“Shogun” Episode 4 Recap and Explained: FX originally presented a ten-episodic American historical action war drama series ” Shogun” is currently streaming now in Hulu & Disney+ Hotstar. In this article, we are going to discuss about the recap of the fourth episode. But before we start began let’s know about the story of this series. The series is an adaptation of a best-selling novel ” Shogun” written by James Clavell in 1975.

The series shows Japan in the era of 1600 when the Civil War emerged. Lord Toranaga trying to fight against the Council of Regents who want to defeat him. Previously we have seen how Toranaga, Lady Mariko & Blackthorne left Osaka & headed towards the fishing village Ajiro. Let’s see what surprise is waiting for them.

A man informed Lord Omi that Lord Yabushige was coming to their village with a guest. This means, they are coming in Ajiro. Lord Omi mentioned that the Lord of Kanto, Yoshii Toranaga is coming with him. Then the villagers of the people started cleaning the whole village to welcome them.

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Meanwhile, Toranaga is on the ship. We see Fuji have a problem when Toranaga appointed Blackthorne as a ” Hatamoto”. She informed Lady Mariko that it was inappropriate so otherwise he take this again or she would leave the clan & become a nun. She also thought Buntaro died because of Barbarian but Mariko thought he died by doing his job. Mariko has a huge trust in Toranaga.

“Shogun” Episode 4 Summary

Toranaga informed Yabushige that he had given an order to Hiromatsu, as soon as they left Osaka, he must hand over Toranaga’s resignation letter to Ishido. Yabushige can’t believe this as he thinks it will be a suicidal decision because it can destroy Toranaga’s vassals, allies & friends. He also thinks that soon everyone will die. In this situation, he suggested Toranaga to do seppuku at once. Toranaga is not interested in anything untill a legal order arrives. Soon, they arrived in Ajiro.

Now, Ajiro is actually Yabushige’s ruling. They are welcoming them beautifully. The people of Ajiro had already seen Blackthorne before but Yabushige informed them that he is now a ” Hatamoto”. Omi is a nephew of Yabushige and he welcomes everyone, especially Mariko. Blackthorne said he already met him we also know that . People cheered Yabushige for his arrival. Toranaga joined then & told to everyone to protect this land against any problem. People After hearing Toranaga’s speech they cheered him instead of Yabushige. We are feeling jealousy in the air.

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Blackthorne later met with Muraji ask him about his crew. Muraji said they were moved to a different place. He asked the man to show him the place. Later he was trying to go into a ship but a guard stopped him from doing this. Mariko said that he had permission to board. Blackthorne said it was his ship & he wanted to meet his man too. But his men were brought to Toranaga’s city of Edo for their safety . Blackthorne said his ship is now belonged to him but it actually now belongs to Toranaga.

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Blackthorne became upset & later moved from the place. He met with Uejirou, the gardener & that’s the place where he is going to live. His sleeping room with Fuji & Mariko going to live in the guest room. Blackthorne is really amazed by this welcome. He asks Mariko how long he gonna stay here. Mariko replied, “Nagakado-sama says the training will take at least six months “. Blackthorne has to train the people of the locality but he refuses as he doesn’t wanna do this before he meets with his crew. As a Hatamoto his salary will be 240 koku a year & Fuji will be his consort. Blackthorne doesn’t want all of these to stay here as a prisoner.

Later at night, we see Yabushige talking with his elder & Omi. Yabushige asks Omi that is he found the rodent who leaked word of the barbarian ship to Toranaga. As we know in the first episode after founding Blackthorne’s ship, Toranaga’s general somehow found it & reached there to take him. Yabushige is still searching for who leaked his valuable information. Yabushige might be working with Ishido as he thinks that Ishido might think that he betrayed him.

Now, he has to train a gun regiment along with the Barbarian. Omi said this gun regiment belonged to him. He also said that untill Toranaga returns the whole gun regiment belongs to him. On the other side, the council might be finding their fifth member before impeaching Lord Toranaga. In this situation, he might go with their guns to lord Ishido so he could give Yabushige that position. Young Omi is very much clever & his ideas give Yabushige a light in the darkness.

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On the other side, we see Blackthorne has a huge problem with staying with Fuji. Fuji is actually Buntaro’s niece & recently her husband & infant son were put to death. Mariko informed all of these to Blackthorne. As the child’s father served Toranaga now fuji is became Blackthorne’s consort. Mariko talks about ” The Eightfold Fence”. When they are small they are ordered to build something inside themselves. Which is ‘ an impenetrable wall’, behind which they can retreat whenever they need to. They also trained themselves without hearing. For instance, they can listen to the sound of a blossom falling or the rocks growing. It’s about the Focus on hearing. Blackthorne tried to understand their ritual as Mariko handed him his guns.

The next day, Omi & Yabushige come to take Blackthorne with them. Blackthorne wants to go with his weapons but it’s forbidden to do so. As Blackthorne is unable to listen to them Omi’s army is ready for attack & Blackthorne also opens his gun to fight back. Mariko tried to cool him down as he was now protected as Hatamoto he didn’t need to do this.

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Omi ordered him to hand over those guns but Blackthorne didn’t want to do this. Mariko ordered Blackthorne to hand over the gun to Fuji as she was his consort. It’s Fuji’s responsibility to give her life to defend those guns. Later he handed over those guns to Fuji. As guns are now with Fuji when Omi orders her to hand over them she points those guns to them. Omi after seeing this felt sorry and left there. Blackthorne was also impressed with Fuji.

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Later Blackthorne joined in the training ground. The armies of Yabushige don’t need to learn basic skills like loading & cleaning muskets as the Portuguese brought guns 50 years ago, they are experienced with it.
Yabushige said foreign methods are unknown for their enemies so he asked Blackthorne to start with tactics. Blackthorne started to inform tactics he began to describe the great battle; known as ” The Siege of Malta”.

60,000 Islamic Turks the cream of the Ottoman Empire, had come against 600 Christian knights, supported by a few thousand Maltese auxiliaries at their vast Castle Complex at St.Elmo. Now the knights had successfully withstood the six-month siege & incredibly had forced the enemy to retreat in shame. This victory saved the whole Mediterranean seaboard & thus Christendom.

After hearing this whole Story Mariko became curious she understood that when this battle happened Blackthorne was not even born so he had no clue about the battle . Mariko later asked him to describe a battle that he actually fought. Blackthorne said he mentioned to them a lot of times that he is just a sea pilot. Mariko is speechless after hearing this. In this moment Blackthorne tells her to inform Yabushige that Gun tactics Are useless compared to the fine art of English Naval Warfare.

Blackthorne said the Castle in Osaka is impregnable it’s easy to attack there with a ship & cannon . Later he demonstrated to them the power & accuracy of a cannon. Yabushige thinks that cannons are unable to attack the target because previously Portuguese tried to do it but failed. But Blackthorne is master into his & his cannon too. They perfectly launched in the target. Yabushige is happy after seeing this. Meanwhile, he also tried to learn the Japanese language from Mariko which could help him to commune with the soldiers. He helps those soldiers to master this attack. Meantime, we see Mariko secretly trying to decode the diary of Blackthorne.

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The next day we see, Blackthorne enjoying the view with Mariko. He is happy as the soldiers are doing really great job. Mariko said Toranaga also be happy after seeing this. Blackthorne said his ship Erasmus would be great in this battle & his men in Edo also helped them to build these Japanese soldiers as a navy. Mariko said his oath is to Toranaga & not to the orders that brought him here.

Hearing about the ” orders” Blackthorne becomes speechless as he asks her what she is talking about. Mariko said about his crimes against the Portuguese. Mariko reads down his diary & comes to a conclusion that their Lord will never be turned against Blackthorne’s enemies. Blackthorne said their enemies are common as those Catholics are trying to kill Toranaga in Osaka. but the reality is those Catholics are actually trying to kill Blackthorne. Blackthorne replied that it’s true because they fear what he can make, especially ” a modern navy”. While they are talking about their masters They face a small earthquake which makes Blackthorne spellbound. Marini said this happens sometimes even tsunami also comes from the sea & fires that break out in the villages & cities. That’s how is the life of Japanese people as their death is in the air, sea,& earth too.

The people of the town feel very irritated after Blackthorne reaches there. As they continue testing their canons the sound of these makes them suffer. Blackthorne improving in learning the Japanese language. Meantime he made eye contact with Mariko too. But, suddenly danger comes closer to them. Some of the soldiers informed that Lord Ishido’s men are coming from the west & Nebara Jozen is leading the pack.

As we know after coming into the town Toranaga vanished somewhere so Yabushige also trying to find him. Ishido’s members want to know about Toranga but Yabushige has no information about it. The Ishido’s soldier gives him the invitation to return to Osaka to renew his oath of loyalty to the council & accept the consequences of his actions. Yabushige refused to accept it as he knew that if Ishido killed him he would definitely miss his essential Ally. Yabushige also said that he is gonna be important for Ishido as he can closely observe the canon of Blackthorne’s which is outstanding .

At least Yabushige invited Jozen to stay in their town to see the power of the cannon if he is not impressed with it , then Yabushige will surrender himself. Yabushige allowed his man to make a place for Jozen as he witnessed a demonstration of their artillery. Toranaga’s son lord Nagakado does not agree on this but foolish Yabushige convinces him. Later he talks with Haru as they are planning to do something.

Blackthorne gives his gun to Fuji as she shows her Loyalty. He also mentioned that he will gonna teach her how to use it. Fuji was really impressed by seeing the kindness of Blackthorne so she also gave her father’s sword to Blackthorne. As Hatamoto it’s inappropriate not to carry a Sword so Blackthorne accepts it after a bit of hesitation. He started to enjoy the food of the two ladies.

Later Blackthorne went for a bath. There Lady Mariko also joined him & told him about her family history. Many years ago a great injustice stole everything from her. As she belongs to a very well-known family background. For a long time, she has been unable to seek a resolution for what happened. But Toranaga offered her a way. Blackthorne wants to know About the ” resolution” that she is saying. She didn’t mention about it later she started asking about Blackthorne’s city London. That’s how the relationship between Mariko & Blackthorne became more closer.

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Omi on the other side drinking with Nagakado telling him that it would be a bit risky if Jozel found out their tactics. Omi asked him to inform his father so that they could know the location of Toranaga. But Nagakado wants to prove his powers.

So, the next day during the trial Jozel was there. Blackthorne also comes up with his sword. Yabushige said the target for today’s demonstration have been coordinated by Nagakodo. For this exercise, the cannon will fire across the plain & blast the target with perfect accuracy. The young Nagakodo challenged Jozel & went against him. He showed his power & ordered the cannon to fire. With perfect accuracy, those cannons destroyed Jozels army( just some soldiers with whom he is staying). Later he cut the head of Jozel.

According to Nagakodo’s works, war just had started. He killed Ishido’s man without any alert. Mariko afraid
About this. On the other side, we still don’t know where Toranaga went after coming to this island. Let’s wait for the next to see what will gonna happen. Four episodes of ” Shogun” are currently streaming now On Disney plus Hotstar & Hulu.


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