A Killer Paradox Episode 7 Recap: Netflix presents a Korean crime thriller drama with eight episodes. This show includes many investigation and action elements. The plot revolves around a young man and his superhero behaviors. His attempt to become a superhero who kills criminals in a violent way.

The seventh episode opens with Song Chon beating and shooting every thugs who came to kill him. The bar was full of blood and beaten thugs. Chon went brutal against all the thugs. Chon told them to call their boss to know what he is capable of. Chon left the place for some time. The cops came looking for Chon, they also spotted Lee Tang, Roh Bin and the construction company’s thugs on the surveillance footage. The cops later searched Song Chon’s apartment, they found a dozen of confession notes by victims on blood.

Meanwhile, Lee Tang kept his head low in public. He was terrified by the recent attacks from cops and Song Chon. He seems exhausted from everything, Roh bin asked him to go to the south and part ways for some time. Roh bin arranged fake identities and documents on each other. He also arranged a vehicle for the travel. They bought two burner phones for emergency calls. Lee Tang stopped by his home for a few minutes to watch his mother from far. He felt depressed and was missing his mother.

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Song Chon met the Buyeon Construction company manager to find out where the chairman is staying. Nan Gam found out that Chon’s next target would be the Chairman of Buyeon company. Unfortunately, Song Chon had already reached there and tied the chairman to a chair. Chairman was enjoying his night with hired girls at the office.

Later Nan gam and other cops reached the location to protect. Chon made a confession to the chairman in a letter. Chon explained about the worst things done by the chairman which included killing people and corruption with his connections. Chon suddenly took a screw and placed near the chairman’s neck, Nan Gam entered the room with a gun focused on Chon.

Song Chon slowly finds out that Nan Gam is the son of his old friend who went hospitalized because of him. Nan Gam started to shiver when Chon started talking about his mother and father’s past. Suddenly Song Chon pressured the screw into Chairman’s neck. The blood started to splatter from the Chairman’s neck. Cops gathered and caught Song Chon.

His face was covered in blood and was smiling all the time. Cops left the place on a van with Chon. During the journey to jail, Chon attacked cops inside the van and everyone panicked for some time. He successfully escaped from the van with some injuries all over his body.

The police department took a lookout notice in the name of Song Chon all over the media. They also added Lee Tang and Roh Bin’s names in the list of Song Chon’s partners. Lee Tang got worried after hearing about the escape of Song Chon.

Song Chon attacked the dentist of Roh bin and called him to warn. Later Song Chon went to the hospital where Nan Gam’s father’s admitted. He gave some pills to Nan Gam’s mother and made her pass out. Roh bin met Nan Gam and told Chon’s location, suddenly he got a call from the hospital, and he left the station along with Roh bin at the end of the episode.

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Overall the seventh episode almost reached the conclusion of what’s going to happen in the end. The episode was good and engaging. Song Chon’s character got immense depth and focus on this episode, where the main lead Lee Tang showed a cameo.

This episode includes much violence and brutality which is hard for everyone to digest. Let’s see how the finale goes on the next episode.



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