3 Body Problem Ending Explained: From the creators of the popular series “Game of Thrones” David Benioff, D.B. Weiss, and Alexander Woo, Netflix presents their eight episodic science fiction thriller series “3 Body Problem” with an average runtime of 1 hour for each episode. This series is based on the popular Chinese novel “The Three-Body Problem” by Liu Cixin. Ye Wenjie’s father gets murdered in public in front of her by the Chinese revolutionary army for his scientific research.

Ye Wenjie gets a choice to join a project which is done in a secret camp in China because of her knowledge. One day she intercepts an alien message in the lab about them coming to Earth, she accepts their arrival and they start their voyage to Earth. In the current world, many scientists starts losing their lives because of alien technology to manipulate the minds of people. The whole world starts its work to stop the incoming of these outside world aliens is the plot of this series.

Episode 8 opens with Saul Durand in his room with a girl. Apparently, they had a one-night stand. The girl asks him about the alien invasion, but he doesn’t care much about it. She asks him how many one-night stands he had till now. He replied many. She asks him her name. Saul Durand doesn’t say anything. Next, they went outside. As they walk they are having a debate about the alien invasion topic. Saul Durand tells her that he doesn’t care much about what happens after 400 years.

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Saul Durand says he doesn’t have a kid nor he wants a kid, so it’s useless to think about that time. But the girl opposes his ideas by saying she needs kids and there are people who care about it. As they talk suddenly a guy skates through their middle and suddenly other cars crash into each other. From behind a car diverts its path and comes and hits the girl. She dies there in front of Saul Durand, he tells her name Nora after she dies.

Saul Durand was called for enquiry. Clarence comes and starts telling about Saul Durand’s friends that he knows them. Clarence says he knows about Ye Wenjie’s meeting with Saul Durand at the graveyard. Clarence tells him Ye Wenjie met one person before she left the country and that was Saul Durand. After three days she was murdered in China with Clarence’s guy. Clarence adds that the car that hit Nora was under autonomous control, it was self-driving.

The two cars that collided on the street were under autonomous control. Clarence says they believe that someone or something hacked into the computers inside all three cars seconds before the accident and made an accident. He adds they were targeting Saul Durand. Clarence gives him a bulletproof West and take him on a big plane with lot of security to protect them on the way.

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Jin Cheng requests to add some extra food capsules for Will for his going but Wade denies all of it as it’s extra weight and they are trying to reduce the weight even if it’s milligrams to increase the speed. Jin Cheng says she will resign if not but Wade doesn’t seem to care as she can’t resign very easily. The plane lands in a stranded place with a lot of security officers around the flight. An officer comes and welcomes Saul Durand to the car.

They get Saul Durand into the United Nations summit on a mission to defend the aliens. The lady who is giving a speech at the hall talks about the Sophons and how to defend them. She says they can listen to everything but they can’t read our minds.

On this mission for mankind, they have chosen three people to formulate and direct strategic plans. They will develop these plans entirely in their own minds without sharing it with anyone untill it’s time to execute it. The lady says everyone should call them Wallfacers. She further explains these Wallfacers will be granted great authority allowing them to exploit all our resources as long as they don’t violate any international laws. Also, the Wallfacers don’t need to explain their actions and commands regardless of how incomprehensible their behaviour may be.

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The lady welcomes the three Wallfacers on behalf of the United Nations which are General Hou Bolin whose books on military history were taught around the world and also is best at his area of expertise. Professor Leyla Aric has exceptional experience fighting and winning asymmetrical battles. And the third one is Saul Durand and Oxford-trained physicist who is great at his area of expertise too. Saul denies the offer and walks out without any security. Suddenly he gets shot in public. Since he had a bulletproof vest he got saved. Clarence and other officers took him away from there.

Jin Cheng, Wade, Raj and others on a plane. Raj asks Jin why she is avoiding him now. Jin is confused and is in love with Will now. She cares about Will now. Raj and Jin have a quarrel. Saul Durand wakes up in a room, Clarence is looking after him. Saul asks Clarence to see the snipper who shot him. They show him the guy, the guy tells him he did his Lord’s command only.

Saul meets the Secretary-General. Saul asks why he of all people. Secretary-General says she doesn’t know or nobody knows why him. Saul asks the officers if he wants to see his friend’s space takeoff.

Tatiana comes to her van. Apparently, someone broke into her caravan. She takes her gun looks inside and sees the San-Ti game box. She opens it and wears it on her head. Saul Durand reaches the space station. They started the rocket. And after the countdown, it went up. Everyone is very tense. After going up initial blowing was done correctly. Later one of the cables got disconnected from the spacecraft. Later the path has been changed to a different direction. Everyone got very sad about the outcome. Jin Cheng is depressed thinking of Will.

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Wade goes on a plane, suddenly the lights start to blink. And San-Ti gives him a warning about their arrival. Saul Durand calls Auggie Salazar but she doesn’t take the call. Saul Durand and Jin Cheng drinking thinking about failed mission. Clarence came to them and took them outside. Clarence told them not all missions are successful, success comes after many failures. At the end of the season, Clarence motivates them and takes them saying they have a lot of work to do.

Overall they gave an open ending like for another season to come. There is no climax for this series in this season. It’s like a start to something big coming.



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