“Constellation” Episode 7 Recap and Explained: Apple Original presents an eight-episodic American sci-fi series ” Constellation” is currently streaming now on the platform with only three episodes, the remaining episodes will come on weekly. In this article, we are going to discuss the recap of episode 7. Before starting it let’s have a quick recap of the story of this series. This is a story about a female astronaut Joe, after returning back from space she is facing lots of unreal things. Let’s see what is exactly happening with her.

After little Alice saw from the mirror she went outside to meet her mother. But on the outside, she found now one only pitch dark. She still can hear her footprints so calling her. In the other verse, Jo heard her calling & in the meantime, she saw Alice in the car. Alice from the alternate verse went into Ice Lake to find her mother. In the Icey lake with gutsy wind, she tries to find Jo.

Meanwhile, in the verse where Jo is alive, she is with her daughter Alice trying to decode the ghost tapes. She hears the calling of another Alice in the Swedish language. Alice said she never speaks in Swedish. Alice Heard that her mother was speaking in English & talking about the CAL in space. But, Jo isn’t able to recall anything about CAL before the accident. Alice trying to understand what ” CAL” is. The young girl remembered what Henry told to her about CAL as it is linked with physics. Jo replied that it was a quantum experiment which is supposed to capture a quantum superposition. She further explained that ” it’s sort of like when One thing can exist in two places at the same time .”

There’s another tape Alice found. But, this is the voice of Paul who is asking about the protocols on dealing with the dead body. Where we heard that he was talking with Michaela about his concern that Ericson is so badly lacerated. Jo is unable to understand What’s going on. Alice also Afraiding & asking ” Am I the same as you”? She wants to know if is she Alice or not. Jo doesn’t understand What’s going on Alice replies they must find a way to find about truth.

We see a bunch of police cars trying to approach where Jo & Alice is. Frederic, Magnus & Henry in one of the police cars. Frederic asks Henry whether she speak with Irena or not & Henry replies ” She’s on her way here”. Magnus wants to know why she is coming & understands that she is coming to take care of Jo. More we understand that the same thing happened with Henry also.

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Jo outside hides the CAL machine in a small house. She somehow heard the voice of another Alice & then went inside to find out her Alice is simply fine. She knows she heard it right. She started to find the second one in the storm. But the other Alice returns to their cottage & finds their home is completely destroyed & the weird painting also changed.

She went to find her mother but found a cupboard there. She went inside into it & with the gutsy wind the cupboard became locked. Jo finds the voice she also comes to the different Universe on the other side of the snowstorm. She opened the lock cupboard and took out Alice. The whole time she asked her is she is okay or not. Then helps her to bathe in warm water. The only difference between the two Alice is the second one can talk in Swedish. Jodi finds that in her home there are two Alice now but she is unable to understand who is the real one.

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While Jo met with Alice who belongs to her verse, the other one went missing. Alice who is from another verse also back into her world where she finds her father instead of Magnus. She talked her experience when she found her mother. Magnus is unable to understand anything . Meanwhile, Jo in another Verse asks her daughter if there’s another cabin that is exactly their cabin. She took the CAL device with her & asked Alice to go with her to find out the other ” Alice”. Things are exactly what we saw before when Alice told her mother that people can see things after coming from space. Jo said she is partially right & they must find out the truth. Then Alice ran off from there to find her dad.

While the other one is with her dad & she also decides to go outside to find her mother. Magnus woke up & saw her daughter missing so he also went outside. Things are a bit confusing we know but these are actually pieces of the puzzle that are in the wrong place. Alice from a different verse who talks in Swedish finds the CAL device . Alice who ran off from her mother found a different cabin which is wrecked. She saw the picture hanging there was also different. Everything in the house is broken instead of her tape recorder. Another Alice also reached there & found the recorder inside there as no-one present there .

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The Alice from different verses are talking to each other via the tape recorder. When Jo finally found a house while she went inside it was exactly the same is going in another universe but there was Magnus instead. So, Jo & Magnus both hear the voice of Alice from the cupboard. They both went there & listened to the conversation between the two Alice. After hearing this Jo left from there & wasn’t able to lock the door properly, also put the lantern on the table. On the other side, Magnus calls the police that his daughter went missing. Jo is heading towards somewhere with her car. While in her house the lantern fell down.

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Just two Alice trying to understand her. One is taking in mixed Swedish and said she is looking for her mother. The other one said her mother is dead in the space. She also said that her colour of her car is red. This Swedish Alice must be the real one as Jo’e’s behaviour is kind of matched with her. The other Alice ( who talks in English)said that it’s her mamma who is alive instead her mother is dead. They just swapped their places.

Meanwhile, Jo finds that the house is on fire. She quickly went into the house & found nothing there. As we understood she went into a different house. But, the house is completely broken er understood that it’s broken by this fire. She saw the fire in the same weird painting but not in the house. It’s the exact house which burnt down. She found Alice in the cupboard but This isn’t the one who speaks in Swedish.

On the other side, Magnus, Henery & Frederic went to find Jo as their road is blocked. They are ready to walk & find Jo & Alice. While Henry sometimes felt Bud is inside him. He got the visions & following a weird light. Then he found the CAL device inside the snow.

Magnus from different verse looking for her daughter. Where Jo is speaking with her daughter the real one who speaks in the Swedish language. The Swedish Alice wants to know when her mother is coming but Jo has no idea how to go there. Meanwhile, in that verse where the Swedish girl in Fire breaks out. But, Henry saw that fire there. Suddenly fire breaks out in the home where Jo & Henry also reach there with the visions of Bud. Jo saved one & handed over her to Henry. On the other side, Bud fired Paul & killed him down. Bud was trying to help Paul by calling an ambulance meanwhile also helped Alice to come out & take her down on the snow.

Jo on the other side in between the fire, trying to find her real daughter. But she failed to do that. Later she comes out & finds that one Alice is lying in the snow. Jo tried hard to help her as the young girl fainted. Meanwhile, she found the other one standing there with a necklace. She shakingly said ” U can’t feel her anymore”. Swedish Alice found her dad’s voice. Jo tells her to go while knowing that it’s her real daughter. Jo knows it but tells her to go to her father.

She said goodbye to her mother and left there. While people are reached there to find Jo & Alice. Finally Alice in that Universe comes out alive. After she comes out alive, Jo again Tries to find her real daughter While the police capture her. So the missing pieces aren’t in the exact places. Swedish Alice just went to her father where he is happy to see her daughter. They both watched the photo hanging there which is again changed into an ” angel”.

On the other side, we see Alice who is in bad condition after the fire broke out. She is dreaming and finds herself in an abandoned house. Then she heard the voice of ” The Valya” who was speaking in Russian. The Valya said, ” you want to see your mamma?” Who is this Valya? We see that died cosmonaut. Talking to Alice ” Come with me, and I’ll take you to your mama”. We see the eerie faces of that cosmonaut calling Alice with her.

Later in the morning, the young Alice finally speaks with her dad. She first asks where her mother is now. Magnus said she is with a woman known as ” Irena Lysenko”. Young Alice understood that she was the one cosmonaut and said that ” they must need to get her back”

Okay, the story ended in an interesting way. Let’s see what’s gonna happen in the next episode. You can now watch seven episodes of ” Constellation” currently streaming now On AppleTV in the English language along with subtitles.



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