David Starr In “Expats” Actor Name: Amazon Prime Video presents a six-episodic American drama series ” Expats” which is currently streaming now in Prime Video with Hindi and English audio along with subtitles.

In the series, we saw David Starr who played a crucial role in this series. But we are curious to know who played this character. In this article, we are gonna discuss it with a brief explanation. Before starting our discussion let’s have quick recap of the story of this series. The series is tells us the lifestyle of the people of Hong Kong where we saw a mother who lost her own child, now we are gonna see how her life gonna be changed.

In the series, the character of ” David Starr” is played by 41-year-old British actor Jack Huston. He did movies like “House of Gucci”(2021), “The Irishman”(2019) , “Ben-Hur”(2016),”American Hustle”(2013). He did series like “Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches”(2023),”Manhunt”(2017), ” Fargo”(2014),”Boardwalk Empire”(2010) etc.

David is a male , aged around 35 years. He is the husband of Hilary. He used to be a happy guy & made a healthy relationship with Hilary. But this are changed too much. Hilary belongs to India, she aims to enjoy her life that’s why she doesn’t want a baby but on the other side, David wants one.

Here one more important thing is David little bit less capable of making a baby. That’s why he became tensed as from his family everyone have child . He also ask Hilary about it but Hilary don’t want to ruin her life by taking care of a baby. In this frustration, David use to go to bar & spend more time with drinks & then he met with Mercy. He started sleeping with her & made a healthy affair with her.

In spite of this bad side, David has some good side too. As he is too much sincere guy. When he knows that Mercy has become pregnant,he starts to take care of her. He left Hilary for Mercy. As he understood that staying with Mercy he can be a father. With this excitement, he divorced Hilary & went to live with Mercy .

David doesn’t really stay with Hilary. From starting we see that he does not love Margaret & her family too. So he avoided them & went to stay to Mercy. He knows that Mercy was with Gus when he went missing but still, he chooses to stay by her side.

In the Third episode, Hilary really tried to make everything right. She also planned for a party & invited guests so that everybody could come & talk with David. But her plan was a proper mistake as David wasn’t in the mood to make things like before. He skipped the party & tried to hide from her too. He started in the bar & enjoyed drinking. Hilary comes in that Bar & requests him to make things alright but things but How do broken pieces of glass join again?

That is what everything about David Starr. He used to be happy with Hilary but after Gus went missing things became bad between them too.

That’s all for now. If you have any more questions or doubts feel free to ask in the comment section.



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