3 Body Problem Season 5 Recap and Explained: Netflix presents an adventurous science fiction show called 3 Body Problem. The show is created by the brilliant masters behind the world’s biggest show ‘Game of Thrones ‘.The show deals with the war between the scientific minds of the extraterrestrial planets and human scientists of the earth.

The show unravels the past, present and future events of civilization around the planet and how the influence of aliens changes the future of Earth.

Episode 5 begins with James Wade having a conversation with Raj. They are standing in front of a huge Mediterranean ship, Thomas Wade asks Raj about the details of the ship. Raj doesn’t know anything about Thomas Wade’s identity, Raj tells him that it’s highly confidential to talk about the naval ships, as a loyal naval officer, he will open his mouth only to the superior officers with proper identification cards.

Thomas Wade then shows him the ID card, then Raj starts talking about the ship. Thomas Wade then orders Raj to join him on a bigger mission to save the nation. Meanwhile, Auggie Salazar and Jin Cheng are staying in an abandoned house with more than ten police officers’ protection.

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Jin Cheng was traumatized after witnessing the brutal shootout at the summit. She tries to eat all the overdose tablets to get away from the trauma. Auggie Salazar comforts Jin Cheng with her words. Jin Cheng couldn’t believe that Dr Vera’s mother would be part of such an organisation. Auggie Salazar and Jin Cheng used to go to many universities with Dr Vera during her childhood days, they thought she was the best aunt they ever had. On the other side, Clarence is interrogating Ye Wenjie.

She explains that on the 15th of August 1977, Aliens contacted Ye Wenjie for the first time. Ye Wenjie thinks that the Lord allowed Clarence to capture her, which means she’s no longer valuable to the Lord, also what she knows is no longer a threat. Ye Wenjie also confirms that Vera is Mike Evans’s biological daughter. Earlier, Ye Wenjie thought Jin Cheng could be the most capable physicist in the world and that’s why she hired her by giving them a new VR headset.

Clarence went to meet James Wade with the things he learnt from Ye Wenjie. James Wade took a 1,000-year-old historical artefact, which was used by Genghis Khan’s army back in the past. He explains that he is 1% Mongolian. Clarence believes that Ye Wenjie did not hide anything from him, in her mind, it doesn’t matter anymore. They want to take control of the ship named Judgment Day, Mike Evans is currently through the ship and communicating with the Aliens. Back at the ship, Mike Evans is seen talking with his staff about the Lord.

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The staff thinks the Lord is not helping them anymore, the attack on England happened without any information from the Lord. He thinks they are all under attack and the Lord can’t protect them. Mike Evans explains that the Lord sees everything from a far away distance and whatever happens is part of the Lord’s plan. After the conversation, Mike Evans went back to his room and tried to contact the Lord once again. Even after he begged so much, the Lord didn’t reply to him at all.

Auggie Salazar is seen watching television, suddenly Clarence interferes with her from behind. She suddenly wakes up and asks him the next step to catch the enemies. Clarence requests Auggie Salazar to restart the nano fibre project to get in touch with the enemies. That night, Clarence and Auggie Salazar secretly went to her office to restart the project.

She opens her computer and restarts the project, it seems that the countdown numbers have completely disappeared from Auggie Salazar’s head. She got tears in her eyes, she hugged Clarence and asked him why isn’t the numbers not appearing again. Clarence thinks that the lord stopped its functioning from influencing people. Later, Clarence and Auggie Salazar went to meet James Wade, who was instructing Raj Varma’s subordinates to prepare for the Navy mission.

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Auggie Salazar prepares a huge weapon to destroy the ship. Raj Varma leads the mission, while his team does the engineering work. Twenty hours only left for the judgement day, James Wade explains the importance of the mission to Auggie Salazar, and he tells her to double-check the work of Raj Varma. She kept asking James Wade about the number of people travelling in that ship, but ignored her questions. James Wade tells Raj Varma to triple-check her work.

Later that night, Auggie Salazar argues with Raj Varma for leading a mission that kills hundreds of innocent people, but Raj Varma is already determined to do his duty for the greater cause, he remembers Auggie Salazar that, they are at war.

The next day in Panama, James Wade, Auggie Salazar and the naval officers arranged everything to destroy the ship passing through the canal. From the surveillance room, Auggie Salazar operates the nanotech machines remotely, the ship starts passing the parameters. Raj Varma thought the tech wasn’t working, but Auggie Salazar clarified that it’s already in motion.

Within a few minutes, the nanotechnology started breaking every metal, thing and even human being into pieces. Mike Evans came out of his room after hearing the sounds of people. He sensed the presence of nanotech for destroying the ship, he took a red chip from the server room and rushed towards the back side of the ship. Eventually, the destruction reached to the end of the ship and Mike Evans scattered into pieces.

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The ship was completely destroyed into pieces and settled at the land. The soldiers searched inside the ship, and a bunch of dead bodies covered in blood were found. Auggie Salazar got emotional after witnessing a child’s foot scattered in pieces. Raj Varma and his team searched the whole ship’s wreckage and eventually found Mike Evans’s body. James Wade found the red chip under Mike Evans’s body. Later, Clarence ordered a team of techs to evaluate and crack the chip. While looking into the inner circle of the chip, they found a large file of three body siphons.

Meanwhile, Jin Cheng kept calling Auggie Salazar and Raj Varma, but no one answered her calls, suddenly James Wade reached out to her. They both went to decode the information the team gathered. James Wade and Jin Cheng eventually join the game to meet the Lord. Inside the game, the mysterious lady yet again appears and starts explaining the things happening around the universe.

Meanwhile, inside the game, the mysterious lady threatens Jin Cheng and James Wade that they are going to kill Earth’s science. They are going to establish it with their Sophons. She explains that a Sophon is a form of proton. They are hidden, folded up far too small for them to see, but they have the technology to unfold those protons. They summon energies and focus them on a single proton, when they unfold it, even a tiny proton becomes huge.

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Two pairs of two sophons, each pair is entangled and connected on the quantum level, two remain with them and the other two, they already sent to the Earth. They entered the solar system months ago. In place of truth, they give miracles, then they wrap the world in illusions, and they make the world see what the want wants to see.

They are watching everything on the Earth. At the end of the episode, the network and technology came under the control of the Sophons. The earth’s solar system changed into a three-dimensional image all over. The world starts witnessing the complete changes done by the Aliens. Jin Cheng and James Wade came out of the building and witnessed the catastrophic change of the Earth.

Overall the episode was stunning in it’s best form. The screenplay was out of the world, a never-seen experience to the viewers. The visuals were amazing in this episode compared to the other ones. The amount of scientific knowledge showcased in this episode is quite high. Looking forward to the adventurous ride in the next episodes.



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