3 Body Problem Recap And Explained: Netflix released their next big-budget thriller mind-bending series “3 Body Problem” in eight episodes with almost an hour of runtime each. This series was created by the well-known creators of the popular series “Game of Thrones”. A series of murders happened related to scientists and a game was introduced to the friends of the dead scientists. As they played the game it made them unable to escape from it and started unveiling more mysteries related to it.

Episode 4 opens in London, 1982 where young Mike Evans meets young Dr. Ye Wenjie in a restaurant. Ye Wenjie asks if he still remembers her. Mike Evans said he remembers her very well. Ye Wenjie said she is only here for a week for a conference on Astrophysics.

Mike Evans told her that she finally got out of that hilltop. Mike Evans said he knows about her father as he did some digging, Ye Wenjie said she also knows about his father and told him that she knows that he is running his father’s oil company now. Also, she added Mao is dead and she is a professor at Tsinghua University.

Mike Evans says he could’ve spent the rest of his life in that hut trying to save a subspecies of the northwestern brown swallow or he could have used the resources available for him to do something more. Mike added that in order to fight the power sometimes you have to embrace the power. Mike Evans says he is the same man Ye Wenjie met in Shaanxi and nothing changed for him.

Cut to the present, Will is at the hospital. He is discharged. Will sends a text message to Jack Rooney telling them the discharge was an hour ago and told them to text back if Jack Rooney can’t make it. Suddenly Saul Durand comes to the room. As Will talks about Jack Rooney not responding to calls or texts. Next, we see the footage of Jack Rooney getting killed in his apartment alone shown at the intelligence office to Jack Rooney’s friends. Jin is very upset and crying while Auggie Salazar consoles her that it’s not her fault that killed Rooney.

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Auggie Salazar says that it must be the same woman the one who lit my cigarette may have killed Jack Rooney. And she says Maybe she erased herself from the footage like last time so it could be her or someone she works with. Clarence says there are 18 security cameras at Jack Rooney’s house and she doesn’t show up on any of them. Wade asks isn’t it strange that Vera Ye recruited five pet geniuses to Oxford and now, Vera and one of her pets are dead. Wade tells Jin Cheng to go to the meeting.

Auggie Salazar consoles Jin Cheng. Jin Cheng says they are real and Auggie Salazar also agrees and says someone from this world helping them and says we will fight them. Clarence informs Wade that he found the location of Mike Evans. Clarence says the Panamax oil tanker hasn’t delivered oil in 40 years and there could be 1,000 people living on there. Clarence says he has the coordinates of the ship. It’s in the Mediterranean Sea 200 miles north of Alexandria. Wade tells him to wait for a move.

At the ship, Mike Evans greets kids. Mike Evans asks his staff about Rooney. His staff tells him Rooney didn’t make it. Also, he asks if they need to increase the security. Mike Evans talks to the radio and tells it that they have new comrades for the London summit tomorrow. The voice on the radio tells him that they know about the summit. Mike Evans asks who is they. The voice tells it’s his enemies and tells them they know where he is and they are watching him right now. and also tells them not to get afraid as the lord will protect them.

Clarence chatted with his son. They have a small debate on his son’s job seeking. His son mocks him as a bad husband. Will and Saul Durand at Jack Rooney’s house, Will sees the blood stain where Jack Rooney was killed. Wade and Clarence explain to Jin Cheng about the situation that gonna happen at the summit. Wade tells her to give her maximum time there so that they can get more information and do only less talking.

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Jin Cheng gets readied for the meeting. Clarence tells her to take some things that are needed for some day’s stays. As Jin Cheng drives the car, Wade calls her phone and tells her not to attend the call again also he clarifies he is watching her by saying the traffic light is green now. Mike Evans reads a book on the radio. And the voice tells him she doesn’t understand what he is implying. They have debated on that topic. Mike Evans tries to explain things like telling people to hide their real intentions from others like his enemies whom he calls pests. But the voice couldn’t understand it.

Mike Evans asks if she doesn’t lie to anyone. The voice tells them to communicate everything as it’s come out. The voice asks where is the wolf he mentioned now. It says they did like to meet him. Mike Evans explains to her that it’s not real and it’s a story. A voice says it doesn’t understand, Mike Evans tells her the story is not real and is a lie. The voice tells him they are afraid of him as he is a liar. And adds they can’t co-exist with liars. Mike Evans calls ‘My Lord’ many times but the voice is gone and not speaking back.

Cut to Jin Cheng, she reached a stranded place in her car. She left the car and walked forward and saw a lady with a car. The lady checked her eyes on the scanner device and welcomed Jin Cheng to the car. Clarence was nearby watching them through scopes.

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As they were going to the summit Jin Cheng asked what happens at the summit. The lady replies their lord will tell she gets there. At the summit Jin Cheng meets the lady who invited her, the lady who killed Jack Rooney. They introduce the founder of this movement. Wade asks how can Mike Evans come here from the ship that fast to Clarence. As they talk they introduce the founder Ye Wenjie. Jin Cheng, Wade and Clarence are shocked to hear it. Ye Wenjie says it was a good choice for Jin Cheng. Jin Cheng is on her terrified look.

Ye Wenjie gets to the stage and starts her speech. Ye Wenjie tells everyone to welcome the people who are coming after 400 years from now. Ye Wenjie tells them that they are very advanced and coming to share the knowledge with us for our future families. As she speaks the police squad break into the hall.

Ye Wenjie tells everyone not to resist and sit down. Police tie everyone and take away only Jin Cheng. The lady who killed Jack Rooney takes her gun out and shoots the police who is escorting Jin Cheng. Police and members start shooting each other. The whole hall gets into chaos. Clarence comes there are saves Jin Cheng outside. The lady escapes there. Members got arrested and the injured were taken away in an ambulance. Doctors gave first aid to Jin Cheng.

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As Jin Cheng is going in an ambulance Will calls her asking if she could come with him for an outing somewhere. Jin Cheng says yes to him they both can go alone. Will asks if anything is okay now, Jin Cheng says there is something Will needs to know about which includes all of them and tells him about the things. Cut to a flashback in the North Atlantic Ocean in 1984, Young Ye Wenjie is in a helicopter with Mike Evans. As they are approaching Mike’s ship he asks her what she thinks of it. Ye Wenjie tells him it’s like seeing an old friend again. They land the helicopter at the ship.

Mike Evans tells Ye Wenjie that this is his research base. Ye Wenjie asks Mike Evans why put base here. Mike Evans said no borders or no politics or no interference here. Mike Evans says that they’ve been trying to reach her ever since they got her message after that she left the base. Mike Evans says she is very important to them and they are curious to learn more about us and want to teach us. Ye Wenjie says that it was very long ago and she wondered if it was real. Mike Evans says it’s real and says she brought them hope. They both kiss each other out of joy.

Wade takes Ye Wenjie to enquiry with higher officials. Wade tells her they know about the ship and asks what happens on Judgment Day. Ye Wenjie tells him that they have got her because they let you. She corrects him “We didn’t let you, They let you !” and mocks Wade saying he has no idea what they can do. And she says they are coming and says when they arrive all will be so grateful.

Overall the episode was very thrilling and engaging. The twists were really amazing. We got to know about more mysteries about what’s coming.

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