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“Expats” Episode 3 : Recap, Summary and Explained

“Expats” Episode 3 : Prime Video presents a six-episodic American Drama series “Expats,” currently streaming on the platform with multiple languages along with subtitles. Three episodes of this series are currently available on Amazon Prime Video, and the rest will be released on a weekly basis.

In this article, we are going to discuss the recap of Episode 3. Before starting the discussion, let’s have a quick overview of the story of this series. This is a story about a mother who lost her own child. After that, the lives of a few people became changed because of this incident.

Starting from Mercy, who is feeling upset about what happened to her earlier. Wherever she goes, she feels emptiness from inside. In the middle of the night, she is still finding out what she did in the past. She noticed everything carefully and never been satisfied with anything, as she completely lost interest after that traumatic incident. One day she met Charly in the metro. After the meeting, they both felt happy. We understand that Mercy wanted to be rich.

Margaret in her own apartment is living with the memories of Gus. Watching his photos is the only way to be okay in this situation. In the first episode, we see Christopher, a neighbor of Hilary, died. Meanwhile, in Christopher’s phone, police found the photo of Gus.

Margaret wants to start the investigation because it’s not unusual thinks. On the other side, Hilary thinks because of this loss, she started suspecting everyone. On the other side, Philip, Daisy, and Clarke are spending their own simple life while Margaret isn’t present there. Margaret comes back to her house at night.

She is totally absent now, just trying to be nice to her two children, Daisy & Philip. She asked Clarke to investigate Christopher more. They remembered an identical mark on Gus’s hand, which happened when the little boy was playing near the beach. Clarke & Margaret didn’t tell the investigation officer about this mark at the time of the investigation.

Clarke went to church regularly to find peace. He met with Pastor Alan Mambo to share his grief. Pastor gave him a stone as a good luck charm. On the other side, Margaret became sick; she started to capture photos of their children without their permission. Clarke is really unhappy with her behavior & the children become upset too. To make the children happy again, he brings a dog.

Hilary is still trying to contact David. From the first episode, he hasn’t reached home. Henry is spending time with Mercy, as he is sleeping in her room. David thinks that Hilary suspects that David kidnapped Gus. By this incident, he is completely lost, as he doesn’t know where Gus is. But, in this situation, he felt happy by spending time with Mercy. Mercy met Charly & started spending a good time with her. As Charly also invited her to her friend’s party. Meeting new friends in the bar makes her happy. In between this, she is still haunted by past memories. She walked down from the bar.

Hilary has a party in her house tonight. David has still not arrived home yet. But he requested to bring all the dresses from their maid. Watching this, Hilary became angry and threw all the dresses of him. Later, their party started, and Hilary started to enjoy, but from inside, she felt emptiness. Margaret comes to meet her as Margaret wanted to take the key to Christopher’s room.

Margaret started searching Christopher’s house. The room is full of dolls of owls & their paintings. Margaret found a photo in his room, a photo of the same beach they used to go. With full excitement, she came back to her room to show that photo to Clarke. Clarke was in a meeting with Detective Chang at that time. Detective Chang said, the detectives found a body on the mainland which is exactly like Gus’s description. He invited her to come for the recognition of the body. With this shock, she started looking at the photo & its backside; there’s a name mentioned “Jenny.”

After the party finished, Hilary went to the bar in search of David. She found him alone in the bar. She asked him about not joining the party. Hilary understood what happened & tried to accept everything because she can’t fulfill their dream alone. Hilary wanted to try for a baby again, but David understood her desire & their condition of not accepting a child this time. Their relationship isn’t in good condition after all & it ended in the bar. Later, David met with Mercy & slept in her room.

Margaret & Clarke are heading towards the Morgue to identify the body. But, before we see anything, this episode ends. Is it the body of Gus? Or not? Well, this is a slow ride and ended with lots of unanswered questions. Let’s wait for next week for the new episode.

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