A Killer Paradox Episode 5 Recap and Explained: Netflix presents an eight-episodic crime thriller drama. Yet another thriller with investigation and action elements. The plot revolves around a young man and his superhero behaviors. He once unexpectedly kills a man, turns out that the man was a serial killer. The rest of the story tells about his murders and survival.

The fifth episode opens with Choi Gyeonga looking at a computer. She was looking at a forum of anonymous people talking about a sex video of her. She anonymously commented that she died long ago. She started smoking and slept on her bed thinking about a lot of things.

She later joined at the same workplace of Lee Tang. We were working on a wholesale supermarket. Lee Tang suddenly had visions of killing a professor, the man who murdered a pregnant girl. The professor killed the girl and hid the body in a distant forest, Lee Tang killed him at the same spot.

Meanwhile, Nan Gam and his friends kept searching for Lee Tang. They spotted him at a metro station at Busan. But he is already staying in Busan with a fake identity. The cops went to his family asking for help to find out Lee Tang. They were convinced to make up a request to bring back Lee Tang by positing a lookout notice in his name. His mother was convinced by the idea of cops, but his sister got suspicious on police.

Nan Gam told them the truth about his murders. Gyeonga met an old friend named Sang Min, at a restaurant. They started to go out together, sang Min was very humble with her, even though he has a girlfriend.

Gyeonga kept dating Sang Min, he came her to house to spend a few nights with her. His marriage was already confirmed with his girlfriend, still, he cheated on Gyeonga to have sex with her and she found out when she checked his phone. They both had a fight inside her room, Sang Min got triggered and choked her neck hard. She lost her breath and died instantly. Later Sang Min burned her apartment and left.

Nan Gam and other cops started looking for Lee Tang at Busan after the approval of their parents. They investigated Gyeonga’s death, same time Song Chon caught Lee Tang at his work. Song Chon looked at him as a cop, Lee Tang escaped from both Nan Gam and Song Chon.

Later, Song Chon caught Sang Min and murdered him for killing Gyeonga. When cops came looking for Lee Tang at his apartment, it was already cleared and Lee Tang left with his things. Same time, the rest of the cops went to Sang Min’s apartment, when they opened the door, it blasted away completely.

Overall the fifth episode was a bit dragging. This episode highly concentrates on the life of Gyeonga and it lacks content. The middle portions were very much slow and the climax portion made a good peak. Let’s see how Lee Tang survives the situation in the next episode.

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