“Expats” Episode 2: Prime Video presents a six-episodic American Drama series “Expats,” currently streaming on the platform with multiple languages along with subtitles.

In this article, we are gonna discuss the recap of episode 2. Before this, let’s have a Recap of the story.
The story of this series is based on “The Expatriates” By Janice Y. K. Lee. It shows the life of a Hong Kong resident & a woman whose life became after losing her little child. The story also shows a balance between Blame & accountability.

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Let’s go back into the past. We see little Gus at a party enjoying with his mother Margaret. They were on an expensive cruise. Young Gus was so naughty, and there he met with Mercy.

In the past, Mercy was with her friends, and also Margaret too. That time Margaret was too generous, and she used to be too nice in front of everyone. Where Mercy thinks she was kind of cursed as her face is unlucky. Her mother thinks that she will never get married to anyone. But Mercy has lots of talents. She was a great swimmer. In front of everyone, she falls into the sea to prove that she is an expert in this. But after going under the sea, she starts hearing echoing voices.

Later, she comes back to the cruise, where Margaret gives her dresses. Mercy meets with them & enjoys with them. She starts enjoying with Gus & his brothers & sisters. Mercy admires that she can take care of little children. We see that young Gus was too stubborn; he can’t be satisfied easily, and Mother Margaret is tired of this.

Hilary used to take care of little orphan children, kind of babysitting them, as she hasn’t had babies. David is frustrated about this because he hasn’t any child yet. They met in the restaurant for dinner. Hilary shares how she enjoyed with those little babies. They are worried about not being parents. When they returned to the apartment, they watch little Gus roaming around. Hilary was close to Margaret. She enjoyed with them.

Hilary confessed that she is taking pills without informing David. On the other side, Margaret also admitted that at first, she wasn’t ready to take care of a baby, but later she became happy. As Hilary doesn’t want a baby but David wants that’s why she is taking pills.

Life of Hilary & David wasn’t good at all but On the other side, Margaret & Clarke were really happy those days. But for the job, Clarke has to go somewhere which is unacceptable for Margaret. A good life of Margaret is what we are seeing now. But Hilary isn’t happy at all. It just shows two lives parallelly.

Hilary is busy with her works & David became depressed for not being a father. A normal life of Margaret who takes care of children & enjoys with their father. She also meets with Mercy sometimes in the restaurant. Their chemistry was good; that time they spent a quite beautiful life together. As Steve & Daisy became busy. Young Gus was with Mercy in the Animal street.

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In between the huge crowds, Little Gus started misbehaving. While Mercy was busy with her phone, she saw that Little Gus wasn’t with her. Then the real chaos started. Between the Huge Crowd, Gus became lost. Where he was or where he went, it’s not shown in the show. Mercy said to the police & Gus’s mother that she was holding Gus’s hand, but she wasn’t. A perfect family just broke after that.

Detective Chang is appointed on the case & she thinks that it might be someone who knows Gus. On the other side, David met with Mercy. David gives her comfort. She was feeling helpless after encountering what happened with her & Margaret. That’s why Margaret used to go in the market sometimes at night.

We understood that Margaret’s face was really bad & in between this, she still tried to be okay. But still, she misses him. That’s how this episode ended. We must know what happened with Gus & where he is now.

Two episodes of “Expats” are currently streaming now on Amazon Prime Video with Hindi, English language along with subtitles.

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