“One Day” Ending Explained: Netflix presents yet another romantic drama with a minimal cast and limited durations. “One Day” has fourteen episodes with an average of 25 minutes runtime. Each episode shows things happening at 15th of July of each year. The story tells the friendship, and love between Dexter and Emma and the people surrounding them. How things between Dexter and Emma go and end is the main plot of the series.

The last episode had a tragic ending. Emma got hit by a car and fell on the ground. Unfortunately, she died that. We see a flashback scene at the start of the episode, where Emma and Dexter drinking while Dexter’s mother comes there. They were happy in the scene.

Dexter thinks about the past days most time. His mother and now Emma died, which made him an alcoholic again. He is no more than a passionate guy. We see him in 2003 in his sober mood. He drinks and dances at his daughter’s school. Other parents complained to him for doing those at the school. Sylvie looks after the girl, whereas Callum is not that happy about it.

Dexter goes to the bar but they are not giving him a drink, and Dexter fights at the bar and get wounded. Sylvie washes him and try to motivate him to move on. Dexter’s father picks him to their home, Dexter cries lying in his bed. His father says he also lost his wife, and he knows Dexter’s pain. Father says don’t be like this, think of Emma is with him, and move on and live his life.

Cut to 2004, 15th July it’s the second year after Emma’s death. Everyone came at Dexter’s house for the day. Sylvie, Tilly, and Ian were all there at his house. Everyone says things about Emma, Dexter is very sad thinking about her. Dexter go out to get some air, and Ian comes to him. Ian says Emma loved Dexter more than anyone and he can say 100%. Ian says he tried everything he could to make her happy, but she always loved Dexter.

People gathered to leave the home. Sylvie comes and say goodbye. Sylvie is not living with Callum anymore, Dexter says he also sad for her. But Sylvie says she has no issues and tells Dexter to move on. Dexter starts hallucinating about Emma and crying over it. The time goes on and we see Dexter in 2007. He is not drunk or anything and in a good mood.

He is revisiting the places he met with Emma at start. He went to their college where he met her at the graduation party. We see small glimpse of the flashback with her happening in the first episode. He revisits other places that they were gone at that day. Dexter goes to Arthur Seat Mountain with Jasmine and shows where he met Emma up from there. The series ends with his revisiting and thier memory glimpses.

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As a finale episode, this episode ended out well. The conclusion of him moving on with his life with her memories is a good ending for this plot and this kind of series. For viewers this is an expected ending, as a viewer i also predicted the end will be like this after seeing 13th episode. Overall the series was a good watch if you need a time pass romantic simple series.



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