The Second Best Hospital in the Galaxy Episode 1: Amazon Prime released an eight-episodic animation series with an average of 25 minutes on every episode. The series is about two doctors who were trying to find new cures and other innovations to help society. Their life in hospital is what the show is about.

The episode opens in an operation theatre where Dr. Klak and Dr. Sleech are trying to operate a lady. They are discussing about how to save the lady with their surgery. They try a compound and inject it on the lady, suddenly a big bacterial-like creature comes out of the lady’s belly and says thanks to the doctors. They were introduced with their name and said everything would be fine it was just they were disoriented.

Dr. Klak and Dr. Sleech do rounds around the clinic, they see patients and check up on them. Other doctors also do their daily jobs. Dr. Sleech has a crush on Matt, she blushes when she sees him. They are doing romance inside the supply room. The nurse comes to Dr. Sleech and Dr. Klak and informs a patient is asking for Dr. Klak. Dr. Klak has anxiety issues, she is taking pills for it. They go to check on the patient.

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The patient’s name is Glurg and she has anxiety issues. Glurg says she knows Dr. Klak from Dr. Klak’s mother’s book which tells the anxiety issues of Dr. Klak. Doctors put a worm inside his nose, which is a surveillance worm, it collects the information from inside the patient. Inside the body there is an anxiety parasite. As the doctors took measures to defeat the parasite it became more aggressive. Suddenly it goes wild and makes a big situation that is very hard to handle.

Doctors try to find a cure for Anxiety issues for Glurg. They put her on the machine and tried to tempt the worm out of Glurg’s brain using Dr. Klak’s anxiety which means no harm to the patient, no harm to the worm and also they have precautions for it not attacking Dr. Klak’s brain. Finally, they stick the tube to Dr. Klak and start making her anxious to do the process.

Dr. Sleech made Dr. Klak anxious and that anxiety transferred to Glurg. When the parasite got the sense of higher anxiety outside Glurg it passed through the tube to Dr Klak and it stuck to Dr. Klak to enter inside her brain. Suddenly Dr. Sleesh cut the tube and killed the parasite. But apparently, the worm is not dead, later Dr. Sleech saves it and shows to Dr. Klak and she said she will keep it for getting the grant.

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This episode was just an introduction to the characters. We know the setting and how the plot is gonna be from this episode. We could see how this gonna improve in upcoming episodes.



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