A Shop For Killers Review: Disney presents an intense thriller Korean drama with eight episodes. The drama started airing on January 17 and ended on February 7th. The show got unanimous attention among action thriller viewers around the world and became the first hit drama of Disney this year. The finale episode ended with a top rating and everyone’s waiting for a second season.

‘A Shop For Killers’ is a unique and yet compelling attempt. The show is created by Lee Kwon and Noh Gyu Yeob with the screenplay from Ji Ho-jin and Kwon. This drama series is based on Kang Ji-young’s critically acclaimed novel, ‘The Killer’s Shopping Mall’.

The plot revolves around a college student named Jeong Ji-An, who comes into possession of her uncle Jinman’s house and ventures after his unexpected death. Along with his belongings, she also gets a glimpse of her uncle’s enemies’ attacks. How she manages to survive in the house after the unexpected attacks and the real reason behind her uncle’s death is the core plot of the story.

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The biggest backbone of this drama is indeed the cast. Having an excellent actor like Lee Dong Wook on the front as the male lead, the drama already peaked with its characters. Lee Dong Wook is a popular South Korean actor who’s known for his performance in Korean dramas like Guardian: The Lonely Angel and great god and Tale of the Nine-Tailed.

Also, Kim Hye Jun as the main female lead with the majority screen presence in the show. Kim Hye Jun is well emerging star known for her performance in the Kingdom series. The show is traveling on a non-linear narration with a mixture of past and present. Half part of the show lays on flashback and present portions are probably less.

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The most intriguing point of this drama was it’s screenplay. Even though the plot is just an average story like every action thriller drama, the screenplay and writing make the show a unique attempt. Nonlinear narration was always confusing to most of the audiences, some people easily get it but some get easily confused too. The opening scene started with a sniper shoot attempt on the female lead. From the opening scene to the finale ending, there were a bunch of gunshots and explosions took place.

The most appreciable part of this show is the action sequences. The creators didn’t comprise on the realistic nature on action blocks. Main characters like Ji An and Jinman made a bunch of action sequences in this show. The fight and weapon department needs a great round of applause. The Cinematography is peaked all over the drama, the deviation from dramatic mood to intense action mood, the Cinematographer did an excellent job. The background score also elevated the intensity of action sequences and at the same time , dramatic silence at some parts matched the realistic vibe.

Overall ‘A Shop for killers’ gives an intense action ride with a character-driven narration. Technical aspects of the drama stand tall but the slow-paced narration makes it an okay to good level watching experience. It’s a complete package for action-drama lovers.

The Intense action sequences, intriguing twists, and banger cliffhangers on each episode make it very much binge-worthy. I would rate 3.5 out of 5 for this action thriller Korean drama.


  • Unique narration with a non-linear attempt makes the simple plot much more interesting and intriguing.
  • Stellar performance from the main leads makes us more attached to the story.
  • Intense action sequences make it more worthy for action drama lovers.
  • Unexpected twists and banger cliffhangers at the end of each episode make it more interesting.
  • Cinematography is another plus of the show.


  • Slow-paced narration during the first few episodes.
  • Predictable and simple plot, whereas the narration only makes it different.
  • Non-linear screenplay sometimes makes it unique, but most of the time confusing the audience from the start.
  • It takes some time to figure out what happening in the present.

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A Shop For Killers Review

An Intense action thriller K-Drama

Overall 'A Shop for killers' gives an intense action ride with a character-driven narration. Technical aspects of the drama stand tall but the slow-paced narration makes it an okay to good level watching experience.

The Good
  1. Peformances
  2. Story
  3. Cinematography
The Bad
  1. Slow
  2. Bit Confusing
  • Performances
  • Twists and Turns
  • Cinematography
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