3 Body Problem Episode 3 Recap and Explained: Netflix presents a Magnum Opus science fiction show called 3 Body Problem. This popular show is created by the greatest creators of ‘Game of Thrones ‘. The show deals with a fictional past, present and future where Earth encounters an alien civilization from an unstable three-body star system.

The alien creates a game to recruit intelligent scientists from around the world to infiltrate and take control of the Earth. Episode 3 opens at the European Council for Nuclear Research in Switzerland. Da Shi arrives at the location where Dr. Schmidt died. He was the 32nd scientist who was dead in the last few months. Dr. Schmidt is seen in the bathtub, his head is sunken into the water inside the tub.

Da Shi looked at his apartment thoroughly and found a safe locker inside his room, there he found that mysterious golden helmet that killed many other scientists. Meanwhile, Auggie Salazar and her friends heard about the suicide of the physicist at the nuclear research centre. Jack Rooney explained the details of Dr Schmidt’s death.

They enquired about Auggie Salazar’s weird visions of countdown numbers, she confirmed that it’s gone away after she stopped working on the nano project. Jack Rooney and Saul Durand went inside the storage room, and Jin Cheng and Will had a small conversation. They looked at the mating of birds, Will explained that he resigned from his job and wanted to go on a vacation with his friends. At the same time, Auggie Salazar having a sneak peek at Jack Rooney’s room, she is amazed after looking at the collections of Jack.

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In his room, Auggie Salazar noticed a white box with Jack Rooney’s name on it, she slowly opened it and found the shining helmet. She tries to fit it on her head, and eventually, she gets into the game, the soldier lady suddenly appears inside the game and cuts Auggie Salazar’s head. Auggie quickly woke up, removed the helmet and asked Jack Rooney about the game. She got worried so much when she found out that her friends already started playing the same game which killed her friend Dr. Vera.

Auggie Salazar orders Jack Rooney and Jin Cheng to abandon the game forever and they promise her back too. Jack Rooney told them that someone broke into his house yesterday and placed the box in the hall without any visibility under surveillance footage. Auggie Salazar felt it strange, Saul Durand thought Dr. Vera’s mind was manipulated by the game and that’s why she suicided. On another day, Jin Cheng and Jack Rooney gather all the information to level up in their game.

Clarence was watching on his computer anonymously. Jack Rooney and Jin Cheng once again joined the game, but this time they were helping each other in England. Jack Rooney is seen as Francis Bacon and Jin Cheng is seen as Copernicus. Jin again met the child from her all stories, the kid told Jin to save her and the save at least this time. Francis Bacon and Copernicus went to meet Pope Gregory.

Copernicus and Francis Bacon came up with a proposal to explain the behaviour of the sun, but Aristotle and Galileo already explained their theories to the Pope. Copernicus explains that their planet is part of a three-body star system. If their planet revolves around one of the suns in a stable orbit, that’s a stable era. However, if one of the other suns snatches their planet away, they wander through the gravitational fields of all three suns and that’s a chaotic era.

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Pope Gregory wasn’t satisfied with the answers of Copernicus, he ordered his men to burn her alive. Suddenly, the child arrives in fire and the kingdom completely burns in fire. Copernicus and Francis Bacon escape from the fire, the mysterious lady walks in and tells them that they got invited to the third level zone.

Jin Cheng gets out of the helmet and is shocked to see her boyfriend Raj sitting in front of her at 3 am. He checks up on her after she takes a long holiday from her work. The next day, Jin Cheng and Raj went to meet his family. At the dinner table, Jin Cheng explains her scientific theories, and Raj’s father interferes with the conversation with his story during the Kargil war between India and Pakistan. He explains to his whole family how he survived, attacked enemies and helped his soldiers during the hectic war.

Meanwhile, Will was admitted to a hospital due to his illness, Jack Rooney and Saul Durand went to comfort him at the hospital. On the same night, Auggie Salazar is having a conversation with her boss about the nano fibre project, her boss is very mad at her for stopping the billions worth of projects for personal reasons. Her boss threatens her to restart the project sooner for a better cause. After her boss left the office, she once again resumed the project and the countdown numbers appeared again.

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Jack Rooney and Jin Cheng once again enter into the game to save the world in a different civilization. Newton and Turing calculated eight months and three days for the stable era, but Jin Cheng opposed their calculation. Later, three suns came together and gravitational forced everything upside down, Jack Rooney and Jin Cheng were the only persons who escaped it. The mysterious lady once appears and welcomes Jin Cheng and Jack Rooney into the fourth level.

A man has been looking into the game for a long time, he controls everything related to the game and notices the capabilities of Jin Cheng. He took the statics and informed Mike Evans about the fearless lady Jin Cheng. Mike Evans was talking with a mysterious lord from another planet, who talked about the extinction of fearless people. The next day, Jin Cheng woke up in bed along with Raj, she opened the door and saw an invitation to the next level meeting. Jack Rooney and Jin Cheng went for the meeting, there they met the strange lady who talked with Auggie.

The lady’s name is Tatiana, she is from a different planet. Jack Rooney and Jin Cheng played the game at the fourth level, they found out the people they’ve seen is from the San-ti organisation and also they came from an unstable three-body star system. The aliens have created the game system to attempt to go to Earth, they are on their way to the Earth with thousands of Airships full of aliens.

Later, Jin Cheng accepts the invitation of Tatiana to join the organisation and the London submission they’ve been conducting. Jack Rooney felt the whole game was game and he left for his home. At his house, he tries to contact his friends, but Tatiana mysteriously enters the house and kills him for stopping him from playing the game.

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Overall episode 3 looks terrific. The production value of this episode is quite amazing. The plot unravelled through many cinematic moments in this particular episode. The scientific elements discussed in this episode were the things we’ve been missing lately from television shows of recent years.



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