrying skiers up and down the mountain & the plane’s right wing cut into the steel cables. After that, the cable car fell from 264 feet & all 20 passengers were killed instantly. Later, pilots used contact dead people’s family, but nobody answered.

A 12-year-old boy caused his twin brother to incur a C7 spinal injury that left him paralyzed from the neck down. Despite their mother’s warnings to stop roughhousing, the boy’s play was nothing out of the ordinary. The coffee table where the brother fell down was always there. Both are identical twins, but after that day, there was nothing identical about their lives.

All these stories focus on victims, but the person responsible for this is never mentioned. No one wants to hear about the kid who paralyzed his own brother, or the driver who fell asleep at the wheel, or the pilots.
The narrator Mercy wants to know about these persons as this story is all about her.

The show introduced Margaret, who is in Hong Kong as her husband got transferred. She is an architect & does the design of people’s gardens, so she isn’t a regular housewife. She has two children, one son & one daughter. She was discussing to organize a Birthday party for her husband’s 50th birthday. That’s why she is discussing the guest list & planning organization with Priscilla. It’s Daisy & Philip, the names of her two children & Clarke, her husband’s name.

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As far as we noticed, she is a little anxious about something. Hilary stays in their apartment. Margaret asks Hilary about the birthday invitation, but Hilary informed that she has already fixed plans. In their house, grandparents of Daisy & Philip come to meet them.

There must be something happened for which Margaret’s life isn’t normal. Later she left for shopping & then reached an apartment. A big room where no one is there & Margaret started cleaning the floor. She started hearing some echoes in her mind like something is disturbing her. That’s why she took a separate room & spent a little time there. Then again returned home. In front of their daughter, she tried to become normal. Finally, we met Clarke in a church. Clarke asked his wife if she is okay or not? But Margaret tried to act nice. She is anxious about the birthday parts; she thinks that she must hear Clarke’s parents. But Clarke said they must stay normal as the doctor said.

Clarke gives a little hint about the “Betrayal of Gus.” Previously we have seen their child Philip did a drawing of their parents & also an unknown man; he said it is “Gus.” Anyway, who is Gus? Let’s know. On the other side, we met David & Mercy. Mercy is Korean. In the morning, she met Philena & her friends in a cafe. Mercy was a writer in the Hong Kong post & also later did tutoring too. She calls David “Dirk.”

So, David aka “Dirk” is no one but the husband of Hilary. Hilary is feeling strange as the dog of Christopher is barking continuously. Tilda, a woman from room no. 304. David thinks that she is staring at him. Yes, but for what reason? Hilary & David also trying to avoid Margaret, but it’s still unknown why they are doing this. Mercy joined serving in a hotel as a waitress where the birthday party is going on. So, everyone is in the party. Some guests are enjoying & some are not.

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While serving food, Mercy became lost after seeing Philip, son of Margaret. It looks like she remembered something. She became lost but suddenly saw Clarke & Margaret become lost too. Then Margaret noticed her, means Mercy. She became amazed by seeing her, what’s going on now?

Later, we heard a speech from Clarke; all people know about Margaret & Clarke, but it’s not cleared yet. Clarke shares his deepest condolences about “Gus” & says that she misses her. On the other side, Margaret is traumatized after seeing Mercy & started accosting other waitresses.

After knowing Margaret’s condition, Hilary returns to the party because previously she left from there. Hilary knows about Margaret’s condition, so she started giving her comfort. Margaret confesses about the flat of Kowloon, where she lives & spends a peaceful life. She also admired that she is actually the mother of three children, Gus is one of them. So, Gus may be lost or died. She feels stuck in her family, so in her personal apartment, she feels happy.

With Hilary, she went to the market. On the other side, Mercy reached home after she faced in the party; she is quite tired now. With lone music, we felt the emptiness inside of Margaret about losing her own child.
After that, they returned home & saw police in their apartment. Hilary went to talk with a police officer to know what happened. Margaret feeling tensed about her child’s. But nothing to worry because it’s Christopher who died; that’s why the police are here.

After coming home, Hilary is unable to find her husband David. Philip, the young boy, started finding his drawing & then he found it inside the trash bin. We finally understand the meaning of his drawing; it was a family tree, but Gus is with a man, Philip calling him Jesus.

With lots of mysteries, episode 1 is ended. We have seen the family of Margaret, who is in trauma of losing her own child Gus. But how Gus died, what happened with him? Let’s know later.

The first episode of “Expats” is currently streaming now on Amazon Prime Video with Hindi, English language along with subtitles.

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