“Expats” Episode 5 Recap and Explained: Prime Video presents a six-episodic American Drama series ” Expats” which is currently streaming now in Platform with multiple languages along with subtitles. Five episodes of this series are currently streaming now in Amazon Prime Video, rest will come on a weekly basis.

In this article, we are going to discuss the recap of Episode 5. Before starting the Discussion let’s have a quick overview of the story of this series. This is a story about a Mother who lost her own child. After that, the life of a few people became changed because of this incident.

In the previous episode, we just saw the mental & behavior changes of all characters. Most importantly Margaret went to the morgue because the detective informed her that a boy look like Gus is taken by local police. Margaret & Clarke went there & waited so long & found nothing. It’s become a huge drag day by day. You can’t watch a web series because of behavioral changes. They didn’t show us what happened with little Gus,& where he is now. Anyways, let’s see.

“Expats” Episode 5

Rainy Hong Kong day. Life is tough during rainy days. All you have to do is carry an umbrella. In the middle of the crowd, we see Charly meet with Tiny to join in a local protest. But, later we saw their path changed. We have seen that she is still in touch with Mercy. Despite of recently issued Red Rainstorm Signal protesters are gathering, escalating what was already a tense situation. Charly later met with Mercy in a restaurant. Looking at each other they both feel relieved. Mercy spend a quiet time with her.

We saw Puri, who works in Hillary’s home. She praised her in front of her other friends. She also met with Essie in the local market. They did some regular talks about both of their family. Puri asks her about Gus but Essie starts to cry. Essie started to blame herself for Gus missing. She thought that if that day she was in the Market probably Gus will be safe. After spending a good time with Puri, they both back in their work.

Hilary was in the cafe when she met with Olivia. She told her about her divorce. Hilary is worried about herself, she just thinks that David must be happy. Oliver said her not to stop trying to live her own husband but Hillary want to move in.

Pastor Alan Mambo met with Clarke. He comes to met with Clarke ae he hasn’t come to church for a long . While drinking Tea Clarke started to share his grief with him. Clarke expected that Gus must die. Because of his death he & his family can move on. Unfortunately, that wasn’t Gus’s body. Later Margaret reaches home with Philip & Daisy. The pastor met with Margaret & started discussing with her. Margaret said him that they are not religious then why he is present here?

Clarke defended him saying that he just come here to met with his family. Margaret still thinks that Gus is alive & searching of him still going on. Margaret said to Pastor how she used to do prayer after Gus lost but she knows nothing happened. Clarke want to leave Hongkong what Margaret doesn’t want because leaving the country isn’t an answer. Later they did a family dinner with the pastor after doing prayer. Pastor later said them, how she divorced her previous wife & married with another.

However, his life isn’t easy full of struggles & everyone starts to listen to his voice. He used to be a freedom fighter in Africa. After hearing it carefully young Philip asked him if he knew anything about Gus. Pastor doesn’t know anything but Philip said Jesus might tell him. Philip thinks that Gus is with Jesus. Margaret said Gus was kidnapped. The peaceful environment ended up with nothing.

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At the end Margaret understood that she must be returned home. Living in Hong Kong isn’t safe anymore.
Later we saw everyone went to sleep. Essie still not recovered from the missing of Gus. She started to talk with her children, Jessica & Gabriel. She also said Margaret will leave for America soon and she is gonna come back home. The next day, Margaret met with Essie & told her how much her whole family loved her. That’s why She invited Essie to come with them in America. Essie stayed with them for a long time so it became a family for her. Essie replied that she must think about this . The pastor left the house in the morning thinking about this family & just he had to lead his normal life again.

We see a new character a mother & his son. The mother Wen loves her child too much and requests her not to leave anywhere. Wen works in a supermarket till late at night. After finishing the job she was returning home in this thunderstorm. After reaching home she realised that her son already left the house. She went to the police station to find out his son. A police officer said he is now in police custody. Wen waits there for her son’s bail. But she returned home the next day with disappointment.

Olivia & Max have a good life too. Max watches football & enjoys it. Max in the night use to go outside, whole Olivia feel alone in her home. That’s how their life is. Her daughters are not living with her, they are living with her grandmother. Loneliness is a strong disease. To stay away from this Olivia keep herself busy in the repairing of her house. Next day after a thunderstorm stopped her child returned in her home. She hired a new maid in her house so that she stay in her house & never feel alone.

Now we are watching the dynamics & relations of family members from the view of housemaids. After Puri reaches in the apartment she hears the heated relationship of David & Hilary. During quarreling, David informs that Mercy is pregnant. Though, Hilary don’t know the name of the girl. Hilary instructed David to leave the house. After that she started drinking with Puri. Meanwhile, David leaves the house to met with Mercy.

Mercy & Charly comes to meet with David. But, instead of meeting with him they went to the pool to enjoy. During swimming in pool, they started to kiss each other. Mercy also confessed that last year she was lonely & then met with Margaret. She confessed how she lost Gus in the Night Market. Charly gives her comfort while Mercy hasn’t recovered from that past. Mercy still clarifies that she she is cursed. Charly hugged her & said it’s not her mistake. The next day, Charly left for her house because something happened & Mercy didn’t go to meet with David.

Hilary in frustration began to spend time with Puri. She started to do the makeup of Puri’s face & started to talk about her old past stories. In fact Hilary gave her beautiful dress to Puri because of her singing competition. Later She sang a song where Hilary played piano. Hilary confessed her real name is Harpreet Singh but after class eight she changed it to Hilary. Hilary said she used to drink with Margaret but after Gus went missing she stopped coming in her room.

Hilary feels like losing everything including marriage, best friend. Puri gives her comfort & said that she will be with her. Puro confessed with whom David is staying. She said, David is staying with Mercy, the Korean woman who lost Margaret’s child. The next day became a usual ordinary day. She made tost for Hilary while Hilary was sleeping in her room. So, its proving that everything became so normal that How it used to be. on the other side, David left the house for mercy but she didn’t come to meet him

Wen returned to her house while her daughter Charly waited for her. Mercy also returned in her home as she is now pregnant. We saw everyone love move on but Margaret is still thinking about Gus.

This 1hrs40 minutes episode shows the lifestyle of Upper-class families & lower-class families. We saw the life of Maids who have a simpler life but they also have needs. Puri had a good time with Hilary but the next day she realised that she was just a maid.

On the other side, we saw Essie who became so much attached to Margaret’s family that she got an invitation to come with them in America. We know Gus is alive but the story is not about Gus anymore this is become a story of the people who live in Hong Kong. That is how Episode 5 of ” Expats” ended. You can watch five episodes in Prime video in Hindi & English language along with subtitles.


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