A Killer Paradox Episode 1 Recap: Netflix presents an eight-episodic psychological crime thriller drama named ‘ A Killer Paradox ‘. This drama is created by Lee Chang-hee who’s known for the drama ‘Strangers from hell’.The plot revolves around a young man who unexpectedly kills a man, who turns out to be a serial killer who’s been hiding for a long time.

The pilot episode opens with a young man named Lee Tang, Portrayed by Choi Woo-shik. He was sitting inside the house. Later, he left for his College, there he took a class. After the class, he went to the convenience store where he has been working as a part-timer. He was working on the night shift, he likes watching popular videos on social media, and he kept watching it during his duty time also.

After some time, two aged men came to his store and one drunken man kept asking him for cigarette packets. He was angry on Lee Tang for no reason, he took the cigarette and sat outside the store without paying the bill. Lee Tang came out of the store and requested the man to pay the bill. Another man came inside the store and bought a few more things, paid the bill and both of them left the shop.

Lee Tang waited for his manager to arrive at the shop. When the manager reached, he took a hammer from the store to use it at his home. He left the store with a hammer on his bag and walked through the street. On the way, he once again met the two men on the street. One drunken man was sleeping on the road, another one was walking through the street. He asked one man to look after the other because rain would flood at the place. The stranger asked Lee Tang to go away, but he kept talking about the other man and the rain.

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The stranger got triggered by Lee Tang, he started slapping on Tang’s face and hit on the head. The stranger kept beating Lee Tang at his full force. At some point , Lee Tang remember his past events of being bullied at school. Somehow he gained a special instinct in his mind, he took the hammer inside his bag and hit the stranger. The man fell down to the road, Lee Tang looked terrified.

The rain started pouring at same time, and suddenly the man woke up and fall again. Lee Tang heard saw two men coming towards the road but they took a turn. On his backside, a blind woman witha dog appeared out of nowhere, the dog went near the man, but Lee Tang suddenly left the place. He cleaned everything on a shower.

Lee Tang went for sleep, his friend also came back to his room after some time. So many thoughts keep appearing on Lee Tang’s mind. He got confused of what was going to happen. The next day, cops came to his convenience store to enquire about the murder. On the CCTV visuals, they saw Lee Tang talking with the victims. When the detective interrogated him, the other cops found out that the man died because of a fight with his friend. There was an eyewitness who saw them fighting each other.

The pilot episode ends with breaking news on television. The person who got murdered was a serial killer who was wandering around the place with a fake name and identity. Lee Tang was relieved after he found out that he killer a wanted serial killer.

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