The Second Best Hospital in the Galaxy Episode 4: Amazon Prime presents an animation series with eight episodes. The plot revolves around two close friends, who are working as scientists cum doctors. They are curing many scientifically affected creatures in each episode. Different cases will be cured on each episode.

The fourth episode begins with Dr.Sleech and Dr.Plowp talking with each other on a morning day. Plowp seems like loving Sleech for some time, he cares for her a lot too. He made breakfast for her in the morning, but Sleech seemed a little bit disappointed about it.

They have had S3xual relationship for some time without any commitment, Plowp seems interested in a committed relationship but Sleech wants just the opposite. She talked with Dr.Klak about him, suddenly her appearance started changing according to Plowp’s body appearance. Due to the sexual contact with Plowp, Sleech got infected with a virus, the curse of the orlosh.

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Everyone at the hospital started laughing at Dr. Sleech. She got so angry about the situation, she went o Plowp’s room. She quarrelled at him for making her miserable, she thought the similar appearance made them siblings.

Plowp was disappointed at Sleech’s move to go back to her old form. He seems to like the new changeover as one of his own. She kept trying scientific experiments to go back to the old state but everything got failed miserably. Plowp got mad on her attitude, he broke up with her immediately.

Meanwhile, Dr Klak got transmitted with the same virus after the sexual contact with Dr.Azel. But, She seems to enjoy the new appearance of her despite the flaws. She thought differently unlike Dr.Sleech. Klak, Azel, Plowp and Sleech looked for a proper cure for the transformation disease. Later, Sleech and Klak found a cure and transformed into their old body. Plowp seems disappointed with the changes, but Sleech comforted him slowly, and they got committed once again. Azel and Klak got separated at the end of the episode.

Overall the episode discussed about a different scientific disease. The emotional bond between Dr.Sleech and Dr.Plowp was amazing. Character development was solid in this episode, the fun elements were pretty lower compared to the last episode.



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