Hilary In “Expats” Actress Name: “Expats” is a six-episodic American drama series currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video. In the series, we see a character, Hilary, who is in the supporting cast. Her impact was significant in this series. We are going to discuss the character and also who played the role.

Before starting the discussion about the character of this series, let’s know about the story of this series. The series is about a mother who lost her own child; then we see the change in their family.

In the series, the character of Hilary is played by Sarayu Blue. She is a 48-year-old American actress. She has done movies like “A Million Miles Away” (2023), “To All the Boys” (All Parts), “Leela” (2002). She has also done series like “XO Kitty” (2023), “Never Have I Ever” (2020), “I Feel Bad” (2018), “Monday Mornings” (2013).

Hilary is a middle-aged woman who wants to enjoy her own life. She stays in the same apartment as Margaret. The main thing she doesn’t want to accept is taking care of a baby. She always takes pills to stop pregnancy. Maybe she was somehow involved in the loss of Margaret. Anything not cleared yet is just an assumption because Margaret was happy in her life with three children. Margaret also got a caring husband too. That’s what Hilary can’t accept. Her husband wasn’t satisfied with her because she doesn’t want to have babies.

So, she doesn’t have a good relationship with David. On the other hand, David has multiple affairs too. After the incident where Margaret lost her baby, Hilary started ignoring them. But she faces her again when Margaret invited her to attend her husband’s birthday party.

In spite of this trauma, she always helps Margaret. When Margaret goes insane, remembering the past incident, she takes her on a long drive and then goes to dinner too. It’s not clear yet what happened to Gus. But whatever we saw, we can assume that one can’t bear others’ happiness.

That’s all about the character Hilary. If you want to know more, you can ask in the comments section. “Expats” is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video with Hindi and English audio along with subtitles.


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