3 Body Problem Episode 7 Recap And Explained: Netflix presents a Science fiction experimental show called ‘3 Body Problem’ from the creators of Game of Thrones. The show is based on a novel of the same name. The plot revolves around some scientists who get killed by an alien-made game, eventually an alien organisation starts to hunt down well-known scientists to recruit them to help Aliens to invade the Earth. A group of intelligent minds joins together on a mission to stop Aliens from entering the Earth is the rest of the story.

Episode 7 opens at the beach house of Will. Saul Durand and Will were sitting in front of the beach house, looking at the stars. Will bought a star from the galaxy for nineteen million dollars. He wanted the star to be remembered as Jin, so can say it’s his own. Will orders Saul Durand not to tell anyone including Jin Cheng about the purchase.

Saul Durand promises him that he won’t tell in her future too. While drinking beer, Will falls on the floor. Saul Durand took him to the hospital and he was admitted. Later, Saul Durand called Jin Cheng to notify her about the sudden admission, she talked with Will for some time, He shared his new experience after the admission. Saul Durand requested Jin Cheng to visit him when she had free time.

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Jin Cheng gets an anonymous parcel, handed over by Raj Varma. They both opened it and it led to a shock. The organisation that’s selling Stars send the complete details of the owner rights of the star in Jin Cheng’s name. She couldn’t find who made the purchase, but actually, it’s Will, who purchased the star in her name. Jin Cheng thought someone was pranking her with the purchase document, but Raj Varma confirmed it as real. Later, at the experiment lab, a scientist shows a demo of a Monkey who’s locked inside a device for slow ageing. If the monkey survives after the long-term life experiment inside the tube, it can be applied on human beings too.

The scientist slowly opens the door of the device and brings the monkey in front of a monitor. He asks the monkey to press an orange button to get a banana, the monkey touches it correctly. After that, the scientist again asks him to touch another button for final approval, and the monkey again touches the button that the scientist asks for. The scientist gives him the banana, after eating the banana, the Monkey starts vomiting it in front of Jin Cheng and other workers.

Auggie Salazar explains the process of using nanotechnology in different dimensions, she is worried that it might get complicated due to the large-scale process. Jin Cheng asks her for help to overcome the situation and also explains to her how the future becomes if the aliens start infiltrating the earth. Auggie Salazar believes that she is on the wrong side and that helping them will break her ethics.

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Meanwhile, at the hospital, Will is dreaming about sitting in the middle of the sea on a paper boat, and suddenly his family members wake him up. They start talking about their problems and their need to build a new home. They ask Will to handover the their assets, which were transferred from his mother. Will got tears in his ears after their conversation, in a depressed voice, he accepts the decision to hand over the assets received from his mother.

Back at the Staircase Project desk, a bunch of intelligent people discussing about the requirements for the project. If they want to accelerate the probe to the required speed, with the propellant available to them, the heaviest payload it can carry is under two kilograms and that’s a very small person.

For the project to be a success, they someone to be there to evaluate the aliens, they need someone who knows about physics, chemistry, and rocket science and also someone who’s willing to die for nothing, which probably means someone who’s dying already. James Wade happens to know about Jin Cheng’s friend Will.

He thinks that a science person like Will be an exact suit for the project, also he has only a few times left in his life. Jin Cheng and Auggie Salazar oppose the decision of James Wade to hire Will onboard for the mission. Auggie Salazar argues with Jin Cheng for calling her to the monstrous project, she also concluded that she won’t be part of this project anymore.

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Meanwhile, Auggie Salazar made up her mind to leave the country along with her work. She tells her boss that she won’t give it for commercial purposes or for the company’s gain. The boss mocked Auggie Salazar while she was typing on her phone, he thought she was tweeting about her resignation. Auggie Salazar explains that she leaked their work on the internet platforms. All of their research, the specs on their equipment, their work on upscaling, and applications, all on Wikileaks, arXiv and a dozen other open source platforms.

The boss said that It belongs to the company and also his investors will sue the people who use it. Auggie Salazar added that those people can use clean room design, separate their designers from his company IP and it can cover their work from copyright infringement. Auggie Salazar also shares a guide for that too. She also said that these things worked against IBM, Apple and even Sony.

After the argument with her boss, she took her things and tried to leave the office. Her boss tells her that he will sue her personally for leaking everything, but she added that she’s going to leave the country in three hours, if he’s doing anything against her, he should commence within three hours of time. Back at the hospital, Jin Cheng explained the possibility of saving the world from future alien attacks to Will.

He was happy to see her again alone with him. He expresses his love towards her and also he accepts the invitation to join the Staircase project. At the end of the conversation, they both ended up crying. Yi Wenjie packs her things to leave the country, she calls Paul for a little chat. At the graveyard of Dr. Vera, they shared their memories about her.

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Yi Wenjie tells a fictional story of Newton in the name of a joke, and after that, she leaves the place. At the airport, someone was following Yi Wenjie, so she booked a seat next to the person who had been following her. Tatiana is seen in a far war place, living alone in a caravan, suddenly the mysterious lady pops up on the monitor and tells her that she is assigned for a bigger purpose.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, James Wade completes all the documentation works for Will’s travel and informs Jin Cheng that Will bought the star in her name. Paul and Will had a final face-to-face emotional conversation before his journey, Will signs all the formalities and moves towards his next step.

Jin Cheng rushes towards the hospital to meet and thank Will for everything, but unfortunately, he already transferred into the process. Yi Wenjie reached back to China, she visited the place where she worked, and Tatiana also came to the place. They both sat around the mountain, looked at the sky and shared their personal views.

Overall the seventh episode was truly an emotional ride. The final moments of Will with his friends gave so much depth to the story. The guilty appearance of Yi Wenjie turns the story into a new question mark that she will really die or again follow the orders of the Lord. The chemistry between Will and Paul was one of the main highlights of this episode. Let’s see how the finale going to end.

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